Watch The ‘Gold Lions’ Video By Yeah Yeah Yeahs Now

Yeah Yeah Yeahs haven’t really been around for a while. We’d thought they might have gone the way of their 2001 contemporaries and disappeared up their own arses, but that hasn’t been the case at all.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs are back with Gold Lion, the first single from their new Show Your Bones album. Gold Lion isn’t even out for a month, but since we love you all dearly, we’re giving you the chance to watch the video to Gold Lion by Yeah Yeah Yeahs right now. And it’s a stormer.

In the hands of any other band, a video consisting of a performance in a burning desert would be seen as an over the top, Bon Jovi style heap of ego-stroking nonsense. But Yeah Yeah Yeahs have taken this idea with Gold Lion and turned it into a giant epic of a promo, but have still managed to keep it human. And that’s before we’ve even got to the song itself… but you can find out about that by clicking the link below.

Watch the Gold Lion video by Yeah Yeah Yeahs now

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