Victoria Beckham’s Diet Plans For Katie Holmes

FROM DIETPIXIE – Tom Cruise has welcomed the recommencement of Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes’ friendship, but only if the ‘d’ word is banned.

Yep, that’s right. Posh Spice and the better half of TomKat are forbidden to discuss diets, in case Katie ends up becoming as thin as Victoria.

TomKat are hoping to start babymaking in the near future, just like the Beckhams, and Tom is worried that Katie will become too obsessed with her diet and fitness regimes.

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  1. melanie says

    So, he just doesn’t want Katie to be too thin to be able to have a baby?
    Or he doesn’t want Katie to be too thin because it’s bad for her health in general and it would be grotty if she looked like Victoria?

  2. says

    No more rumours concerning Katie Holmes being pregnant! Simply because she is sporting loose-fitting clothing may just mean that she wants to be comfortable.