Willie Nelson Busted For Being Stuffed With Drugs

Willie Nelson Busted Drugs marijuana mushrooms tourbus Louisiana chargedAh, Willie Nelson. Just that name alone conjures up a timeless image of, well, a dirty-looking hippie singing songs about pointless rednecks. But there is a darker side to Willie Nelson – the side of Willie Nelson that takes recreational drugs.

Willie Nelson faces up to six months in jail after police in Louisiana apparently found a bunch of marijuana and magic mushrooms on his tour bus. Of course, looking back it seems so obvious – how could drugs not have had a hand in Willie Nelson hits like Stardust, Crazy and Mr McFee's Enchanted Clogs Can See Through Time.

Drugs are evil. We know this because on a recent ice-skating trip we played a crude 1994 ice-hockey arcade game that told us 'Winners Don't Do Drugs'. In fact, we'd go so far as to say that all drugs are evil. Even the ones that stop old ladies dying. And from this, we can gather that harmless old friendly country and western hippy Willie Nelson is an evil loser – he's just been charged with possession of drugs in Louisiana.

Now, drugs affect people in different ways. Let Pete Doherty near some drugs, for example, and he'll squirt you with a syringe filled with blood and then try to marry a supermodel, but Willie Nelson is different. The height of Willie Nelson's drug behaviour seems to include releasing an opportunistic bandwagon-jumping single about gay cowboys and putting a marijuana leaf on the front of one of his albums – an act that's roughly as rebellious these days as cocking a snook behind the major's back on carnival day when nobody's looking. But, despite Willie Nelson's lack of threatening behaviour, he has been busted and charged with drug possession, as BBC News reports:

Musician Willie Nelson has been charged with drug possession after marijuana and magic mushrooms were allegedly found by police on his tour bus. The country singer and four others were charged with drug possession offences after a routine police stop near Lafayette, Louisiana. Nelson could face up to six months in jail and an unspecified fine, Reuters news agency reported police as saying.

Police apparently seized marijuana weighing 700g and magic mushrooms weighing 91g in Willie Nelson's tourbus, and Willie Nelson was "cooperative" with the police during his arrest. Obviously as the only singer ever to have taken drugs, Willie Nelson can expect to have the book thrown at him in court, although if he's lucky he'll reach a plea deal and his only punishment will be to lash out at photographers with a broom in New York for three days.

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  1. chupacopra2006 says

    Meanwhile…..the asssault and murder rates soar in parts of Louisiana. Good collar. I’m sure we all feel safer now that Wille and his “magic mushrooms” have been apprehended.

  2. Bill Sample says

    Aren’t America’s laws out of hand!?! Marijuana in moderation is not evil. This legal system is failing and the tax payers are footing the bill.

  3. Ian Jefferson says

    Actually I hope they throw the book at Willie. Maybe it will inspire some outrage and action to decriminalize pot and shrooms, both of which are virtually impossible to overdose and have been demonstrated to be less harmful than alcohol or tobacco.

  4. JB says

    Don’t we have more pressing issues at hand? Willie’s recreational drug usage shouldn’t even be on our radar screen.

  5. says

    So this blue giraffe with an eye patch was kicking back under the cap of the neighborhood giant-ass mushroom with its head horns scraping the overhead
    gills. As the millions of spores cascaded down into our tequila sunrises, a poof of smoke appeared from my 1932 Timex Rolex wannabe, and out pops the
    image of—you guessed it—Cousin Willie. But, Good Lord, Willie Nelson was shaved clean, his ear hairs had been plucked by a benevolent Kiskadee, and he smelled of Palmolive soap rather than of stale beer puke. We knew the world was about to end because Willie had finally learned his lesson as he exclaimed he had forever sworn off Pol Pot. Crazy Willie!

  6. Richard says

    This is typical..make a show of force that gets press…but let the real criminals continue to bring this country’s backbone down. Since some are being paid to look the other way, this cycle is self-perpetuating. Wille has done a lot more GOOD than harm, and what harm can a 73-year old singer who supports our farmers be–compared to the real drug pushers of the hard drugs?

  7. Freedom Fighter says

    Marijuana is not evil, this is insanity its a plant that can unify humanity. Willie Nelson’s not a criminal, he was busted with some shrooms and with some weed. Willie Nelson’s not a criminal, so wont you let ol’ Willie be free. Hes not a threat, and he minds his own buisiness and keeps to himself and has fun with his life. We should be focused on more stuff then Willie. He should not be judged, let him go, only god can juge him.

  8. says

    Willie Nelson facing jailtime for some weed? He’s been doin it for what like 50+years? Insanity!! Polititions say there’s no such thing as “medical marijuana”, what ailment is alcohol used to treat, have you ever heard of “medical alcohol” or maybe “medical tobacco”??!? Millions of americans use alcohol DAILY and cigarettes CONSTANTLY both which cause 1000 times more harm than a god given plant that grows in the ground. Marijuana stands for peace, stop the war.

  9. Leda says

    okay first willie is not a fucking dirty hippie.
    second weed is not a drug fucking ignorant fucks if it werent for weed,
    i dont think idd be as intelligent as i am today.
    third drugs are evil, thats why you dont do them.

  10. gir says

    “second weed is not a drug fucking ignorant fucks if it werent for weed,
    i dont think idd be as intelligent as i am today.”

    And we’d all be the worse for it, I’m sure.

  11. majicmazo says

    Heres a word from the kottonmouth kings

    This songs going out to an american hero
    And anybody else who has ever been harrassed or arrested for smoking the beautiful plant

    Ohhh willie nelsons not a criminal
    He was busted with some shrooms and with some weed
    (outlaw deperado)
    Ohhh willie nelsons not a criminal
    So wont you let old willie be free
    (drinking whiskey out the bottle)

    He was just average man with the plan of freedom thinking
    Good times and good vibes yo was what he was bringing
    But still the goverment thought willie was a threat
    So they picked on old willie and put him in serious debt
    Took his house and his cars but couldnt take his guitar
    Tried to push a good man on his face in the yard
    But willie stood strong and he can correct
    Paid off the taxman with a flag around his head
    A true patriot the one to start a formate
    And made sure the farmers of today are getting fairly paid
    A rebel in his hay still a rebel to this day
    A true inspiration for the youth of today
    So i say to everybody come and pay your respect
    To willie nelson and think where a thritieth check gooess
    Cause its going down the drain to fight wars over seas and enemies on scene

    [Chorus x2]
    Ohhh willie nelsons not a criminal
    He was busted with some shrooms and with some weed
    (outlaw deperado)
    Ohhh willie nelsons not a criminal
    So wont you let old willie be free
    (drinking whiskey out the bottle) on [x2] (and it could happen to you or me)

    Yo willie nelson, hes a legend, hes smokes buds like the bubba cloud ?? you know the
    Government, they dont like him, cuz he smoked a joint on the roof of the white house
    He puffs clouds, he gets high, hes a rebel for the cause you know he feels the vibes, oh
    Willie willie youre a friend of mine, wore the red bandana like the game when he rhymes, he got
    The guitar pick, you know he drinks wine, got things in common like boozin in kind, music for
    The mind, freedom of speech, blue jeans rocker flannel with the long sleeves, green trees this
    And that, the simple things in life like barbequing in the back, yardd being free smoking weed
    Writing books only god can judge me

    Ohhh willie nelsons not a criminal
    He was busted with some shrooms and with some weed
    (outlaw deperado)
    Ohhh willie nelsons not a criminal
    So wont you let old willie be free
    (drinking whiskey out the bottle)

    Oh willie nelson
    Oh willie nelson
    Busted with shrooms and with weed
    Oh willie nelson
    Oh willie nelson
    Will you let old willie be free

  12. majicmazo says

    hahahaha drugs…evil….dont make me laph…you kids have fun with ur evil drugs im gunna go smoke me a fattie and sip up some mushroom tee…and maybe take some jell tabs later

  13. Tayler Curtis says

    What the fuckkk? Drugs are most definitely NOT evil. Drugs are what bring people together duuude! People should be able to put whatever they want into their bodies, if you don’t want to do them, then don’t. Simple. I hate being sober for more than 5 hours duude. Plus, magic mushrooms are the shit! They should be considered food, not drugs.