Watch The Hundred Reasons Perfect Gift Video Now

Hundred Reasons Perfect Gift videoBloody hell, have Hundred Reasons always been this good? We were pretty convinced they were rubbish a few years ago and sort of ignored them, but – by Christ – they've somehow got brilliant.

How brilliant are Hundred Reasons? We've got the Hundred Reasons Perfect Gift video for you today, and it's a monster of a song. Seriously. Perfect Gift is a giant, epic, stadium-filling thing with a chorus that could resuscitate the dead. Not that we're entirely sure what Perfect Gift by Hundred Reasons is all about, of course – the singer seems to be communicating to us purely through the power of vowels – but Perfect Gift is so huge that we'd imagine canny sports producers are lining up to set it to highlight reels during the World Cup.

Watch the Hundred Reasons Perfect Gift video now