WEBTHUMP! 14 April 2010

10 – Brett Domino covers Justin Timberlake. UNBELIEVABLE – YouTube

9 – Hey, look, it’s a giant AT-AT made of bacon. No, really – Thisisfreakingridiculous

8 – A 3D picture of the moon. It’s almost like looking at the ACTUAL 3D MOON THAT’S OUTSIDE ALL THE TIME ANYWAY. Honestly, the internet – Geekologie

7 – That disgusting no-bread KFC chicken sandwich: but what is it actually like? – Bestweekever

6 – What would Jessica Simpson look like if she hadn’t done a poo for a month? Here is a rough approximation – AmyGrindhouse

5 – Here is a 40-minute pop mix that one person seems to quite like – MyChemicalToilet

4 – Old ladies are sexier when you’re unemployed: scientific FACT! – Asylum

3 – Here is a game called Who’s More Famous? It’s quite addictive – Popsugar

2 – Doctor Who‘s costume design. You’re welcome – Clothesonfilm

1 – We won’t describe this for you, because we don’t know how to. Enjoy the nightmares you’ll have tonight, anyway…

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