David Arquette’s Knitting, Mike Tyson’s Pigeons & Other Weird Celebrity Hobbies

David Arquette KnittingOne of the perks of being rich is that you have a lot of time to yourself.

Time is money, as they say, and when you’re wealthy, your time is your own, and you’re free to do with it what you wish. A handful of celebrities have used that freedom to adopt some weird and/or just plain dumb hobbies.

We’ve rounded up a few of the most bizarre celebrity hobbies that we find amusing. Enjoy.

David Arquette?Knitting

Apparently, Courtney Cox’s ex can appreciate a good weft. Arquette has been photographed casually knitting, and he says it’s a hobby he’s picked up from his grandmother. He even knitted a scarf for his now-estranged wife. Of course, I’m not so shortsighted as to think it’s unreasonable for a man to knit. But you gotta admit, for someone as already eccentric as Arquette, who has battled a drug and alcohol addiction, it’s an unexpected hobby.

Susan Sarandon?Ping pong

Because why the hell not? Apparently, Susan Sarandon is a member of something called a “ping-pong society,” and she’s a regular at a pong-friendly bar in NYC called SPiN.

Mike Tyson?Pigeons

Before he started boxing, Mike Tyson raised pigeons. And he’s still got a thing for them. He takes part in pigeon racing, a sport that PETA frowns upon but Tyson thoroughly enjoys.

“It took my mind off of the world I was living in, people bullying and stuff,” Tyson told the New Yorker. “I’d just go on the roof and fly my birds.”

Mike Tyson with his pigeons

Tom Hanks?Typewriters

We all have things we like to collect, and typewriters are as good a collectible as anything else. They’re beautiful antiques, after all, and what’s so odd about having a couple of them around the house?

Except that Tom Hanks has like, two hundred.

?I have almost 200 old portable manual typewriters. Most of them are actually working and I keep them rotating,” Tom said on Live with Regis and Kelly.

Johnny Depp?Barbie dolls

Oh, the many eccentricities of Johnny Depp. Apparently, one of them is collecting Barbie dolls, a hobby he picked up when his children were young. ?A source said of his extensive collection:

“He owns dozens of limited edition Barbies. He?s also got dolls based on Beyonce and Destiny?s Child, the High School Musical cast, New Kids on the Block, Elvis and even Donny Osmond.”

Simon Cowell?Tree Climbing

Simon Cowell, a seemingly grown man, makes it a part of his daily routine to climb a tree.

“I climb trees daily,” Cowell has said. “It’s like a ritual.”

He also spends an hour a day watching cartoons. But he’s got good reason:

“It just puts me in a good mood. It’s less depressing than watching the news.”

Or the X-Factor, for that matter.