WEBTHUMP! 24 November 2010

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10. Bill Murray. Loads of Bill Murrays. – Tumblr

9. At the end of the day… at the end of the day… at the end of the day… a compilation of idiocy c/o The Jeremy Kyle Show. Warning: This video will make you feel mental.

8. Twin Peaks is 20 years old! What are the cast up to now? – Total Film

7. Brutally honest and forthright headline from Irish press – Twitpic

6. Miley Cyrus pretty much has sex with someone in a club while someone took photos – AmyGrindhouse

5. Ready Steady Cook – Dead. Just another 3000 cookery shows to go now. – BBC

4. Vote for the Socialist Catalonian Party and you will orgasm – Video

3. Very lovely photography alert – amauryguillais

2. Company closes down after reaching goal from the ever brilliant… Onion

1. Procrastinate by reading this article about procrastination. – NewYorker

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