Woman Famous for Getting Naked Thinks Miley is a Great Role Model


Kendra Wilkinson is famous for three reasons: 1) Back when she was in her early 20s she was riding Hugh Hefner’s 80-year-old dick, 2) Home girl loves being naked, and 3) She did all this on the reality show (and my guilty pleasure), “The Girls Next Door”. Well, it appears that aside from being naked, Kendra also loves Miley Cyrus.

In a new interview, Kendra claims that she thinks Miley is a great role model for her young daughter. I’m sure a lot of people will say “Of course this bitch thinks Miley is a good role model, given the fact that she used to be a stripper and hump on old dudes for a living.” However, I don’t feel that way at all, as I fucking love Kendra Wilkinson.

Kendra was at an event the other night for Jennifer Love Hewitt’s maternity clothing line and had all this to say about Miley:

As much as we think she’s crazy, I think she’s a good example. Let’s not be so trapped in a box. I’m going to teach my daughter that way: be who you want to be. Society’s going to put these rules on you but if you have this feeling that you need to do whatever it is, do it.?Now, I’m not saying drugs. I’m not saying that I’m pushing her or inviting her to a bad world. What I’m saying is we’re all human. We’re all going to go through those stages at one point of our lives. Is it going to be later or is it going to be earlier? Eventually, they will go through it.?The thing about Miley is she doesn’t need to pose for?Playboy.?She’s getting whatever it is out of her system, she’s being the person she wants to be and that’s the way I looked at it when I was doing what I was doing. There’s different ways of doing that: there’s expressing it loudly and then there’s expressing it privately but in?Playboy!

Kendra was always my favourite of Hef’s girlfriends on “The Girls Next Door” because I thought she was the realest of the three of them, and, as much as I love to make fun of Miley and could easily make this shit bitchy, I have to agree with K Dubs.

Do I think Miley is a great fucking role model? Maybe not, but that’s mostly because I think she looks like a huge fucking foolish asshole most of the time. But I get it. She’s being herself and not giving a fuck and she’s young and having fun so yeah, cool, whatever, good for her. ?Now, with that being said, if Miley Cyrus ever poses for?Playboy?I will probably burn my retinas out. I’m just saying.