X Factor Betting Odds: MacDonald Brothers & Ben Mills

X Factor betting odds MacDonald Brothers Ben MillsWe're coming to regard the discovery of each week's dull-witted X Factor theme as the one solid gold highlight of our weekends. Having dispatched Love Songs and Number Ones in the last fortnight, X Factor unveiled its biggest gun yet.

That's right – the theme for Saturday's X Factor was Songs From The Movies. And which film-soundtracking genius did X Factor rope into being the special musical guest? John Williams? Ennio Morricone? Kenny Loggins, even? No – the special musical guests for Saturday's film-themed X Factor were Il Divo, who presumably contributed to the soundtrack of the movie Who The Hell Are These Clueless Fucktards? Our breath is literally baited to see what guff-headed theme the X Factor team manage to pull out of the bag next week. Literally.

But who'll win X Factor this year? Here are the X Factor betting odds for The MacDonald Brothers and Ben Mills

The MacDonald Brothers – Since Saturday's X Factor was the Songs From The Movies edition, we were starting to think that The MacDonald Brothers would perform the Running Down A Hill Theme From Braveheart, such is the obvious English/ Scottish divide they've created. Despite this, The MacDonald Brothers set themselves their hardest task yet on Saturday's X Factor – making a Ronan Keating song sound even more deathly shit than the original. And they passed with flying colours; their version of When You Say Nothing At All was so far beyond terrible that there isn't even a word to describe it. And then The MacDonald Brothers followed it up with 500 Miles by The Proclaimers; a Scottish call to arms so explicit that they may as well have sung Flower Of Scotland in kilts on a giant revolving haggis while a million ginger monobrowed children played along in the background on their Family Ness thistle whistles. Don't get us wrong, 500 Miles was shit too, but it was a brand new type of shit that featured a call and response section so utterly ludicrous that we fear The MacDonald Brothers may have done the impossible and picked up some new fans through sheer cheek. However, let's be clear – if The MacDonald Brothers win X Factor we're going to be spending our Christmas hacksawing England and Scotland apart. Current X Factor betting odds – 11/1

Ben Mills – Reports this week suggested that Ben Mills spent the week flouncing around like a giant stroppy girl because he thinks Leona is going to win X Factor. Which she is, but that's beside the point. However, Ben Mills did well to hide any signs of stress on Saturday, as on Saturday he gave the single most preposterously over-the-top performance of any tune that we've ever seen. Ben's rendition of Live And Let Die had it all – explosions, wailing backing singers and what sounded to us very much like an entire orchestra falling down a lift shaft. In fact it's not an exaggeration to say that Ben Mills turned Live And Let Die into a Klingon warrior chant entitled Live And Let DARRRRRGH! Ben's second X Factor performance of Elton John's Your Song freaked us out a bit at first – it was the first reported instance of Ben Mills showing any restraint at anything since records began – but by the end the old Ben that we know and love was back, bellowing one note like a wounded ox being hit by a meteor while watching a snuff film starring his whole family. Forget that Ben was in the final two on Saturday's X Factor; the big question is how the hell he's going to top that. Kids, we'd start worrying for our safety next week if we were you. Current X Factor betting odds – 3/1

Tomorrow – the inevitable Wednesday Leona Lewis X Factor betting odds… 


  1. Lucy says

    Macdonald Brothers I was so upset when u both went lastnite, I wanted you both to win because you deserve it. Simon was always nasty
    to you because he was jealous of u both cuz u are good-looking lads and I loved every performance you did.
    Well done macdonald brothers u were great singers and I love you loadz. Luv ur biggest fan lucy xxxxxxxxx
    Hope to see you in the future because you are both great and gorgeous.xxxxx

  2. bigest mcdonald supporter in the universe says

    hi in my college all my mates say that in insane that i love you and want to marry the one with the blonde hair hes gorgous and i want to marry him you were the most talented best looking act there so every week i voted 4 u n i cied wen u went out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. muso scot (dido singer) says

    i hardly saw x factor but when i did macdonald brothers were really good .wow guys ur SO talented better than me! i luv

  4. elmo-sing1992 says

    I think that the mac bros are really cool my friend lisa wants to marry the sexe 1 the blonde 1
    if they make an album i might buy it but lisa she would get it the second it gets put on the shelves :) lol luv ya xxxxxxxxx