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Since Monday is a bank holiday – and thus without hecklerspray, here's a video by The Ripps for a song called Holiday. Because Monday is a holiday and the song is called Holiday. Clever huh? Anyone?

Anyway, Holiday is the new single from Long Live The Ripps, the gloriously trashy debut album by Coventry/Chile scoundrels The Ripps. Holiday isn't really the best song that The Ripps are ever going to release – it's a painfully dated Britpop song about drinking a cheeky pint in Wetherspoons – but it is called Holiday, and Monday is a bank holiday, so we're sticking up here because we're too lazy to think of anything wittier than posting a song called Holiday on a holiday. Just count yourselves lucky that bank holidays aren't called Razorlight days, or else we'd all be in trouble.