WEBTHUMP! 8 Feb 2012

Fresh from its victorious sinking of the Tumblr Trawler, Webthump is here to receive your adulation!

Well, not quite.? We’ve donned our fisherman’s waders to have a carcinogenic? rummage? in the foetid,?elbow-deep cesspool that is the Internet.? All to bring you something to gawp at while fondling your shriveled genitals.? We could have been doing something useful with our time, like whittling voodoo dolls of Russell ‘new relationship’ Brand from old lolly sticks.

From the congealed masses of pornography and dead Myspace pages we’ve managed to dredge up a few sparkling gems of entertainment.? We’ve brought you 10 of the best, worst and weirdest that mankind’s collective intelligence can vomit up.

10. Remember childhood?? Unless you’ve repressed all memory it should be a golden hued, nostalgia filled delusion of possibilities and innocence.? Anything was possible, remember?? You were going to be a secret agent astronaut who had an infinite supply of pogs.? It’s all been a downward spiral of disappointment ending in erectile dysfunction and rubber pants from there.? If only you’d learnt to go out and grab what you want.? If only you weren’t afraid of breaking the rules.? If only you were Noah Jeffrey, a 3 year old so who said “bum-bum-poohead” to a life of dejection and scheduled nap times.? He’s so cool, we’d eat the dried, crusty snot from his top lip.

9. Bollocks.? Arty Bollocks to be precise.? This site serves no real purpose whatsoever. You click a button and it spouts some overblown shite about ‘consumerist fetishism’ and ‘constructed dialogues’.? It’s the sort of long worded drivel spouted in those ‘tastefully tatty’ bars full of tight trousered twats with ‘ironically terrible’ hair. We tried applying it to hecklerspray.? Apparently we’re an “undefined phenomena become undefined through undefined and critical practice, the viewer is left with a glimpse of the limits of our era.”? What the hell does that even mean?

8. More bollocks. Utter, total gonads.? Big, hairy surreal ones at that. Illogicopedia is fascinatingly bizarre, stocked to the gills with nonsensical babble and outrageous drivel. ?Built on the same lines as Wikipedia, only twice as entertaining and infinitely less useful.? There is not a single true statement hiding anywhere in the vast mire of twaddle that is Illogicopedia, which make is hilariously entertaining for about 10 minutes.? William Shatner‘s entry is worth a look.

7. This is just rotten stuff.? But we can’t stop reading it.? Tucker Max is an asshole.? The introduction to his website is “Hi, I’m Tucker Max and I am an asshole.”? He really is a terrible human being, we want to be him.? He’s rich, smart and gets laid.? A lot.? The website is a chronicle of the worst things Max has done in his 20-something years.? Most of them involve models and are told with lines such as…? Sorry, we’ve been searching the site for an hour and there isn’t a single quote we can put on even our sullied pages.? The trailer from an upcoming Tucker Max Movie might give you an idea what we mean.

6.? Another self-proclaimed sphincter here.? But this one is amusing rather than compulsively repulsive.? Emails from an Asshole pretty much does as it says.? Any chance to send irritating emails to someone is seized upon with impish glee and some poor sucker’s day is guaranteed to get worse.? It’s spawned an old fashioned paper compendium that’s probably done the rounds.? But who wants to read something you have to touch with you hands? What is this, 1993? Check out the archives for a few hours of amusement and in this case, kitten mangling horror.

5.? If that’s not enough time wasting archive dwelling for you, try B3ta.com.? This forum has been going since 5 minutes before the big bang and is populated with some of the best bad ideas we’ve ever seen.? The site is totally devoted to the sharing of ideas for products that is describes as “completely fucking useless shit”.? With the likes of the Salmon Cannon, “firing your salmon has never been easier” and Dr Glomp’s Turd Polish we can’t really argue.

4.? Enough time wasting for you? Fancy doing something constructive? Darksites.com tore themselves away from animated vampire girls for long enough to help you take over the world.? The Evil Guide Plan helps those of a world dominating but indecisive nature to plot their rise to power.? Simply enter your desired goals and preferred methods and the Evil Guide Plan breaks it all down into 3 easy steps with fashion advice an agreeable ego stroking.

3.? Lego men are always smiling.? What have the got to look so smug about?? They don’t even had elbows or knees and yet they grin at you with their cylindrical heads with an unsettling superiority.? We hate Lego men with such a passion we can forgive these boys for being Canadian after what they did to this happy yellow chappy.

2. We’ve all dreamt of having sex with a robot we built in our parent’s garage.? Good news! It can be done.? Thanks to a guy called Zoltan you can now hump a creepy fembot to your lonely heart’s content.? Which is a sentence we’ve been dying to write since we got our Journalism degree.? There’s many an article been penned about Zoltan and his android humping ways.? The best is an in-depth account of science meeting heartbreak and Zoltan’s technical genius being unleashed “with a doll and some hacked teledildonics”.? There’s another line we wished we’d written.? The worst article out there is not worth reprinting but is titled “A Motherfucking Robot I Tells Ya.”

1. Now, this video is hosted on a Christian video sharing site.? We are aware of the irony of us mentioning it on our pages.? Especially in an article that condones using children as pint sized agents of crime and sex with robots. Even with our heretical ways this clip came close to melting our cynical exteriors.? These guys are 90, they don’t have long left.? The Reaper’s grasping at their shirt collars, ready to yank them into the hereafter.?? But not before they’ve had a jolly good sing-song.? Watch it, grin despite yourself and then wonder how much urine was spilled during the performance.

Webthump utilises a team of 10,000 trained chimpanzees to enter random searches into Google.? After sifting through millions of banana related results we are left with 10 items worth publishing.? If you wish to join our team of chimps drop suggestions on our Facebook page or message us on Twitter.