Why People Hate Megan Fox

Megan FoxI recently stumbled upon this really old NYT article posing the question ‘why don’t people like Megan Fox?’

I am writing this from my position in the middle of an internet Venn Diagram, flanked by two differing (though both equally militant) opinions, regarding some-time actress Megan Fox. It seems I must either be filled with an irrational hatred of this woman, slandering every aspect of her various media appearances and savoring any opportunity to publicly call her a ‘stupid whore’, the same way a sommelier might savor a fine vintage, or I must spend my days writing effusive fan fiction about the day I am finally able to throw myself prostrate and weeping at her pedicured feet, basking in her inhuman glory.

There is no middle ground.

It seems the things her fans love about her are the same things her detractors find so irritating.

Fans love her obsession with videogames and comics; haters think all of it is fabricated, a way to market herself as approachable to the pimpled, heavy breathing masses.

Fans love her willingness to speak her mind and refusal to sugarcoat her opinions; haters think its tacky and gross that she feels the need to share the trim of her bikini line with the readers of Marie Claire.

Fans love her work; haters feel that she didn’t exactly shine in the grand total of four movies she has ever starred in.

Fans love her looks, natch; haters either feel she’s ugly (?!?!) or that she is merely the product of an incredibly talented surgeon (a surgeon who can also apparently craft live doves from earthen clay, turn water into wine and prove himself the true wielder of Excalibur).

There are two types of Megan Fox haters. The ones who (see above) will genuinely find fault with everything she does. For whatever reason. Although, apparently its jealousy.

And then there is the larger group, true, of mostly females, who claim to hate Megan Fox. I don’t think these people actually hate Megan Fox. I think they really hate Megan Fox’s fans. The coverage she gets, missives so laden with desperate praise, that within sentences it becomes uncomfortably clear that the author was almost certainly masturbating vigorously between keystrokes. The fact that no matter what she does it receives this kind of reception.

She could slap an elderly deaf mute in the face and still be zealously defended by bloggers and comment section antagonists the internet over. This is indeed symptomatic of the times we live in, that the way you look means more than your personality or the things you say or what you’ve made of your career. If you’re ‘hot’ you’re far more likely to be protected from the consequences of your own actions. Which, you know. Duh. But this time it’s so obvious even a 12-year-old teenybopper with a copy of US Weekly can see it.

God forbid the recipient of aforementioned immunity apparently play up to her male fan base. Its like an A-Bomb of feminist rage.

This whole ‘Xbox playing, bisexual, loves giving blowjobs and reading comic books’ persona is kind of insulting. Which is ironic, because she actually seems like a really cool person when she’s not putting it on. And she really needs to stop slagging off the entire female population. Its not doing her any favours.

Me, personally, I think she’s awesome. If only for this interview. Also I cannot wait for Jonah Hex.

Just my two cents.

This was a guest blog by Amy Green from Interpol Groupies Wear Black. Hooray.

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  1. jesse says

    As a dude, I can only say that i have no reason to be jealous of her, nor do i hate her. But i believe that most people hate her because she seems stupid, she can NOT act, she is untalented, and wear way too much makeup to cover up her acne scars. She’s like an uglier, less talented version of Angelina Jolie. People are only making a hype over her now because of Transformers, but she is clearly overrated & she will disappear eventually when the new “it” girl comes to take her place. Hopefully the next will have a brain & natural beauty.

    Megan Fox is overrated in every aspect. She is also up-herself.

  2. michelle says

    actually, people dislike megan fox because she seems disingenuous and is too obsessed with creating a public personality rather than being real and genuine. she is like the heidi montag of movies–she says (and sometimes even does) some outrageous things to get attention. worst of all, she assumes that any girl/woman who does NOT like her is jealous of her sexuality or physical appearance–which is an extremely shallow justification she believes in order to make herself feel better. and as jesse already pointed out….she CAN’T ACT!!!!

  3. Wench says

    I think she looks more beautiful pre-surgery. She’s got a look of the Demi’s about her now, non?

    Summin’ about this waxed on look isn’t pleasing my va-jay-jay.

  4. eileen says

    She has so had surgery, and alot of it, i dont understand why people still argue about it. She looked completely different 2 and half years ago. And i agree, she was much prettier then, now she is gorgeous, but plain and oh so plastic.

  5. Meee says

    You don’t understand…. If anyone hates her it’s because of the stupid, ridiculous, degrading things she has said about herself and other people… Other celebs, pretending to be bi (weird), starting her own rumors about Angelina, bashing Christians, America in general, men her own age, and trying hard to be annoying. We love Angelina BECAUSE she’s beautiful, yet she can act and is intelligent. Megan is pretty but she is dumb as a rock and acts like a complete tool. Do you understand now?

  6. Meee says

    And I have to say that guys are jealous of Zac Efron because he is more handsome than any of you guys are, and he doesn’t try to be annoying, doesn’t say stupid shit, and doesn’t bash other celebs….. He’s adorable and hated by all other guys, lol.

  7. Meee says

    Ohhh, and if you don’t agree with me…. then you are just jealous of me and the way I look! Lmfao….

  8. Jen says

    First when I watched transformers movie I used to like her It was more like an admiration because she’s very beautiful. Then She started bashing Michael Bay and I didn’t like her at that moment, but later she apologized in a speech and she almost cried during the speech in the scream awards you can watch it if you want. People make mistakes and she had to know that she was going to be misunderstood. Like Angelina in the past she made hundreds of mistakes but nowadays seems like a different person.

  9. Mel gibson says

    She is a self absorbed, stupid, bimbo. But she is hot. As a man I wish I could fuck the living shit out of her, but ball-gag her so I didn’t have to listen to her stupid bullshit.

  10. OP says

    You have it ALL wrong! SHE is the one who first started talking crap about EVERY single man and woman in the world(which I doubt she knows you, I or anyone else on this planet) She’s called men ‘boys’ that can be toyed with (so why do guys still like her?)and that ALL women are jealous of her and how she has no friends in Hollywood because she thinks all of them will be try to compete with her and she not “down for that”(wtf are you serious? All of them)Talk about having a HUGE ego.

    She has had nasty things to say about her co-stars and other people in Hollywood when they never said anything about her(Scarlett Johanson for one example). Granted the only person who shot back was her co-star in Jennifer’s Body after she let MF have her 15mins on her. Seems fair to me.

    To me if you disrespect people on an almost daily bases do you really think you deserve respect in return? Thats called being on your high horse.

    I don’t respect anyone who doesn’t respect other people. I don’t respect liars(she admitted to lying in 99% of her interviews), I don’t respect hypocrites(once again talking crap about other actresses yet doing the same thing herself). So why should I or anyone else defend this girl when she is the one making herself look so bad. It’s called making that first impression and making sure its a good one. That’s like me coming onto this page and insulting everybody then going “omg why are you guys so mean to me, I’m just being a rebel, it’s the cool thing to do” when everyone looks at me like a crazy person. It’s not cool to talk crap about nice people, its not cool to cuss 30 times in one sentence, etc. It’s OK to be an individual but its not cool to be a bitch 24/7. Get it now?

  11. Dubcrystals says

    She has always come off as immature, childish and self-agrandising to me. Not a very nice person indeed.
    She had her chance to make a serious career out of acting.. For one, u need to project a tamer image if u want to seriously last in hollywood, theres room for individuals but not people with potty mouths that shit on everyone in the industry your trying to make a career out of and two, u actually need acting skills. None of which i have seen yet, sorry fans.
    Careers fizzle out n die all the time, she needs to learn to recognise this. She’s had her 15 minutes , NEXT!