Watch The Karine Polwart ‘I’m Gonna Do It All’ Video Now

karine polwart I'm Gonna Do It All VideoFolk is a bit of a dirty word – and anyone who has stumbled across a field full of bell-wearing Morris Dancers banging sticks together and riding toy horses around knows exactly what we’re going on about.

But not all folk is bad. Karine Polwart, for example, makes good folk music – folk music so good that she won the Best Newcomer prize at the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards 2005. And the new Karine Polwart single, I’m Gonna Do It All, is out on Easter Monday. You want to know what I’m Gonna Do It All by Karine Polwart sounds like? Calm down – we’ve got the flipping video for you.

We don’t know all that much about Karine Polwart, expect that she’s top mates with Future Pilot AKA, but we might suggest that Karine Polwart isn’t actually the girl singing in the I’m Gonna Do It All video. If she is, you have every right to fear for your safety – she looks like the kind of girl who’d take over the world by the time she’s 12 given half a chance.

Watch the Karine Polwart I’m Gonna Do It All video now