X Factor Betting Odds: Leona Lewis To Win (Again)

X factor betting odds Leona LewisWe're getting to the point of X Factor where all the awful acts have gone, and only the very best remain. Only that's not the case at all – so long as Ray and The MacDonald Brothers stay in X Factor, it'll still have its share of joke performers.

And the joke acts seem to be slowly edging out the decent X Factor performers, which is even more bewildering. Take Ben Mills for example – yes he looks like he'd be a horrible tosser to know, but at least he can sort of sing a bit. On Saturday Ben was in the final two of X Factor. And Ray wasn't. That would usually be enough for us to go searching our noose cupboard for the best fit, were it not for the continued success of Leona Lewis, who is as boring as an envelope encyclopedia but can also sort of sing a bit. Leona's going to win X Factor. Surely. Right?

Here come the X Factor betting odds for Leona Lewis

Leona Lewis – For a number of weeks now, Leona Lewis has been urged to slowly put the power ballads down and back away from the microphone, such is the tedious ease in which she's been belting them out. So on Saturday's X Factor, Leona set herself a challenge – not only would she try her hand at an uptempo number but she'd also do it with debilitating tonsillitis. Her first X Factor song was Lady Marmalade – a rare non-ballad that still allowed her to yell "woooahhhaaahhoooo" every two seconds like Christina Aguilera in a canoe that's headed for a waterfall. Although Lady Marmalade proved that Leona was capable of more than lobbing out one bland first dance wedding reception tune after another, it wasn't her most convincing X Factor performance. Luckily, Leona's next shot was the definitive bland first dance wedding reception tune, the inevitable I Will Always Love You. This sort of crap is bread and butter to Leona, and it showed – not only did she whoop and wail her way through the song with consummate ease but the X Factor judges all agreed that she made the song her own, which we think is a polite way of saying that she kept singing "I will always love Hugh" for some reason. Current X Factor betting odds – 2/7

Tomorrow – Time for the Strictly Come Dancing betting odds… 


  1. Tracie Xavier says

    Please tell me the myopc appreciation of Leona Lewis is based on something twistedly unfathomly, and nothing remotely near recognition of talent. Boring as an envelope encyclopedia? Little wonder UK has little soul singers. You guys lack any appreciation of soul singing. Just like country music fellows see the likes of Whitney and Mariah as noise makers, I bet you’re in the same league. What a tragic shame!