WEBTHUMP! 30 June 2010

10 – Doctor Who goes to Glastonbury, dances like a twonk – Watch With Mothers

9 – If someone yawns when you talk to them, it means they fancy you. Needless to say, this makes us the sexiest group of people on the planet – Asylum

8 – Kristen Stewart in bizarre ‘smiling’ incident AmyGrindhouse

7 – Bored of Rock Paper Scissors? Good, us too. That’s why, from now on, we’ll be playing Robot Pirate Ninja Zombie Monkey. Ninja beats pirate, by the way – Geekologie

6 – Tom Ford to direct another film, and that’s all that anybody knows – Clothesonfilm

5 – Who wants to spend this Sunday quilting? Anyone? – Domesticsluttery

4 – Kelly Brook in a bikini. For once – Popsugar

3 – The Farmville movie takes another horrifying step closer – BestWeekEver

2 – Fat girl falls over, possibly because she likes terrible music – Buzzfeed

1 – This Conan The Barbarian musical looks awesome…