Want To See A Picture Of Kim Kardashian Naked For The Millionth Time?

Poor old Kim Kardashian. She was just a completely normal girl once who dreamed of doing little more than painting her nails and generally having a nice time. Then, cruelly and viciously, someone leaked a sex tape of her and her boyfriend Ray J! She was thrust into a limelight she never wanted!

She was, of course, an unwilling reality star in the show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, which showed Kim to be the retiring flower that she is.

At the behest of shadowy forces (no doubt!), she was cajoled into doing a Playboy centrefold, which she has since spoken about and the subsequent deep regret. Now, she will appear nude on W Magazine’s November 2010 Art Issue, showing that there’s dreadful people willing to exploit this delicate little kitten.

Nasty, nasty people have slapped her on the front cover of this magazine, as nature intended, with the words “It’s all about me; I mean you; I mean me” in strategically placed text banners above crucial parts of her anatomy.

The poor lamb.

Kardashian, who posed naked for Playboy in 2007… as well as Harper’s Bazaar… has regretted those shoots, presumably because it takes our attention away from the good she’s done in the world (just by being).

She’ll also be reluctantly taking part in a new show with her sister Kourtney called ‘Kourtney and Kim Take New York’ which will see the wallflower moving to Manhattan.

Kim and Kourtney Kardashian’s new show is set to debut in January and will focus on the sisters’ effort to launch a new shop for their DASH clothing line.

And here is the the front cover which is probably causing her so much upset. Kim, hecklerspray offers our words like a comforting bosom.

You didn’t believe all that bollocks did you?

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