WEBTHUMP! 2nd February

10. Man claims that medicine made him go all gay. No, honestly. And he’s suing someone over it. – PinkPaper

9. Best pop video ever.

8. Someone found a very peculiar handwritten note in their Big Lebowski DVD – Here

7. Well done Winnipeg. You’ve written one of the headlines of the year! – winnipegfreepress

6. Charlie Brooker cohort, Doug Stanhope writes a piece about offensive comedy. It’s rather good. – heraldscotland

5. THAT W Magazine cover featuring Kim Kardashian. – AmyGrindhouse

4. Have you tried Google’s art project? It means you can visit galleries and museums without having to talk to the idiots that go to these places? – googleartproject.com

3. Interesting article about colour. No, really. It is. – color-wheels

2. Man steals imaginary things yet still might go to prison. – News

1. Archetypal Daily Mail kicking. However, it is worth a read if you like attacking the obvious – True Lies