What’s the Big Deal About Homeland?

Claire Danes in Homeland

So I’ve been hearing a lot about this show called Homeland, and, well, I don’t get it. I haven’t seen Homeland. I think – based on what I’m reading – that I may be alone in this. It’s Homeland here, Homeland there, Homeland everywhere. It even got onto Saturday Night Live last week.

Anne Hathaway did a bit where she wanted desperately to interrogate someone. Went right over my head. Same thing with the mention in the previous week’s show that “white people love Homeland”. I’m white. I’m people. I’m kinda meh about the idea of watching it.In fact, I feel left out. Everyone’s talking about it. It seems that I can’t go to a party, or stand around the streets with a smile trying to invite strangers to talk to me, without people wanting to talk about Homeland. You know what I want to talk about? Israel and Hamas getting to the edge of war, not how dreamy Damian Lewis is, or how unhinged Claire Danes can be.

You know something’s gone too far when some guy on Youtube uploads an hour-long video of the same clip taken from the skit played over and over again.

I want to talk about something other than Homeland. It’s a TV series: it’s not life. The world doesn’t revolve around Damian Lewis’ tiny, tiny mouth, or his amazing American accent (the guy is as posh as posh comes in the UK: he was educated at Eton where – I shit you not – the pupils wear white shirts, white bow-ties and gowns. It’s Harry Potter on drugs, but without the magic).

Damian Lewis in Homeland

As far as I can tell it’s just 24 but without the 24 hour thing. It can’t be this good people! There is no way anything is so good that it’s constantly talked about, constantly referenced, constantly mimicked. The way people go on about it you’d think that the show was plated in gold, and the cameras were made of chocolate covered diamond. I don’t see that. All I see in the picture above is Damian Lewis playing a gay golfer, talking to a guy who really needs to put some Rogaine on that emerging bald patch.

No, give me something better. Give me Modern Family. Now that’s a show I can get behind. Did you see this week’s episode? It was so dramatic.