Who Killed Marilyn Monroe? Bobby Kennedy, Says New Book

Marilyn Monroe was tricked into killing herself by Bobby Kennedy.

So says Dr Jack Hattem, who, backed up by secret FBI files, says the Hollywood bombshell was somehow fooled into believing she would be revived in time as part of a plot involving Senator Robert Kennedy, the brother of JFK, who was gunned down 40 years ago this week.

Instead, Monroe, who staged many fake suicide attempts throughout her life to gain sympathy, was left to die by staff and friends. It’s all in Hattem’s new book Marilyn Monroe: Murder By Consent.

Certainly, Marilyn Monroe may have been dead for 46 years, but that doesn’t mean that people have stopped speculating about the circumstances of her death. We spoke to Dr Hattem and listened to some of his more compelling claims, including where Kennedy was on the night of Marilyn Monroe’s death and why the recently unearthed Marilyn Monroe sex tape might not be the only one knocking about.

This is turning out to be quite a big year for Marilyn Monroe. Not only has Lindsay Lohan aped her by getting naked and covering herself with a net curtain, but a Marilyn Monroe sex tape has also apparently been uncovered in recent months. So with sex dealt with, what about death?

While it was ruled to be suicide, theorists have long had their doubts about the way that Marilyn Monroe died – and thanks to a set of FBI records released 20 years ago that have been inexplicably ignored until recently, those doubts seem to have some substance.

According to Dr Jack Hattem’s book Marilyn Monroe: Murder By Consent, Monroe died because Robert Kennedy, along with Monroe’s close ‘friend’ and Hollywood actor Peter Lawford, convinced her to make another fake suicide attempt.

Caught between his family, who wanted to play down its relationship with Marilyn Monroe and the fact Monroe was threatening to shop a red diary containing ‘pillow talk’ between the pair and confidential secrets about the Cuban Missile Crisis if he ever left her, Robert Kennedy and Rat Pack member Lawford hatched a plan to visit Monroe on the day of her death. Hattem said:

“It is my guess that they had discussed with her, in no uncertain terms, that they needed for her to fake a suicide attempt. They guarantee she would be woken up, and that the fake suicide attempt would gain her so much sympathy from 20th Century Fox – who had fired her – that she would get her job back. But they threatened her somehow. She could be talked into things, because she wanted desperately to be cared about.”

At the time, Kennedy denied the visit, claiming he was in San Francisco. Which he might have got away with, except for the fact the FBI just happened to be busy tracking both Robert Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe at the same time. Hattem explained:

“The CIA had long considered Marilyn Monroe a threat to national security from the time she had married Arthur Miller, because they thought of him as a leftist. Then the FBI started listening in on her phone calls and tracking her – even to Mexico, where Bobby Kennedy had a fling with her. A private detective took an audio tape of Bobby Kennedy and Marilyn in an ‘affair’. The FBI was tracking Kennedy, their boss, all over the place and listening in on his conversations, possibly because Hoover wanted something on Kennedy – and he certainly got it, because as she was dying, they were listening in.”

Adding to the muddle is Marilyn Monroe’s housekeeper Eunice Murray, who found her face down on her bed, and her psychiatrist Ralph Greenson.

Apparently, Monroe fired Murray on the day of her death – which Hattem suggests is why she didn’t rush to try and revive Monroe; and was sleeping with Greenson – who allegedly gave Monroe an extra-large dose of barbiturates on top of what she already had been given.

What’s most interesting, though, is Dr Hattem’s story of the conversation between Bobby Kennedy and Peter Lawford at around 4am the following morning:

“In the FBI files, the FBI is recording Kennedy saying to Peter Lawford ‘Is she dead yet?'”

Throw in the fact that all of Marilyn Monroe’s phone message disappeared, to later be discovered in the chief of police’s private files, and that her red diary could not be found – Hattem’s guess is that Kennedy had a large hand in it. He said:

“I’m certain Robert Kennedy stole it when he came by her house after she was dead.”

But if Robert Kennedy’s involvement in Marilyn Monroe’s death is rooted in fact so firmly that there’s even an FBI file on it, why hasn’t more been made of it?

“I think the reason is that everybody already believes the Kennedys killed her.”


  1. says

    Who killed Marilyn Monroe? Didn’t I hear this question translated into German, like in the early 1980’s when the press had nothing better to print? Oh, yes I remember the first appearance of ‘Jeanne Carmen,’ a self proclaimed ‘Marilyn friend’whose name I never could retrieve in any address and phone books of Marilyn Monroe. The ones that were sold years ago at Christie’s. And then there was a flash in the pan hoaxer, the 85 year old June DiMaggio who claimed that ‘her mom was on the phone when Marilyn was murdered.’ Yeah, we didn’t even raise an eyebrow, or did we?
    Oh wait, didn’t CBS and Hugh Hefner promised to have MM exhumed, to conduct these new tests and to try ONCE AND FOR ALL find out how and why MM died?
    What? Too expensive? Come on guys, you made millions on just selling story after story, the mob was claimed to have murdered, the FBI involved (Greetings from Keya Morgan who didn’t get too far with his sex tape hoax) and who else? Oh yes, the Kennedy’s again and over and over.


    Maybe it was people like you who really killed her, who made her take her own life. The stupidity of people, the hate, the hate that has not changed. People play games with others, they want action, and they want results. They want death. And when the people who were supposed to be her friends turned away in an ‘I am super busy now, Marilyn move,’ it was tragic, she left.

    I must admit that I believed this conspiracy Kennedy murder rubbish, until I met the lie robot John Miner who had not one piece of evidence. Until I met other people who lied, lied and lied again and turned their lies into big bugs.

    Hate and jealousy turns people into monsters. And monsters killed Marilyn Monroe. Hate and jealousy killed Marilyn Monroe, who was isolated and left to die. Nobody cared about her–until she took her own life. And please do not act as if you didn’t know this. Everything else is an insult on our intelligence. I said our, not mine, since haters will follow and post hate comments, try to discredit my name, claim this and claim that, and post mostly anonymous. People like Lori Drew, the 49 year old ‘mother’–a monster who drove 13 year old Megan Meier into suicide, those people are everywhere.
    Those haters, they killed Marilyn Monroe. Because they always existed, always were around, even in Marilyn Monroe’s own circle of friends, colleagues and competitors.

  2. The Groaner says

    This is about as credible as ALL the Diana /MI5 etc theories.The woman was a junkie and committed suicide accidentally or on purpose.End of.All this conspiracy is a lot of hot air.She simply was not important enough to have been bumped.

  3. says

    She obviously was important enough for you to post some disgusting and very ugly remarks, oh and did I mention: ANONYMOUS?!
    Why don’t you share with us ‘The Groaner’ where you failed in your own four walls of life. Maybe it will be endlessly discussed, turned into a Hollywood career, a body of work, 30 movies, three husbands, and the topic for the highest modern art pieces, created by a man named Andy Warhol. You are either very sad, hateful, jealous, creepy or all of this combined.
    So, do you mind if someone insults you as you just did it to young and beautiful lady who died way way way before she was finished with what she could have accomplished as a stage actress, focus on drama and not stupid blond comedy.
    Oh, but I do agree with you on the conspiracy hot air. They fooled me too, when I was young and stupid and believed the JFK / Bobby Kennedy BS. People should read the good books, not the junk. It is just like with food. You are what you eat and you become what you…read.

  4. Rob says

    You’re reporting the sex tape as a possible reality, even though it was debunked weeks ago, so I don’t have too much faith in the credibility of this article.

  5. says

    Listen guys, it may not be credible, but it sure makes a good story. When was the last time you saw the truth on the web?

  6. says

    Mark, thats a pretty passionate defense you gave for Miss M and I salute you for it. What I think is that she was such an engaging character when she was alive, for her death to be accepted, it would have to be truly sensational. It’s simply not enough to expect that a simple overdose would be enough to take down someone as celebrated as her, there has to be some sort of convoluted scandal involved etc… Whether the “evidence” provided by the speculators can be proven or not (I don’t think the public will ever be able to find out) one thing is for sure, we’re still talking about her now and that must mean that in some sense, we still care about her. I’m taking these stories as a source of entertainment. Monroe reaching out from the grave for one more dramatic close up :)

  7. says

    There a two very distinct and strong possibilities involving Marilyn Monroe’s “suicide”. The first, is what many of us believe, which is that she was ready to ‘blow the whistle’ on Bobby Kennedy. Not about their affair, wich really wouldn’t have batted an eye at the time, but there were many “secrets she was aware of, being a trusted confidante, and lover of Bobby. It’s not anew phenomena when people sometimes share their innermost thoughts, ambitions and skeletons of their closet when they are intimate. And contrary to what many people think about MM, she was a very intelligent and strong woman, which many men like the Kennedies underestimated. The only other possibilit, is the powers that be took advantage of her troubled and sucidal tendencies in the past. I truly believe she was murdered, and the cover-up was on a grand scale, worthy in influence and clout that the Kennedy family certainly was capable of. Either way, it’s sad, and such a waste. For she had so much more to offer, on so many levels.

  8. Paul says

    Ok. This more of the same garbage reprinted for the zillionth time. This cracks me up. It’s like the rumor that Bobby Kennedy *also* had an affair with Monroe. Easily disproved by looking at the Senator’s campaign schedule vs. Monroe’s sign in/sign out sheet on the set for her latest movie. No doubt, this will not stop the purveyors of mud slinging.

    All i have to say is this: If you could absolutely prove it, you would have already. This is just more mud slinging crap against a good person.

  9. Gilbert Wham says

    Well, she had nice tits. Not much of an actress, mind. And what levels, apart from pretending to be other people in front of cameras for a living, to actors & actresses offer things on? Apart from putting out for the Kennedys?

  10. gir says

    If you “truly believe” something about Marilyn Monroe’s death, and take the time to post about it on a satire website, you have wasted your fucking life.

    Please follow Marilyn’s lead you dumb fucking cunt.

  11. says

    It is important that everyone finds their own ‘explanation’ about how she might have left us. The best example to compare this is for you to watch a mastepiece of cinematic history by Kurosawa: ‘Rashomon’
    There are different versions, different stories and it is up to you what to believe. But I am repeating myself that I have looked in this ‘blow the whistle’ BS from Carmen & Slatzer and there is no proof whatsoever for this claim. Anthony Summers blacked out ‘FBI files’ might have impressed me when I was 18, and I believed that nonsense as well, but having seen fake after fake makes you get an eye for these forged ‘documents.’ Two decades ago people might have bough June DiMaggio’s laughable (in a sarcastic sense of humor), but in Lindsay Loham’s / Scarlett’s copy Monroe’s rush, we have focused on a ‘recycled’ Monroe. With other words, I met too many liars, left and right and many of them have simply died already–and now, looking back at their ridiculous claims, you realize what they have done to you: they pranked you. Fooled you like those hidden camera TV shows from the 1980’s. Sensation always sells. I’d say: ‘Mr. Hefner, let’s do it! Pay for it and let’s exhume Marilyn, so that these conspiracy crappers will finally be silenced and go back to Roswell or glorify a Jesus on a toast, a Mary on a cheese sandwich or this weirdo Glenn Beck who is pitching Nuclear Power, and Alaska oil drilling as if it was 1972. As long as losers like him are allowed day after day to claim that global warming doesn’t exist, just because he is too ignorant to realize it, Marilyn Monroe will always be a welcome topic to just ‘escape’ into the lovely 1950’s where the world seemed so much more innocent. I am still hoping for a time machine during my life time. I would just go back to August 4, 1962, I would ring the door bell, and then I would prove to Norma Jeane that life isn’t all that bad. I would fire Eunice and finish her tree planting. I would walk her dogs with her, and try to shield her from the Strasbergs, the Greensons and all the other drainer who sucked on her like parasites and literally suffocated her like (almost) her grandmother did, when she was on infant (if that story is true at all–but that one I do believe).
    But I was still not born, unfortunately. Bobby & John were way too busy, their lives were recorded completely and then Marilyn was happily in love, Jose Bolanos, and he was 9 years her junior, so yep, she was her time ahead here again.
    But I said that before.
    Why can’t you just enjoy the legacy, the body of work this wonderful actress left behind for all of us.

    It is a phenomenon on its own how alive Marilyn still seems. How popular with children with teenage girls especially. We should all be happy for this–since Marilyn is public domain now and hopefully will never be ‘owned’ by evil Anna Strasberg and turned into cut out Halloween masks by Mark A. Roesler (true story!)

    Close your eyes and imagine you were living in NYC, and a black Thunderbird comes around the corner, driven by Arthur Miller, and an out of this world angelic beauty is sitting on the passenger seat. She is looking happy. She is alive and happy. That is how you should remember her. Not screwing this or that imaginary celebrity whose grandson is trying to sell another fake and dreadful biography.

    But–if you feel fine, slander her, mock her, and do your jealous ugly happy dance. It is you who knows that it is only because you are jealous, because she will be forever be remembered. At least in 1000 years from now–most likely more, while you are dust already, blown under some home next to the area, where once the HOLLYWOOD sign was located.

    As Marilyn toasts in The Misfits, as Roslyn: To Life. L’Chaim.

  12. says

    Oh and ‘Gilbert Wham’–you are just disgusting. But I hope that you end up super rich and independently wealthy, that should make you as isolated as MM was. And it automatically turns you into a greedy Schmuck. But I think that would raise your level…LMAO

  13. gir says

    Gilbert Wham, I also hope you end up “super rich” AND “independently wealthy”. And when you do, I just hope you remember how much entertainment I gave you. And make the check out to “Cash”.

  14. drawlr says

    This is all very old news. JFK had a fling with her too. The Kennedys were/are no paragons of virtue. This country’s JFK/RFK cult worship is shameful.

  15. imp says

    If between now and the convention, Obama falls gravely ill and Hillary is recorded in a phone conversation asking, “Is he dead yet?” I suppose a lot of people will jump to the conclusion that Mr. Obama may not be under the best medical care at that particular moment.

    Oh, we unwashed masses, we do jump to conclusions!

  16. belle says

    Not only is this story believable but likely true. RFK was JFK’s attorney general and was the one who secretly taped Dr. ML King, revealing his adultery. The Kennedys make the Clintons look like angels: Teddy let Mary Jo Kopechne slowly suffocate to death in Chappaquidick while he was covering his political ass. This is the slimiest, most corrupt and dirty political bunch ever. Joe Sr. (the father) was a Nazi sympathizer. Peter Lawford was married to a Kennedy (Patricia). Michael Skakel (nephew of RFK) was convicted of the 1975 murder of a 15-yr-old girl. William Kennedy Smith was tried for rape in 1991 and was let off by a sympathetic jury. Nixon really won the 1960 presidential election because it was later revealed that Richard Daley (corrupt mayor of Chicago) stuffed the ballot boxes to put Kennedy over the top. Nixon was urged to request a recount but decided not to. Some family – and they call this Camelot.

  17. Ernest Cunningham says

    Bravo to Mark Bellinghaus — his loving comments about Marilyn could bring you to tears.
    But have you forgotten about Philippe Mora’s conspiracy plot from last summer? his version has the housekeeper Mrs. Murray feeding Marilyn the sleeping pills. And the fellow who suggests that we compare Bobby Kennedy’s schedule to Marilyn’s schedule–to prove the lie–should also get get a medal. But America will never know the truth about Marilyn’s death, because America does not want to know the truth — America wants tabloid crap, rumor, innuendo, dirty jokes, flying saucers and conspiracy fantasies, and the delusions of all those people who claim that Marilyn was their lover or mother or best friend or neighbor–whoever/whatever is needed to sell a book or a newspaper or a sex film from the archives of the FBI!

  18. says

    ‘Dearest Johnny, (Hyde) Love & Kisses, Marilyn Monroe
    Marilyn Monroe lived twice on the same street in Beverly Hills, first on 718 North Palm Dr., with her married lover and agent Johnny Hyde who asked her twice to marry her, jet she said ‘I am in love with you, but I don’t love you,’ and then, with husband No. 2, Joe DiMaggio Marilyn moved to 508 N. Palm Dr. — interesting street I must say. What a ‘coincidence’ yet since we all quite well know that there aren’t coincidences in life, we can also refer to this ‘accidents’ as destiny, karma, or whatever fits ‘Cinderella’s foot’ the most.
    ‘gir’ ~ ‘Gilbert Wham’ – is just another classic example of the ‘Lori Drews’ that are out there. They post like ‘gir’ and they post things that they would never post under their real identity. They love to fool people, ‘play them like fiddles’ and spread their hate all over the Internet.
    When we exposed the ‘Sex tape claims’ as a fresh but stupid and ridiculous hoax,
    they got as hateful and ugly as they do it 24/7 on their inbreed and moniker heaven for fraud sellers, peddlers and professional pork producers / packers from Canada.
    They don’t even want to talk about Marilyn Monroe anymore, they just want to hate, hate and hate again. Hate is the mantra of the Marilyn Monroe fan club community–because Marilyn Monroe is still creating more headlines than Britney Spears for example. And these haters are made of hate, jealousy, greed and anger. If Marilyn Monroe was alive she would do this or that….this is how people like ‘gir’ or ‘Gilbert Wham’ whose identity is of course also a made up one an is one and the same. No, if Marilyn Monroe was alive, we would not have had to face people like Jeanne Carmen, Robert Slatzer, June DiMaggio, etc. and an entire library filled with outrageous and just simply stupid tries to hammer a murder conspiracy into our minds. Well, where there is no proof and just a limping gospel, there is no believe and there is no trust either.
    Again, this hater followship that I am so ‘delighted’ to have grown is just a pack of rotten racists, liars, criminals who peddled fakes on eBay and live auctions, who sold phony stories and supported phone ‘MM friends’ and their family members as Mr. Brandon James–who simply followed us as well to every blog site (he now also has a ‘Jeanne Carmen’ memorial on wordpress), have posted the most ugly and disgusting things–yet, he didn’t succeed. His mom is now officially cut out of the Marilyn Monroe history. Why? Because she never had one single piece of evidence to back up her lies. Not one single snapshot of her and Marilyn? Come on, even June DiMaggio pulled better tricks than that when she lied into the entire media–worldwide when she talked about her insanity claim of delivering an anchovy pizza to Monroe’s home (LMAO again), the day before MM was found dead.
    She also claimed that after MM was removed from her home, Junie star, the darling sweetheart who was married to Barbara Klein, ‘Barbie’ claimed to have had a key to Monroe’s Brentwood home, and that she went back, retrieved her ‘pizza pan,’ a teddy bear with pearl necklace, a nightgown, some old shoes, etc. If that really had happened, any normal person would think that she needs help. But since it is such a hideous claim, we feel sorry for the actress / singer who is btw turning 85 in four days.
    I wouldn’t be amazed if the MM fans community would celebrate her birthday–oh and yeah, let’s not forget that Ken Knoll, the official ‘manager’ of June DiMaggio claimed that I had ‘threatened June DiMaggio,’ so he made it of course onto the list of our top ten liars and hoax creators (look for that one in our book :o) to turn ‘June’s fake and made up ‘friendship’ with Monroe’ into a movie. Whatever.

    Happy Birthday, Ms June ‘Fabricator and bad actress’ Alpino aka DiMaggio. We wish you well, and if you had taken some acting lessons with Austrian acting coach Natasha Lytess, the woman who was madly in love–with Marilyn, or even British Helena Sorrell, you might have been believable, when you rolled your eyes up north in a pathetic move and made us believe that sun damage exists and that some people look like turtles around their neck area especially.
    Whoever had written that claim–maybe it was Mary Jane Popp? whoever–this is just too bad:
    “Marilyn asked me: Junie, Why do they call me a star? the stars are up in heaven–I’m just a simple working performer.” LMAO – again…and again.


    Happy Birthday Junie, you made your place in Monroe history, just like your chaperone Mary Jane Popp, Robert W. Otto–as LIARS!
    You gotta see this one, to believe how they pranked the public. EXCLUSIVE look at a group of charlatans, a 99% FRAUDULENT exhibit.
    The truck, the boxes, the interview, the multi million claim, the FELTON HYCHE statements from the Queen Mary corporation–will make you too LYAO!
    ‘Bucks Bunny’ interview, pre-engagement BS claim, oh, the nightgown that June ‘retrieved,’ the circle is closed.

    We shot this hoax down, the biggest exhibition fraud in history. Comparable to the fake Hitler diaries which duped the world in the 1980’s, or the fake Howard Hughes writings which inspired the movie HOAX.

    That is why we have the haters following us, posting hate and BS while hiding behind monikers. They are so super jealous, because they are either part of the scam, or they hate us for succeeding with our mission.

    Mission accomplished indeed. After a long fight, we can say that. And NOBODY will be able to take this away from us. Nobody, not even the devils from these fan clubs who hate anybody who makes a splash for Marilyn Monroe’s legacy.

    Fleton Hyche, spokesperson for the Queen Mary corporation which became one of the defendants in the Marilyn Monroe fraud class action lawsuit in an interview, prior to the exhibit opening in Long Beach, CA,: ‘This will not be your typical museum visit.’
    How right Mr. Hyche was with this statement, because I almost got a heart attack when I saw the junk, the trash, the phony baloney creations thrown on mannequins, into display cases and all of this turning Marilyn Monroe — for the regular visitor, into a dumb person who on top of this had no taste. Who wore crap from the 1980’s like the ‘VICTORIA’S SECRET DRESS’ in red, which was displayed as William Travilla made gown…
    It was a well created nightmare–for collectors, experts and people who bought real Monroe memorabilia, like myself. People who trusted Anna Strasberg, and the estate of Marilyn Monroe–who acted as one of the sponsors, who gave permission, for this mega scam. This hoax.

  19. euclid says

    Who cares? She’s dead. Dead dead dead.
    She didn’t exactly invent the cure for cancer.
    A few vaguely charming films. Again,
    who cares? I see prettier women (especially now)
    every day of the week. If she were still alive
    she’d look like Bridget Bardot’s grandma, and we
    all know how well THAT turned out.

  20. Crazy says

    I confess. I did it. Well… It makes as much sense as suggesting Bobby Kennedy did it. The reality is that she was an extremely fragile young woman, one who people exploited terribly during her lifetime. Her death was either a tragic accident or a tragic suicide. The exploitation continues today, because people can make money doing so.

  21. Dactyl Spondee says

    Mr. Bellinghaus, your medication needs adjustment. See your psychiatrist, stat.

  22. Joke Police says

    Amen Euclid.

    Mark Bellinghaus has his own Wikipedia entry. He is a professional Marilyn obsessive.

    (cue predictable outrage)

  23. says

    I was just digging in the Marylin monroe fan club dirt. omg they are so nasty, and they use their finger for an universal greeting. maybe this is the new fan club hym of the future? I cannot use my real identity, I do not want to get aids blood threats from a crazy man….call me Rosie, but i’m more like Portia. Proud lesbian all American bird here 😀

    there us a whole community of lesbian girls in those fan clubs. even the Elvis fan clubs have them. but why are these people so hateful?
    I totally must agree that the world has too many haters. This is for the haters especially, and if you are no hater, this isn’t for you of course

  24. Peter, Florida says

    I have had it with all these losers and liars who tell us another death speculation on Monroe. Look what happened to Anna Nicole, and that is exactly how it happened to Marilyn. Anna Nicole Smith checked out like her idol, or will there be another death speculation about Anna Nicole? She has been pretty much forgotten already.

    Funny to see the vendetta of commentator euclid who said:
    Who cares? She’s dead. Dead dead dead.
    She didn’t exactly invent the cure for cancer.
    A few vaguely charming films. Again,
    who cares? I see prettier women (especially now)
    every day of the week. If she were still alive
    she’d look like Bridget Bardot’s grandma, and we
    all know how well THAT turned out.

    That my friend is just plain stupid. Because everyone can tell by all the comments you left that you ‘care’ the most. Why are being so bitter? Is she was alive, we don’t doubt that one, she would not be what she is now. But she is dead, and some folks are dead when they die. But some come to life even stronger than ever. I saw also Mr. Cunningham posting here. His book is one of my favorites. The pictures could be better quality but that isn’t his fault I guess.

    I think the Marilyn Monroe murder mystery is history now. Too many came and claimed and it turned into a Marilyn Monroe murder carnival. But now the carnival is over and when someone claims the Bobby, JFK, the FBI or the mob killed her it won’t be even noticed anymore. Because we all know why these stupid claims are being made. Another book, another documentary on nothing, another media prank just like Keya Morgan pulled on on all of us.

  25. euclid says

    Peter Dipshit, Florida:
    WRONG AGAIN! I care that people are wasting their lives
    obsessing about someone long dead when they could spend their
    time and concern on those around them who are still living.
    f you think my post is bitter, well, that’s your cup of cheese pal.

  26. Joke Police says

    This thread is Delusion City. It seems that speculation about Marilyn’s death is A Bad Thing. But apparently Marilyn ‘came to life even stronger’ after she died. I don’t imagine that has anything to do with lots of people speculating about her death…?

  27. says

    With all respect to the recent commentator. What is it, or better why is it, that you have to hide your true identity? Do you think that then the reader will not immediately see through your little games that you have been playing with us? Treating us just like you people referred to us and Mark Bellinghaus especially: ‘silly goose.’
    hahahaha and now what? You are still anonymous and I am not. But do you think that it isn’t obvious when you people call other posting commentators, who have the same right like all you negativity addicts?
    For someone who believed that Monroe is just dead and was nothing, ‘euclid’ posted two comments and seems to keep on coming back. That is a whole lot of time and energy wasted for someone who claims these ugly and horrible things about Marilyn. Please, euclid, share with us what you think of Jeanne Carmen for example, because for some reason we are getting the impression that this hate towards Monroe is coming from a different corner. But of course, I might be wrong with this assumption. And I would also like to pass the same message on to ‘Joke Police’ who does not seem funny at all. Could it be that Joke Police and euclid are one and the same? It doesn’t really matter anyhow, because you cannot, will not–ever succeed with your hate against a phenomenon which has been reborn over and over ever since people called her a ‘hooker’ and prostitute, and now they are doing the same to Mark Bellinghaus. Did you people ever realize what has been going on in this matter? You cannot call people names, disgusting sickening names, and hide. There will be a new law soon, and what you do on the Internet, the attack you run against people–you will be able to be charged for it. Why is it so hard for you to discuss a book and not use foul language? Because I did foul language to show the public with which methods the Marilyn fan clubs are working. And here again–as long as I sign with my name, as long as you can try to charge me for it, it is legal.
    But nobody has charged me for telling the truth, together with Jennifer J. Dickinson and Mark Bellinghaus. Now this thread has become very interesting. Because the public can see that there are some individuals, maybe only one or two in this case, who followed us again to another website. And if Melinda Mason has posted this article in order to push the JFK and RFK speculations, we should also give June DiMaggio a moment. She claimed that her mother was ‘on the phone’ with Marilyn when Marilyn ‘was killed.’
    When I met June DiMaggio in 2005, she tried to not laugh while telling these tales, but I felt that she was pinching herself so she would keep a straight face.
    Please use your real identities if you want to be taken serious. This Kindergarten nonsense hidden identity hater game is really getting old. If you hate it here, ‘Joke Police,’ why do you still come back then? Jill Adams would say at this moment: Hummmmm
    And she would be sweating from showing us the finger, over and over again. Trying to hurt us, while we are laughing at her and the other sad plagiarists who have stolen our ideas for the past 2 1/2 years.

    I would support also a law which makes you liable when you claim this or that about the FBI, just because it is selling your book, makes your Keya Morgan tales more believable?

    Again: Marilyn Monroe is still in the news, and this year was one of the best so far. Why? Because of this.

  28. Joke Police says

    Joke Police isn’t my real name. But then Marilyn Monroe wasn’t a real name either.

    I’m not a MM hater. Just not interested. Sorry. I am a fan of Hecklerspray and I’m also developing a growing interest in poking internet crazies.

    I think people whose livelihoods depend on public interest in Marilyn should be very happy about these kind of stories. More coverage in the news, more book sales, ker-ching etc.

    Anyway, back to reality.

  29. euclid says

    Not much time or energy actually Earnest C.
    What are these hateful things I’ve said?
    That MM is dead? I think we’ve established that.
    That if she were alive, she would be old?
    Well, everyone else ages, so I just assumed
    she would too. Magic powers had she?
    If so, it seems they didn’t work too well. I have no idea who
    Jeanne Carmen is, and therefore think nothing of her.
    You do seem to exist however, and I think you are unwell.

  30. Wm says

    A good indication that led me to always believe that both John and Robert Kennedy were directly involved in killing Marilyn Monroe is the fact that both Kennedys were soon assassinated afterward.
    Galatians 6:7 Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.
    Bobby Kennedy was said to be somewhat listless after John’s death, supposedly over the grief of the loss of his brother. I have always believed that his behavior was due to the shocking realization that John suffered a divine judgment for her murder and that he was in danger of incurring the same. The bullet that eventually killed Bobby was supposedly miraculously reflected off the ceiling into his head.

  31. gir says

    The Easter Bunny killed Jesus Christ too. Fucking rabbit is a god damned menace.

  32. mst3kster says

    Here’s a conspiracy theory:

    Mark Bellinghaus is also posting as Ernest Cunningham. Look at the similarities; same multi-paragraph ramblings, the same angry tone that’s condemning hate, the same psychotic obsession about Marilyn… the list goes on and on.

    They’re one in the same I tells ya.

  33. mst3kster says

    But what I really meant to say is that I have NO LIFE at all, because is all I do, is follow Mark Bellinghaus AND Ernest Cunningham everywhere I go. I am so bored here in New Zealand and I spend sometimes entire days deleting people from Wikipedia. I was recently exposed as a disgusting CARBUNCLE, yeah, I like sarcasm and get off when other people get deleted. Because evil is my Church. I named myself White Witch and followed them all, everywhere. Oh it is so much fun to report people, have them deleted and then lie about William Travilla costumes. I love to support the ugliness of society, because that is why they also call me New Zealand witch. That is not to be mistaken for the one from Finland. She is my friend and we have established a hater fan club. Marilyn Monroe? Ha! She means nothing to us, never did. I tried to look like her, recently cut my hair and now I am saving some cash for a good ol’ nose job. My hook is in my way to fame. Geeze Louise, I am 45 1/2 and Marilyn was dead at 36. I think I should never try Marilyn impersonations. Oh, maybe that is why people were laughing so hard when I started to sing?
    Let’s have another Long Island Ice Tea. Vodka, Barcady, Rum, Tequila, Gin and Cola, and whatever else to make me forget that I’m a hateful bitch!

    Bye, I am off to Wiki, gotta delete more, it gives me a certain feeling of importance and power, when I am not drunk or try to sing, scream is maybe a better word for it….

    Oh by the way, I hate Kiwis too.

  34. mst4kster says

    hey sister Pauline, how are the is my fav Berry? I like them ripe you know? Can you please send me another box of those green shell New Zealand mussels? Our Finnish mussels are poisoned because of the environment waste that is killing life on earth too. I have been thinking about what we can do next. I have no clue. Maybe claim that good is bad and bad is good? How about that? How about we finally come clean and tell the world that we are all haters, and that our fan club is just bs? How about that, sister?

    Oh I love Hecklerspray too, Joke Police. I find it so much fun to hate the successful ones, the ones that are absolutely right. Right is wrong and wrong is right in my Finnish books of hate philosophy. Oh and did I tell you that I am excellent in copying people? I steal their words, all of them, I steal their ideas, I didn’t even know what a blog was, until I got my lazy fat vegetarian ass off of my XL office chair and thought that something had to be done…and I wanted to be famous. So I attacked and now I am famous. I have shitheads like the weirdo trans Hillary on my site, but hey, you gotta start somewhere. Even if it is at the circus. Freak show starts in 20 minutes folks. The male who is beating women, shim is now speaking: Hillary’s story. Next stop: Fake Marilyn Monroe fabricators love my club. They are all welcome. Oh and if you are a full blood racist, don’t worry, our fan club loves you if God doesn’t.

  35. says


    Ah, how oft we read or hear of
    Boys we almost stand in fear of!
    For example, take these stories
    Of two youths, named Max and Moritz,
    Who, instead of early turning
    Their young minds to useful learning,
    Often leered with horrid features
    At their lessons and their teachers.

    Look now at the empty head: he
    Is for mischief always ready.
    Teasing creatures – climbing fences,
    Stealing apples, pears, and quinces,
    Is, of course, a deal more pleasant,
    And far easier for the present,
    Than to sit in schools or churches,
    Fixed like roosters on their perches

    But O dear, O dear, O deary,
    When the end comes sad and dreary!
    ‘Tis a dreadful thing to tell
    That on Max and Moritz fell!
    All they did this book rehearses,
    Both in pictures and in verses.

    First Trick: The Widow

    The boys tie several crusts of bread together with thread, and lay this trap in an old widow’s chicken yard, causing all the chickens to become fatally entangled.

    Second Trick: The Widow II

    As the widow cooks her chickens, the boys sneak onto her roof. When she leaves her kitchen momentarily, the boys steal the chickens using a fishing pole down the chimney. The widow hears her dog barking and hurries upstairs, finds the hearth empty and beats the dog.

    Third Trick: The Tailor

    The boys torment a well-liked tailor who has a fast stream flowing in front of his house. They saw through the planks of his wooden bridge, making a precarious gap, then taunt him by making goat noises, until he runs outside. The bridge breaks; the tailor is swept away and nearly drowns (but for two geese, which he grabs a hold of and fly high to safety).

    Fourth Trick: The Teacher

    While their devout teacher is busy at church, the boys invade his home and fill his favorite pipe with gunpowder. When he lights the pipe, the blast knocks him unconscious, blackens his skin and burns away all his hair.

    Fifth Trick: The Uncle

    The boys collect bags full of May beetles, which they promptly deposit in their Uncle’s (Fritz) bed. Uncle is nearly asleep when he feels the bugs walking on his nose. Horrified, he goes into a bug-killing frenzy with a shoe.

    Sixth Trick: The Baker

    The boys invade a bakery which they believe is closed. Attempting to steal pretzels, they fall into a vat of dough. The baker returns, catches the breaded pair, and bakes them. But they survive, and escape by gnawing through their crusts.

    Final Trick: The Farmer

    Hiding out in a farmer’s grain storage area, the boys slit some grain sacks. A farmer arrives and immediately notices the problem. He puts the boys in the sack instead, then takes it to the mill. The boys are ground to bits and devoured by ducks. Later, no one expresses regret! (The mill really exists in Ebergötzen, Germany, and can be visited)

  36. EASTER BUNNy says

    I AM NOT MARK BELLINGHAUS. You got to have a lot of balls if you want to play tennis the way I do.

  37. Paul says

    I don’t agree with hate. Especially hidden hate as it has been displayed by some individuals that are just obvious to anyone who is against crimes. If it is memorabilia fraud, or if it is supporting fake exhibitions about dead movie stars. Fake is fake and when people pay to see fakes, thinking they are lookig at authentic by in this case Marilyn Monroe worn items, it is also a crime.
    I have emailed Mr. Bellinghaus twice before I decided to big on some Marilyn Monroe memorabilia. I was given advice and that at no charge.
    It is fascinating how many people have accused Bellinghaus, Cunningham and now also Dickinson of crimes, when it is just obvious what is happening. It is a hate campaign initiated by haters. They use very ugly methods. They also copy every word Bellinghaus and Cunningham had written, and they throw it back as them as their own creations. These Marilyn Monroe fan club people have lost many times and many fights. They just pretend as if nothing happened and they try to smile and continue their dirty business of screwing the public. I am glad that finally we learned what fan clubs and online forums are really about.

  38. hobby rocket scientist says

    seriously? you are asking who killed marilyn? i am sick of this stupid question. who killed jimi hendrix, jim morrison kurt cobain, and anna nicole smith, and who killed heath ledger? it’s all about selling a story, a book a magazine, whatever. she killed herself because of the haters that always existed. jealous people too.

  39. mst6kster says

    People who are hiding behind monikers are just sad. Can someone please send me some Paxil please? No seriously, if you go to these forums on anything, it is just boring and stupid and I think it is really so yesterday to blog or even post on forums where haters posting as sweet Dorothy but then you find out that they only want you to buy their trashy books’n stuff. I gotta agree with the hobby rocket scientist that Marilyn took her own life. And I certainly don’t believe that it was ‘accidental.’ That is another claim just as if some weirdo once claimed that she had six toes.

  40. Lindsay Lohan Addict says

    this is so cool, my Lindsay girl is coming out with some leggings and names her after Marilyn Monroe’s birthday 6126. Good girl. love it.

  41. Marilyn Monroe says

    We get Hecklerspray in heaven. God just told me this thread was getting out of hand so I thought I’d come in and clear it up.

    It was Professor Plum in the library with the lead piping.

  42. Joke Police says

    I’m confused – I feel a bit like John Connor at the end of T2 when he’s not sure which is the T-1000 and which one is his mom.

  43. says

    This is the dumbest thing I have ever read (Referring to article not the idiotic comments)

    Marilyn was already hired back by 20th Century Fox and with a PAY INCREASE! Why would she “Fake” a suicide attempt to gain sympathy? Actually doing this would make her MORE of an insurance risk and she would have known this given the history of The Misfits where she was fired from the studio (although eventually rehired) due to potential suicide risk. Marilyn was far too smart to have been “talked” into a suicide attempt. I hate dumb books that make Marilyn look stupid

    PS: Ernest and Mark– get a life; you are an embarrassment to yourselves.

  44. euclid says

    Marilyn killed Bobby, haters. She used a secret time -delay
    assassins code given to her by J. Edgar Hoover after she
    let him wear one of her dresses. And Sirhan Sirhan met the
    Easter Bunny behind the paddocks to get the code.

    It’s history, stupid, get your fucking facts straight Bilginghorse
    before you start making wild baseless claims. Even a child knows this.

  45. mst3kster says

    Uh oh, Charles M. Your going to get Ernest/Mark mad at you and he’ll post something idiotic as Charles M and then more stupidity as Charles N and then something retarded as Charles O and so on…

  46. says

    Let me all tell you a little secret. I am not really ‘Charles P.’ but a stalker named…well, just click on my link and you see who is stalking again, ever since…forever.

    Something is telling me that these losers who claimed that in the 1980’s rugs were ‘prototypes’ have lost their own face and whatever tiny bit of credibility they had left somewhere down the road.

    So p–leeeeaaaassseeeee speaking of EMBARRASSMENT…the ‘kettle calls the pot black’?! That was always one of these crazy weirdo’s over used expressions….boooorrrring! 😀

    Marilyn Monroe ‘community’ = tiny
    Marilyn Monroe ‘community’ = crazy
    Marilyn Monroe ‘community’ = jealous
    Marilyn Monroe ‘community’ = Haters!


  47. Anonymous Troll says

    Why I am posting this hate anonymous? Because if I attach my name to the shit I feel, I would scare people. As much as I scare people off when they see me. The last time I went to Disneyland, people and especially kids would run away, because they thought I was part of the scary monsters from some trippy ride or
    or something.
    I mean ugliness is hateful as it is, but inner ugliness is deadly.
    I hate everyone who is right, who has a cause for what he or she is fighting for. And that is why I spread so much hate and venomous lies.
    No you know why I must post anonymous. Because we the Marilyn Monroe fan club suckers stick together and we support each other, even until the last transsexual falls.

  48. Kessa says

    Im from UK, I guess us brits are a bit reserved at times but even still some of the comments on here are a bit below the belt I must admit.

    Just wanted to say that at least she is at peace now and having a fab time im sure, probably having a few laughs at some of the stupid comments left on here.

    Hey remember some of you may even get to meet her in your next life! (That is if your going up and not down, if you see her im sure she would kick your ass!!

    Anyway Marilyn was sexy, innocent, cool and wild.
    But that was the fab 50’s and the swinging 60’s and damn I missed out!

    I honestly believe that Marilyn, James Dean, Elvis the list goes on are probably better off where they are now (enjoying life without any crap or hate) then still being on this crappy earth.

    Show them some respect in life and death, remember we will all die one day and wouldnt it be nice to be remembered with some kind thoughts!

    Too much hatered – bring on the love man!
    Elvis – ‘Walk a mile in my shoes’.

  49. euclid says

    Yes, Kessa, of course you’re right:
    when we die it’s all candy corn and puppy breath
    with rainbow ponies. My mistake.
    I forgot all about “going up and not down”
    in the Great Posthumous Elevator Ride to Eternity.
    It’s all so simple really. Silly me. Do you vote?

  50. says

    No ‘euclid’ when we die we cannot post with monikers no longer. ;o( we will put a face to our ugliness and new generations will learn about traitors, liars, haters, fraud criminals, and their supporting friends who were laughing, while some three were stepping up against a fraud mafia who was led by a lawyer who literally stole himself into power. It is absolutely amazing when you look into the details of this tragedy built on a sad soul who could still be alive, if she had friends and not HATERS. Who wanted her to kill herself. And when it happened, they were running around, claiming bullshit and pointed the finger at others.

    You people, who follow us everywhere, post your hate and lies, you don’t give up your hate games which is your ONLY ENTERTAINMENT. We just exposed the crazy transsexual Hillary Jayne Mansfield, 37, who claimed on another hater forum, the famous marilynmonroe.com (it has been shut down since these hater comments and the malicious postings in 2007), that I am a ‘pedophile,’ and that I should ‘jump from a bridge with my fake collection,’ and this still full intact male is now exposed as Benjamin Dean Lefler.
    This freak attacked and harassed us and he is facing soon charges in a New Jersey court. Now comes the ‘karma cracker': He posted numerous times on his website and in an email he sent me: ‘Marilyn HATES You….And Your Mother….’ Last week his father past away at only 71.
    It is now obvious that the stalker is posting his hateful comments. His handwriting is now forever linked to another Marilyn Monroe hoax. A crime he himself tried to support and peddle to the public. He lost this attempt–like he lost every single battle thus far–ever since he tried to destroy us, to discredit us and to support his fraud creating and selling friends.

    PLEASE VISIT THE MEGAN MEIER FOUNDATION WEBSITE and support Tina Meier in her brave fight against Internet craziness and hater action pure.
    Please let these anonymous dangerous psychos push another sensible life to the edge, help to save lives and don’t let them destroy more people. They have tried so hard to character assassinate us. Three people, when they are way over 100 worldwide, holding ties, holding hands, organized fraud crimes unites them, not Marilyn Monroe–she was never there!

  51. says

    Please DON’T let these anonymous dangerous psychos push another sensible life to the edge, help to save lives and don’t let them destroy more people.

  52. says

    For someone who claims ‘who cares’ when it comes to Marilyn Monroe and that she did not invent the cure for cancer (or AIDS), but then is posting comment after comment filled with so much hate and disgust that we really do not need much imagination who truly is higing behind ‘euclid’ just like some coward was hiding in a chapel, from the official server for a restraining order which three months later was granted for his stalking and his threats (which also included his AIDS infected blood):

    Euclid spoke and the hate and jealousy is just speaking for itself.
    Sad, truly sad how these freaks still try to fool people in their obvious Nazi style fashion of ‘Germans, Don’t buy from the Jews’ — hate propaganda:

    euclid Says:
    June 8th, 2008 at 2:19 am

    Who cares? She’s dead. Dead dead dead.
    She didn’t exactly invent the cure for cancer.
    A few vaguely charming films. Again,
    who cares? I see prettier women (especially now)
    every day of the week. If she were still alive
    she’d look like Bridget Bardot’s grandma, and we
    all know how well THAT turned out.

    euclid Says:
    June 8th, 2008 at 11:06 pm

    Peter Dipshit, Florida:
    WRONG AGAIN! I care that people are wasting their lives
    obsessing about someone long dead when they could spend their
    time and concern on those around them who are still living.
    f you think my post is bitter, well, that’s your cup of cheese pal.

    euclid Says:
    June 9th, 2008 at 3:26 pm

    Not much time or energy actually Earnest C.
    What are these hateful things I’ve said?
    That MM is dead? I think we’ve established that.
    That if she were alive, she would be old?
    Well, everyone else ages, so I just assumed
    she would too. Magic powers had she?
    If so, it seems they didn’t work too well. I have no idea who
    Jeanne Carmen is, and therefore think nothing of her.
    You do seem to exist however, and I think you are unwell.

    euclid Says:
    June 9th, 2008 at 5:11 pm

    Yeah, right Wm: the Easter Bunny did it. Cripes.

    euclid Says:
    June 10th, 2008 at 9:46 pm

    Marilyn killed Bobby, haters. She used a secret time -delay
    assassins code given to her by J. Edgar Hoover after she
    let him wear one of her dresses. And Sirhan Sirhan met the
    Easter Bunny behind the paddocks to get the code.

    It’s history, stupid, get your fucking facts straight Bilginghorse
    before you start making wild baseless claims. Even a child knows this.

    euclid Says:
    June 11th, 2008 at 5:15 pm

    Yes, Kessa, of course you’re right:
    when we die it’s all candy corn and puppy breath
    with rainbow ponies. My mistake.
    I forgot all about “going up and not down”
    in the Great Posthumous Elevator Ride to Eternity.
    It’s all so simple really. Silly me. Do you vote?

  53. Ernest Cunningham says

    Jealousy is really an ugly thing when it comes to success, love and devotion.
    It is still sad and will be forever, how haters who claim to love Marilyn Monroe, attack her under the cover of a silly name such as ‘Joke Police,’ or ‘euclid.’
    Do these people really believe that the public is blind and stupid?

  54. Joke Police says

    Dudes, I know you’ve had a bad time on the internet, but It Wasn’t Us. I appreciate that our clearly non-real names might be piquing your paranoia, but I know for a fact that euclid, gir and mst3kster live in a happy Hecklerspray bubble and are definitely not litigious, stalky internet nutjobs. Right, boys and/or girls?

    I can’t vouch for Anonymous Troll or EASTER BUNNy though. I reckon you should go after those guys.

  55. gir says

    hahahahhaaha awesome

    “Sad, truly sad how these freaks still try to fool people in their obvious Nazi style fashion of ‘Germans, Don’t buy from the Jews’ — hate propaganda:”

    By posting comments about Marilyn Monroe on a entertainment satire site, you have shown yourself to truly be the Modern Equivalent Of Nazi Germany. You Probably Like Hitler A Lot.

    Freaks who follow what who? YOU showed up here, idiot. I don’t recall anyone saying BOY I SURE HOPE THAT FUCKING WACKO MARK BELLINGHAUS POSTS HERE!!!!!!

    Oh, I see, I’ve been following you around very secretly by posting here for several months before you arrived.

    Listen up, I didn’t give a shit about you before you showed up here, and the only thing I think about you now is that I wish your stalker had killed you and saved hecklerspray from your tsunami of words.

  56. euclid says

    Unwell Bellinghorse
    Needs psychiatric treatment
    Quite obviously


    What crazed wind blows
    Through the posts of HecklerSpray
    It’s Bellowhoarse

  57. euclid says

    Kinda makes me miss Maurice.
    At least he was a benign idiot.
    Now we’ve got full-blown
    paranoid schizophrenics posting.
    What next, I wonder?
    Will Earnest Mark take his Haloperidol?
    Will the ghost of Marilyn finally propose?
    Will the neighbor’s dog have the last word?
    Ah the mystery and joy of life on the
    electronic edge of sanity…

  58. mst3kster says

    Marilyn Monroe
    Killed by the Easter Bunny
    Fuck Mark Bellinghaus

    Thank you Joke Police. I’m now calmer than a cadaver.

  59. Joke Police says

    PS This has definitely now surpassed that World’s Biggest Penis thing as my favourite thread on Hecklerspray.

  60. Ernest Cunningham says

    favourite? aha, New Zealand is in the house.
    Delicious Carbuncle or Restawhile?

    You people are just sad.

  61. Joke Police says

    Ah, the majesty of the internet. Obviously, the comment above makes no sense. But put these seemingly nonsensical words into a popular search engine of your choice, et voila, yet more paranoid nonsense is explained. And lots more fun stories to read.

  62. euclid says

    Earnie – you redefine pathos.

    Alzheimers is not a pretty thing;
    neither is nationalism, which exhibits
    pretty much the same symptoms
    (cognitive impairment, estrangement from reality, etc.)

    Also, have you thought of transferring your fixation
    to someone more recent like Lindsay Lohan or Scarlett Johansson
    or perhaps in your case Madeline Albright?

    Or go the other way – Joan of Arc or something.
    If you must have a pathological fixation and foist it upon the world,
    could you at least make an interesting choice?
    Christ, you’ll be whinging away about Elvis next. Or the pyramids.

    Please, get some rest, take your pills and check back later (much).

  63. Ernest Cunningham says

    Oh dear, ‘Joke Police,’ (who was never funny but vulgar only), ‘mst3kster’ and the hateful ‘euclic,’ is really just one and the same person. A bitter, hateful, jealous fool who lost. Over and over and over again.
    I think it is time to report your hater jargon to the site. You cannot post without using foul language. But what do you expect from members of the KKK?!

  64. Susan B. Winter says

    I am so glad to have realized what so called Marilyn Monroe fan club officials have tried to pull on us fans. It is no longer about Marilyn Monroe. I thank you so much for all the support for Mark Bellinghaus and his important mission for Marilyn Monroe, Ernest. Knowing you is knowing a wonderful, kind, loving author who is brilliant to the ‘t’ in everything he says.
    Especially when it come to Marilyn Monroe.
    I have witnessed to much ugliness from people who never had a true reason to attack Mark, Ernest and Jennifer. They did so anyhow and oh well, look what has been happening. Karma is not only a rumor, it is happening right now.
    I never believed in these things, but they obviously exist.

  65. Susan B. Winter says

    There is this man who wants to be Jayne Mansfield, and he is so hateful that he is throwing his ‘babies into the fire’ by calling Mr. Bellinghaus names that even on this thread would be banned. He makes fun of Bellinghaus’ parents, his dead father and he calls Mark ‘Adolf’ despite that this transsexual is Jewish himself and knows that Mark is German Jewish.
    Well, and then karma bites back right away.
    Is Marilyn Monroe supporting the three brave fighters for her legacy?
    The update really made me wonder.


  66. Merja says

    Ah, but Finland is in “da house”. And since someone (Mark) was already mocking me here, pretending to write “as me” I sure as heck feel I have the right to post here too – AFTER being slandered by Mark Bellinghaus ONCE AGAIN. I DO have the right to defend myself without them saying I “follow” them or other idiotic things. It’s not that difficult to Google “Mark Bellinghaus” + “Finland” – and there you go. Up popped this site with Mark posting “as if he were someone from Finland”. And yeah, I WILL keep Googling my name/Finland with Mark’s name, because as long as he keeps slandering me online I have the right to speak up too. Besides, when I bother to add something to threads such as this, meaning threads that he and his gang have managed to turn into pure idiocy and childisness, I happen to write under my own name, so they can just shut up about “people hiding under monikers”. I am NOT afraid of them and I have NO reason to “hide” – like Mark just cowardly did here when posting “as me” and “as Pauline”.

    Well, it was fun just watching the lunacy and paranoia from a distance, but when I came to the last post I decided I just HAD to post and say something to Mr. Cunningham, who as an author should be aware of the history and nuances of his own mother tongue: When you Google the BRITISH (not incorrect, mind you) spelling “favourite” you get 167 000 000 results. Amazing that one person wrote all of those… To think that only American English is correct… now THAT is sad! (For your info, when we are taught English at school here in Europe, they teach us the British pronunciation and spelling, not the American one.)

    For your info, I am also letting Pauline know Mark slandered her here and how Mr. C. claimed the poster above was Pauline – using his unbeatable (which I think is unbearable, really) logic. I don’t know if she has any interest in adding anything here, cause what you’re doing is just stupid, but she is aware of this thread NOW, I just emailed her. Just so that you know.

    As for who has suffered in the hands of whom, all I can refer to is: http://www.marilynfansunited.com

    As for the book, looks to me it’s yet another piece of crap taking advantage of Marilyn’s memory. Wish they’d finally let her rest in peace. I admit I’ve always bought all the Marilyn-related books, but I have had it with all these crazy theories. The reason I’ve read the books is because I want to know what is in them so it will be easier to debunk them when someone starts telling me the stuff they’ve read “as facts.”

    Thanks for listening, I’ve had my say. No matter how vile/idotic etc Team B. turns; Finland is bowing out of this nuthouse – at least for now :) But I’ll keep reading it, it’s good entertainment while I take my coffee breaks from ACTUAL WORK. (Don’t know if Mark knows what that is though…)

  67. Joke Police says

    Are we in trouble Hecklerspray?

    I refute the charge that I am mst3kster and euclic (sic). It should be pretty obvious – those guys are much funnier than me. We are definitely not all one.

    Also, I deny all charges of vulgarity. I’ve been perfectly courteous, I think you’ll find.

    As for the other rather more blunt comments on this page, well, if you don’t like them, maybe you should go back to writing puff pieces on Wikipedia and hoping people don’t notice.

  68. euclid says

    I’ve never been part of someone’s paranoid delusions before!
    Makes me feel kind of special and dirty at the same time.
    And I love this whole “three brave fighters” thing – it’s like
    the three little bears, or the three little pigs or something.

    I imagine an anime cartoon. What would they be called?
    “Dead Celebrity Defense Force”? “Marilyn’s Memory Mob”? “The DSM Five”?

    And EC/MB why, incidentally, is pointing out the fact that Marilyn is dead hateful? Seems to be pretty much a neutral statement of fact.

    Also, your strange and twisted confabulations about
    who I am do reveal a great deal about how your minds work
    in your own strange ungodly crusade.

    You really should drop a line to Maurice Colgan. He’s like a hebephrenic
    version of you, but about Elvis. I think you all would
    have just a splendid time together. Cheers, big ears!

  69. gir says

    “I think it is time to report your hater jargon to the site. ”


  70. euclid says

    Well, EC, you DO seem to be an expert on the subject…
    of sadness that is. Just hypothetically, what would it take
    to get you to realize how entirely mad you are?
    I have nothing to do with your cult or the counter-cult
    or the counter-counter-cult, or whatever. I’d not
    heard of you or Bilgeingpump before you showed up here
    in my electronic backyard spewing garbled rubbish.

    You are immensely mockable because you make so little sense
    but obviously care disproportionately, some would say obsessively,
    about someone who died 40-odd years ago. That is just very
    strange to those of us outside of your warped little world. And
    I thought it might help you (or your counsellor) for someone
    to point this out. You have left reality far far behind. Take a walk
    around the block and try to think of something that doesn’t involve
    the pointless (and slightly worrisome but nonetheless hilarious)
    lionization of dead celebrities. There’s a whole big old world out here
    just waiting for you, you poor damaged chipmunk.

  71. gir says

    I am pretty sad. Sad that people like you can continue to exist in society without being eaten by wolves.

  72. says

    This is becoming the most intelligent article in terms of replies. It makes my brain hurt.

    But er…yer Mrs Monroe. If anyone has a Warhole piccy of her, someone on here will probably buy it. Or worship underneath her dazzling blond painted locks.

  73. Merja says

    “This should be my last post”
    -Yes it should. Don’t YOU have a life?

    “crazy nut from Finland”
    -I guess “crazy nut” doesn’t constitute as name calling then since you said I call YOU names? Sorry, Mr. Cunningham. Never said anything about you before you started posting your “I spit on you and damn you all to hell” shit.

    “is defending a transsexual who has threatened and harassed and now will face charges.”
    – I am not defending anyone. Hillary Mansfield shared her story on our site after Mark attacked her FIRST. I do not necessarily agree with everything she’s said or done – actually I won’t comment any further on this since I am not AWARE of what has been going on after she shared her story, and she had good grounds of sharing it then. But we don’t really stay in touch nor know each other.

    “Merja Pohjola, please stop living your life through Mark Bellinghaus or me.”
    – I’ll be damned if I ever “lived my life” through you. All I do is defend myself from your slander/accusations. Wheareas you guys seem to be living your life only through blogging and hating all of “us”. I told you how I found this thread – because YOU had posted about me here.

    “Remember what Tina Meier answered you since you immediately tried to pull her over to your hater side of monikers.”
    – Refresh my memory, what did she answer me? The fact that you guys tried to drag a grieving mother into all of this was a despicable thing to do. I just hope she didn’t fall for your awful propaganda. But if she did, that’s sad and I can’t help it. Hopefully she knows there are TWO SIDES to every story. And why are you talking about monikers since I am not using one? If I was truly such an “awful hater” I WOULD post anonymously (Like Mark has done many times here so far…)instead of stepping up with my own name to defend myself. Now there’s a thing for you to ponder.

    “You are a shame to any Marilyn Monroe fan club.”
    – Why thank you, you’re such a nice man :)

    “You have done nothing for the defense of Marilyn Monroe”
    – Of that you know nothing. I have done what I can – but I happen to have a REAL life outside of Marilyn Monroe. I do admire her, but she is my hobby, not my LIFE. (And I am the one who is “sad”?) I do not like to pretend as she was the most important thing in the world. She’s not. So sue me.

    “and most of your attacks were directed at us in order to shut us up. Since you are part of the William Travilla fake exhibit project, just like your New Zealand counterpart.”
    – I have NEVER attacked ANY of you. I have defended myself from your DISGUSTING attacks. AS for the exhibit, I’ve said a million times it is MY OPINION it is legit – and I have A FRIGGING RIGHT TO MY OPINION. You guys think I don’t – so YOU have attacked me! When have I called YOU Nazis, the KKK, compared you to murderers and school shooters, called you racists, witches, psychos, weirdos, etc etc etc…? The list goes on and on! You think I should shut up and take all this ABUSE. Well I refuse to do that. Sorry.

    “You wanna call us names again? Go right ahead.”
    – Um? ME call YOU names? Me, “the bitch, psycho, fraud supporter, witch, C***, totally insane and un***ed, racist”, etc etc? Can you mention even ONE insult comparable to those that you have said about me? No you can’t, cause they don’t exist. I have been on the receiving end of your name calling for the longest time without stooping to that level – and you KNOW it.

    “The reality is that you all supported William Travilla the ‘lost collection,’ which was just another hoax.”
    – IMO it is not. Why can’t you understand that I can and am allowed to have a differing opinion without being slandered for it????

    “Now you may attack us again, in your usual manner”
    -Excuse me, I attack you? Scroll up and see the posts Mark made as “Me” and as “Pauline” and then refresh your wording. I D-E-F-E-N-D-E-D myself. Mark has even twice attacked my CHILD for Christ’s sakes! And I am not allowed to say one word???? How does your logic work that if Mark posts BS about me and I answer, then I ATTACK you??? Well, this has been your mindset all along, so why do I even bother to ask…

    “I have said enough”
    – More than enough

    “some jealous fanatics who claim to speak for an entire country. That is just outright silly, Mrs. Pohjola and I bet you agree on this.”
    – Yeah it is. Downright silly… to say I AM speaking for an entire country if I say “Finland is in da house”. If I spoke for the whole country, then I guess when you said “New Zealand is in the house” you meant the whole country of NZ? Now that is much more silly, Mr. Cunningham!

    “We have gotten so much support from Marilyn Monroe fans from Finland”
    – Good for you. I know of the one guy; (who is not even a Marilyn fan but an “online friend” of Jen’s, and I know how much you like to embellish. But since we have so many supporters in your country, I guess we’re even when taken into account how many citizens you have and how many we have. So the one guy makes the percentage just about right…

    “If you don’t like Mark Bellinghaus’ logic, why can’t you stop copying every single word, every single move he makes.”
    -Cause it is damned difficult to write in English when Mark has “copyrighted” on his own most of the words of the English language. If you use just COMMON words such as “truth”, “deteriorate”, “malicious” etc etc… he says I am not allowed to, cause also he has used them. WHAAT? Seriously, that is screamingly funny! Does it go for words like “and” and “no” etc too? Darn, I guess I have to switch into Finnish! And I have never copied his moves. I have not written vile blogs (other than that one only demonstrating his nastiness), have never tried to harm people in their private lives, have never called you murderers, have never harassed or mocked children, etc. As for the petition – get a life. I wrote and signed petitions when Mark was still in Germany.

    “You are here on this thread, and that again shows that all of you hopeless haters who call themselves Marilyn fans have no life at all.”
    – Uhm… and where are you? 😀 I posted here ONCE after I found my name when I googled it on my coffee break (sometimes I do idle stuff during coffee breaks…) You seem to have been here for days, and Mark has stepped into moniker after moniker… and I have no life? LOL Okay, whatever makes you happy. Obviously thinking that does, so go ahead. Hope I made your day.

    “But then make fun of us?”
    – Yeah well, it is really you who make yourselves look like fools :( Sorry!

    “You have been supporting a crazy people who even told Mark Bellinghaus to kill himself.”
    – Once again, I have not supported Hillary, just let her post her story. As for Charlie – well, I don’t understand how a grown man can take something like “jump from a bridge” seriously. If I were to whine about something like that, I’d be whining all the time. I have heard it and said it jokingly a million times… Thank God not to Mark though, cause he thinks it is a death threat! Gee…

    “Maybe you people should open a ‘Lori Drew fan club,’ because that is what all of you haters remind us of.”

    “You are as dangerous as she was to society.”

    “You have displayed such scary action”
    – Having an opinion is such a scary thing to do. At least if you voice it. And defending yourself – horrible!

    “I say it one more, one last time: all of you are nothing but sad.”
    – Yeah. Sad to see people like you to behave the way you do. Once last time:


  74. says

    “This is becoming the most intelligent article in terms of replies. It makes my brain hurt.”

    having read some 0.01% of the previous comments let me say I wish I had started in on this one earlier!

    unfortunately, I have nothing to add.

    Except to say, HS checkout “The Meanies” no fucking bullshit here, they rock, free tracks including a cover of Kyles “Better the Devil you know” AND it’s not on fuck’ng myspace.

  75. Pretty Polly says

    Oh puh-leaze…!
    As the first comment says, she was a junkie, up to here in her own sh** (meaning the mess she made out of her life), a self-obsessed neurotic who was called “very sick” even by her good friends and her husbands.

    She meant nothing to the White House. ZERO, except a fantasy lay, maybe.

    Just because she was deluded enough to inflate her own importance it doesn’t mean we have to be.

    Why are we even talking about the silly cow anymore?
    She would be long dead by now anyway!

  76. Pretty Polly says

    She obviously was important enough for you to post some disgusting and very ugly remarks, oh and did I mention: ANONYMOUS?!

  77. Pretty Polly says

    Mark Bellinghaus said:

    “She obviously was important enough for you to post some disgusting and very ugly remarks, oh and did I mention: ANONYMOUS?!”

    No, Mark: while I can’t speak for the specific person who posted the message that ticked you off, I think it’s pretty obvious that she was NOT “important enough” for the person to even make up an alias just for the purpose to make a passing comment about an annoying moth-eaten “icon”…

    And BTW, we are ALL anonymous here. All these names are anonymous. And not even fishing out the individual IPs, if anyone would be obsessed enough to do that, would help establishing anyone’s identity… :)

    It’s the internet – it’s freedom of opinion.
    Not all people love and adore Marilyn Monroe.
    Not all people are insanely jealous of her.

    Learn to live with it.

  78. Merja says

    A little respect wouldn’t hurt though… Calling her a “junkie” and a “silly cow” when obviously you’ve only read the negative books and seen the negative docs – if even that. You’re allowed not to adore her, but still that doesn’t mean she was a “stupid junkie”. That is not right and fair, and it is not true. I could go on about how Hollywood “fed” their stars uppers and downers without knowing the dangers, and how she had to numb her pain since nobody could help her back in those days. (A little empathy wouldn’t hurt either even though she’s dead…) And I could go on about how she definitely wasn’t stupid, and how one can argue whether she had “delusions” of the White House or maybe just a one night stand with JFK (some say not even that), because all this is based on consipracy theory books with inaccurate sources at best, but I feel like it would be in vain:) Anyway, you’re allowed to your opinion – BUT reporting hearsay as facts without bothering to study the subject further, and then calling it an “opinion” is not an opinion, but ignorance. Distorted facts don’t create truth no matter how much you try to twist and bend them – you can say the world is flat because someone used to say it was, but it doesn’t make it so :)¨

  79. Merja says

    Yeah I did :) If someone disagrees about the facts in Marilyn Monroe’s life, I don’t see the point in saying “you’re making disgusting and ugly remarks, you freak” (a la somene else). I DO believe everyone is allowed to their opinion, but like I said when an opinion is not based on facts, it is not a “valid” opinion… you’re still allowed to have it though 😀 Anyway, wasn’t trying to lecture to anyone, just pointing out that all these negative rumours out there are not necessarily the way it was, but the way tabloids/trash biographers etc wanted to make it look like to further their own agenda (making money and a myth that sells).
    Time for another smiley :)

  80. euclid says

    Well, I knew Marilyn. We used to fly around on puffy pink clouds
    together eating strawberry ice cream and throwing candy corn down to
    the starving orphans below. Then Sad Marilyn would come and we’d be in a basement in Century City eating corned beef hash out of a can with
    a rusty fork and slamming down the gin to try to erase the pain of being.
    Ah, those were the days.

  81. euclid says

    Just read the Disney post and it’s got flying around
    on puffy pink clouds in it.
    I don’t mind exposing myself as an idiot, but
    an unoriginal idiot? No thanks.

  82. Hey Hay Hey says

    I support Mark Bellinghaus in bringing down Hillaroius Monster Mansfield. The prime cause of disaster and darkness that  has infected the online Jayne Mansfield community since 2005. If anyone is going to be the blame for ruining anything in the Jayne fan community as well as misleading its fans it is him. Not anyone else you think should be linked to this person. Unfortunately most of the white sheep fan base have flocked to her/his web site over the past years and don’t have any clue to what this person is all about. For the sake of true Jayne fans out there, I hope you win that battle.

  83. Joke Police says

    “The online Jayne Mansfield community” – genius.

    Please don’t let this thread die. So much hilarious insanity.

  84. says

    Marilyn’s death will forever remain a mystery. But I have more evidense about the housekeeper. When the FBI came over to Marilyn’s house the housekeeper washed Marilyn’s bedsheets. A little odd when it’s three in the morning. However the Kennedy’s and many others have taken this secret down to the grave.

  85. says

    I like monroe, but she have died, no body knows how its could be happen, let her go in peace, thats not polite make issue about her.

  86. Joke Police says

    Gratuitous internet slander – ‘lol’ indeed.

    I’ve read lots of stories about the House of Belling. Never heard that one though. Maybe in deference to Hecklerspray’s legal budget, it’d probably be better if we don’t hear the rest.

    Anyway, I maybe should move on from our much-missed Marilyniac. People might think I’m obsessed. I do have other interests you know. I watch Big Brother and everything.

  87. Sum Yung Guy says

    "Dinah Manoff" – –  to fulfill this crush you might just have to push a Manoff. 

  88. says

    Im Stating My Opion On this
    I Honestly Dont Think She Killed Herseld I think she Was Murdered Why You Ask?….. Because She Simply Knew To Much About Mr.kennedy I Used To think The Kennedy’s Were Great But You’d Be Suprised If U Knew All The Truth About Them and The Mafia … But Like I say If U DOnt trully Know them Personally You cant honestly say What Thier Capable Of Doing
    All Of the evidence was hidden or destroyed Plain and Simple : )/
    __neeky Marilyn Monroe Lover

  89. JetfireK says

    Does anyone recall a supposedly doctor who entered Marilyn’s home and gave her a shot between the breasts and was never seen or heard of but this one time?

  90. Karolina/sweden says

    We never gonna find out the truth about her death. It`s a deep secret, but i think that she was murdered but I hope the truth come throug (sorry my shool english……) in my life time.

  91. Zona says

    That Eunice Murray looked like an old WITCH.. what the hell did she need a housekeeper for anyway.. her house was a mess!!! in the video footage that they show from 1962… I guess Ms. Murray wasn’t doing her JOB!!!!.. Maybe that is why Marilyn fired her… if you are housekeeper… well your job is to keep the house up… & clearly Ms. Murray wasn’t doing any of that..She didn’t need EUNICE MURRAY.. Eunice Murray needed her!

  92. Laura says

    I’ve been doing some research on this, and I’ve found several sources that say she was killed by a Nembutol infused enema. They found discoloring in her colon, and there was no evidence of any residue in her stomach. Autopsy findings state that there wasn’t any residue from barbituates in her stomach, so it doesn’t make sense that the drugs were introduced any way other than an enema. Her body didn’t show any puncture marks, and to achieve the level of poisoning that she had, there is no way that she could have swallowed an estimated 30-80 pills given that there was no residue in her stomach.

    Seems like it was probably a cover-up to keep her from going to the press with her diary that was alledgedly taken from under her mattress post-mortum. Certainly an interesting case.

  93. weldon Friedel says

    The FBI is monitoring sites like these. And the newsgroups now. The moderators for topics like JFK … are operatives, spiking any information they want; MM, JM both by the same, add AW.
    Ask JM son, he wont tell, he lived.

  94. giovanni says

    i just saw a film apparently done by a lot of suspects FINAL DAYS which tried to show her as bipolar and suicidal, etc and one of people involved in the film is connected to one who is one of people who have gotten ones to try to get me suicide,,and destroyed life and some former real friends………..as gone on 25 years………..of course she was killed. but question how

  95. Trea says

    I don’t really care if anyone contradicts me or insults me or whatever because that is so low and juvenile for people to do that. But I’d still appreciate it if you didn’t. Not just for myself but it is very discouraging to others who wants to post something but doesn’t out of fear that you will start slinging insults at them as well.
    In regard to Marylin Monroe, people are accusing her of suicide. What evidence is there really to support that? Well, she DID lock the door and has had a history of “fake” suicidal attempts. But what about the pills? They didn’t find anything in her system, there was no yellow hue left behind which is said to be the result of the type of pill she took. There are seriously like, no photos of her death and if there are the picture isn’t clear. The window was smashed in. And what the heck was wrong with the maid? She just began doing laundry after Marilyn was found dead? And didn’t think to call the police ASAP? Oh, and she was planning on doing some sort of conference to reveal some major truths and just conveniently died right before she was able to give it? And the red diary. Her best friend actually accounted that she had seen the red book carried to and from by Marilyn herself. The documentation on her death is “somehow” gone, the investigation was improper and was never documented as a crime scene, her colon was stated as dark purple which would be the result of an enema, and she was dead how long before someone thought to call for help?
    Personally, I think there is very little evidence to support that MM did in fact, commit suicide. There was no suicidal note, either. The speculation that Marilyn Monroe would accidentally/purposefully overdose is a bit silly to me. Sorry if you don’t agree with me but just because one alternative is more “likely” than others doesn’t make it true. I hope all other evidence isn’t being found on TV because TV is a bout of lies and can always lack truth when being directed at the government.

  96. mahranduhh says

    she was the nost beautiful girl who has ever existed. forget you. she still would be very beautiful if she were still alive.

  97. amscia says

    The truth relating to Marilyn’s murder will never be revealed because she was killed by the mafia (Sam Giancana) based on the contract for a hit with shadow government. Murders of both Marilyn Monroe and Dorothy Kilgallen were orchestrated by the same fascist forces. MM was killed because she came to know the details of clandestine deals and evil projects (including the bizzare JFK murder plan) involving KGB/CIA/FBI on one hand and Mafias on the other. KGB was keen to kill MM immediately but CIA/FBI wanted to be civil by bugging her house and watching the situation. While CIA and FBI delayed action KGB ordered mafias to eliminate MM immediately. On the fateful night of 4th August within short time after Robert Kennedy left MM’s residence the mafia boss and MM’s friend Johny Roselli, came to see MM. MM took him to guest cottage and while entering mafia killers also sneaked in to the guest cottage and killed MM. And final justice. Roselli’s body could not be traced for more than a month and found floating in a drum with his feet sawed. And five gunshots on the face of Sam Giancana.

  98. amscia says

    Kennedys were not involved in Marilyn’s murder. In fact subsequently when JFK came to know the facts and details of MM’s murder and secret dealings involving CIA/FBI/KGB fascists and mafia he had decided to take action. But he delayed his action and he himself got killed. Decision to kill Marilyn was taken after the failure of Cal Nova setup by Mafias just few days before Marilyn’s murder. Both Marilyn and Kennedys were aware of impending danger to Marilyn’s life but Kennedys did not do anything concrete to save Marilyn’s life because they were concerned more with their image than Marilyn’s life. Marilyn was aware and she had already expressed her fear about impending danger to her life from Mafias to Paula Strasburg after returning from Cal Nova. While the possibility of casual sexual encounters between MM and JFK is not ruled out there was never any serious love affairs between them.

  99. faustino314 says

    I think what Laura says about MM’s stomach without any residue of barbiturates is very important. I’ve been doing some reserch on this and I’ve not found case report of autopsies in which, after oral OD, there were not even drug’s crystals in the stomach. All the peple does thinks it was a suicide must explain this!

  100. unmasked the lies from male types says

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    5. did you all see the empty sleeproom = 1 table refulled with medicatie => where is the glass water ? really all women have empty room no painting on walls no flowers ? remarkable .
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    7. for the people know m Monroe better they know she love painting great artist and have art in her house – remarkable nobody notice this ? who are here stupid you screenreaders?
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    26. rest in peace mmonroe . there are an lot who reaaly love and did loved you !!
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