WEBTHUMP! 14 July 2010

10 - Are you a fan of chicken, lager, dressing gowns and fishing rods? Gazza is, so you should be too – Gazzasfavouritethings

9 – Hugh Hefner discusses Viagra. We dare you to click the link – AmyGrindhouse

8 - A nervous child sings Happy Birthday. It’s funny because he’s traumatised - Buzzfeed

7 - Different animals fighting each other. Awesome – Asylum

6 - Are you fat and unbearably twee? Hello Kitty pizza bites it is, then - Geekologie

5 – Captain America‘s new outfit looks quite good, if you like that kind of thing – Clothesonfilm

4 – Heather Graham wearing some clothes. For a change – Popsugar

3 – Then and now photos of old musicians. It’s funny because mortality is hilarious – Xtremehumors

2 – Our kinda bunting – Domesticsluttery

1 – Dear Waitrose, please sack Delia and Heston and hire these two…

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