Vanessa Hudgens: The Tonguey, Lesbian Almost-Kiss Pictures

Vanessa Hudgens Lesbian kiss pictures naked High School Musical tongueVanessa Hudgens from High School Musical is famous for singing wholesome songs about how everyone is special in their own way – and Vanessa Hudgens is certainly special in her own naked, borderline whorish way.

Less than a week after 18-year-old Vanessa Hudgens' goody two-shoes public image was obliterated by a photo of her standing around completely naked, Vanessa Hudgens has done the only thing she could – she's tried desperately to divert attention away from her naked pictures. How? By being in a bunch more pictures that show Vanessa Hudgens pretending to bite another girl's breast, Vanessa Hudgens wagging her tongue about in a cunnilingus-y way, Vanessa Hudgens crawling about on a bed in her underwear, Vanessa Hudgens almost kissing another girl with tongues and Vanessa Hudgens appearing to try and kiss her own knee. Her own knee! Is there no end to this girl's depravity?

There's still no word about the High School Musical future of young starlet Vanessa Hudgens, who gained an army of slightly dirty middle-aged male fans this week after it was revealed that naked pictures of her had been spread across the internet like a gift from heaven terrible, awful act of sordid bad irresponsibility given that she's a role-model for millions of children and all. It makes sense, though, that Disney should keep Vanessa Hudgens on for High School Musical 3, because what is High School Musical if not a pale retread of Grease, albeit a retread of Grease where Sandy takes everything to its natural conclusion and runs around naked, biting on Rizzo on the tits in the flying car during We Go Together? Huh?

Fearing for the future of her career, Vanessa Hudgens has already apologised for the first naked pictures, but the new flock of risque Vanessa Hudgens photos that have emerged on the internet might have undone all the good work that the apology started to achieve. Because now that there are photos of Vanessa Hudgens larking about in a vaguely lesbian way with some other teenage girls, she's leapfrogged the $500,000 that Girls Gone Wild recently offered her and is now in a prime position to solely star in those hardcore European hotel-room pornography films that are so explicit it's hard to watch them without bringing up a little bit of vomit. Or something. The Sunshine Coast Daily reports:

New racy photos of Disney star Vanessa Hudgens have been posted on the internet, showing her posing in her underwear and horsing around with girlfriends. The 18-year-old and her gal pals are shown poking their tongues out at each other and the camera, cuddling up and sharing air kisses. Some of the photos on the “Right Celebrity” site show Hudgens posing seductively on a bed and doing a striptease.

This fresh controversy has caused Vanessa Hudgens to pull an appearance on the Jay Leno show, because not only would her interview be dominated by questions about her naked picture scandal, but also insiders claim that the interview would be the longest period of time that someone has pointed a camera at Vanessa Hudgens without her talking off all her clothes and/or trying to jab her tongue into a girl's mouth, neither of which would be very appropriate given recent circumstances.

Hopefully, though, this is as far as the Vanessa Hudgens naked photo scandal goes – she's young, she made a mistake and it's time for her to try and rebuild what's left of her career, plus what young girl hasn't put her tongue three inches away from another girl's tongue and posted it onto the internet? – although at the rate these photos are being leaked onto the internet, we'd guess that it's just a matter of hours until you'll be able to download a photo of Vanessa Hudgens bringing a farmyard animal of some sort to climax.

Oh, go on then – here's the latest bunch of Vanessa Hudgens photos. They're not that rude, in honesty, but you still might want to be careful.

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  1. Vanessa Fan says

    OMG, this is the stupidest ever. I guess you guys have never been a teenage girl or had teenage girl children. If you really think that these pictures are racy then you need to have your eyes examined. The “story” I just read on here is such a farce and totally riduclous. You really need to get some newsworthy stories and look for some real news, not make some up.

  2. someone says

    Oh my god, get the f@#ck over it. Oh no, not faux kissing between teenage girls… Girls in their underwear, what has the world come too!! I mean, really, with all of the crazy, f-ed upped things going on in the world, is this really news? So she’s a normal teenage girl. The only reason I can see anyone getting upset at this is if they are a seriously sexually repressed person, or have some issue with girls, teenagers, this person in particular. I mean really, get over it…

  3. OMGomgOMG says

    Who gives a damn about cliche stupidities so common amongst high school girls? It is the thing to be “bi-curious” and so a girl has to pretend to be at least or she isn’t up-to-date anymore. It’s stupid, it is childish, but it isn’t anything for Disney or the crazy-ass mothers in America to get upset about, or for you to sashay out in your pink prose to lambaste. Stuart, it really sounds to me as if you want to vomit when seeing a hotel porn flick because they show naked women faking orgasm and not mano-a-mano swordplay.

  4. shvonder says

    It’s all over the news. Get a life. Americans self-censoring is getting ridiculous.
    In Europe nobody would even notice that.

  5. Overseer says

    You must not have anything else to talk about. Heck, if I wanted to, probably dig up some morbid pictures of yourself from family members. Yes, she is human. An attractive one at that. This reminds me of the Britney Scandal at the MTV Music awards this year. Everyone is saying Britney looked like such a lard butt on stage. Get real! She weighs what, 130???!!!!!

  6. dylcoljam13 says

    These “new pics” that people are now talking about have been seen before, i have seen these pics on youtube about 6 months ago and nobody found it to be racy, she was just being a normal teenage girl

  7. Mags says

    Geez, these are very tame. No, I’m not getting “knee biting,” “breast biting,” or even “air kisses” out of what these. You had better get a life.

  8. Webjefe says

    What a bunch of sh*t, leave this girl alone. What normal kids havn’t done this sort of play acting. Is she on drugs? Is she driving around town drunk? Is she giving blow jobs in airport parking lots. What kind of stupid sh*t did you do when you were 16, 18 or up to 35 yeah I’m talking about you JWB. As the father of four very lovely “normal” girls looks to me as if this young lady is acting out like a “normal” teenager. We could all be so lucky to have such a talented “normal” kid…yes I am also talking to you Mr & Mrs. Hilton, Lohan and Spears. If this is the extent of her “trouble past” I say leave the kid alone.

  9. Glen L. says

    It seems to be the only person the least bit shocked by these most recent pictures is the writer, who desperately needs to get a life. No one seems to care. Take that as a hint. And why is it that the other girl’s identity is shielded? Seems a little hypocritical to me.

    The behavior described could pretty much be shown in prime time family hour and not cause a sensation. Why is this even news?

  10. says

    Man, this site is really getting some clueless commenters lately.
    Does nobody realize that they’re reading Hecklerspray?
    This is a humor site, people, not a news site. It’s satire.

  11. EddieT says

    Wow the author of this article seriously needs to have kids some day. At least 75% of high school girls have taken pictures like the most recent ones we have seen. Of course the nude ones were bad but the tongue picture? Not even close to bad. Kissing her own knee? Now you are just trying to be stupid. The fact is the new pictures are normal, and you are just trying to be a hater. Grow up.

  12. JO says

    I have teenagers and have looked at their Facebook and Myspace pages. Approximately 100% of the girls have similar pictures. Leave the poor kid alone.

  13. Clint says

    I agree with every comment above me. This story attempts to make a sensation out of normal teenage behavior. She is not ACTUALLY making out with any girls, she is not naked and romping with ANYBODY, how is this anything near european pornography? Are you a puritan, or did you really just have that much trouble making the deadline to write a post that you made up a story to sensationalize?

  14. ihatecopiers says

    Who the hell is Vanessa Hudgens? I hadn’t heard of her at all until the media got worked up in a frenzy over some nude pictures. What is she notable for (other than posing nude, something that takes SO MUCH TALENT)

  15. says

    to Vanessa:
    girl, i want you to know that everyone here in the philippines thinks you’re a role model. But when all of these came, i admit we are really disappointed. However, we are still beside you and we are still HSM fans. Hope you’ve learned your lesson. These will make you a stronger and better person.

  16. John says

    The problem with this is the media has made such a big deal out of NOTHING. They need to stay the hell out of peoples lives and try reporting real news.

    The picture in this article goes to show they would try and make something out of anything they can get. Lesbian almost-kiss? Thats just a joke.

  17. Joe says

    Um guys, this is a satire. Its making fun of the over reaction people are having to these pictures. Those of you who are getting angry at the writer try reading the article again with the analyzing skills of a 9th grader.

  18. bob says

    she can suck my dick. i won’t think anything bad of her. anyway though, that’s what boy/girls do after going through puberty: advertise sexuality. we are sexual creatures even if religion attempts to deny it

  19. Miss Nell says

    Yeah, call me a middle-aged prude, but I actually DO give a shit that this hypocritical little twat let somebody take soft-core pics of her. Who cares if it’s “normal” and “usual”? Wow, if that’s true, then a majority of teenage girls think it’s okay to display themselves like meat. Deeeelightful. Get a clue, girls: you’re not objects. Don’t give it away, and for God’s sake have the sense to know not to let someone photograph you in the nude.

  20. Superpower says

    So what, and who cares. This is a fine example of the press creating work for themselves. This is not even tabloid worthy.

  21. Shamos says

    The biggest fear that righteous americans guys have is that some TV/tabloid fanatasy american chick turn up in a dirty porn movie and be ‘taken advantage of’ by some inferior non-american, like some french sailor or a bouncer, guy. Actually, these are relatively civized righteous american guys since others mostly don’t know than anything else exists past that gas station or follow the news about the latest american adventure war to keep them happily convinced how great men they are.

  22. says

    Every single person who wrote in to say this article is stupid needs to get a fucking sense of humor. Oh, and Miss Nell, here you go: YOU ARE MIDDLE-AGED AND PRUDE. Nobody is treating ANYBODY like an object here, least of all Hudgens to herself. She is having a three letter word called F – U – N with her friends. She is enjoying her young, and might I say very nice, body. You are so tightly-wound and repressed sexually that you are offended by nudity. Or are you just so jealous that someone can do get in front of a camera naked without feeling ashamed? Probably both, probably more than that even. What a sad life you must live Miss Nell.

  23. David says

    This “thread” is far funnier than anything HS could ever have written. 😀 Kudos, HS et al. Job well done.

  24. flying coconut says

    God the world is full of idiots this days. Anyone who tells you that they have kids and that this is a normal teenage thing can go to hell. SInce when is being a normal teenager a good thing. Do you know what teenagers actually do dumbass parents. But anyways I really think that people should stop writing these stupid celebrity stories and write something about real important news that affect us.

  25. Angelicrose says

    You cannot be serious about this? This is getting ridiculous. No wait the media has past ridiculous a while ago. I’m not a high school musical fan, but the girl makes one mistake and you put her under a microscope. Which if you actually look at that picture it’s not even a kiss and even if it were who cares. There are bigger situations going on than Britney Spears screwing up her life, or some girl posing nude for her boyfriend, or a Miss Teen USA contestant messes up an answer to a question. In case media hasn’t noticed we have a situation in Iraq that needs to be fixed that is far more important than this.

  26. Lil Doggy says

    Get a life and leave this girl alone you media scumbags. It’s her body, and her life. She can do whatever she wants and it’s none of your f’n business. OK? Besides, I’d always rather see her with or without clothes than that lard bag Britney.

  27. says

    you wrote:

    They’re not that rude, in honesty, but you still might want to be careful.

    who are you, Church Lady?

    you might want to consider getting laid before writing anything ever again.


  28. Babson says

    Oh my god, you’re so right.

    I mean all the lesbians I know kiss like that. /sarcasm/

    It’s teenage girls screwing around for crissake. Put your bible down and turn off your 1950s time machine and go outside. Get some fresh air; you need it.

  29. Mr. Jenkins says

    I love the tone you take in this article, looking down your nose at anyone who isn’t ashamed of their bodies or doesn’t have puritan values. Meanwhile there are advertisements on this page for racy, porny sexy lesbian pics. Take a look at your glass house buddy.

  30. JBollocks says

    Hey ROFLCOPTER, that’s a pretty creepy attitude; “She is enjoying her young, and might I say very nice, body.”

    I wouldn’t like my teenage daughter to be posting nude pics on the internet.

    Still, whatever floats your boat. Creep.

  31. Some Dude says

    I don’t know what’s funnier, the article itself or the morons ranting and raving about the article in the comments. Funny stuff.

  32. Gilbert Wham says

    Oh, it’s definitely the morons. No contest
    @ Mad_Tony: “American hardcore porn is harder than euro porn believe it or not.” Er, have you SEEN what the Germans get up to?

  33. flying coconut says

    The media really needs to stop focusing on celebrities lives and focus on real important news. What do you think is more important, a story about a girl nude or a terrible, pointless war in Iraq.

  34. Adam Gade says

    Flying Coconut, what type of site are you on? Take a minute and think about it. You have the answer? Correct! A celebrity gossip site. Now realize you’re a moron.

  35. Cura says

    Well I guess it is some progress that people are starting to take thoughts and write (type) them down. Now if we can actually get them to read and understand nuance and satire. Too much to hope for?

  36. Capt America says

    By way of some background:

    America has a self-measured literacy rate of 82%.
    As contrast to Cuba’s 98%. This statistic is based
    on the survey participants’ ability to read menus
    and street signs. Seriously. I’m not making it up.

    So, when it comes to the level of being able
    to perceive irony in text, America’s literacy rate
    is probably more like 30%.

    Combined this with a culture that is
    over-earnest, humorless, and hell
    bent on being indignant and the vast
    majority of comments above
    begin to make some sense.

    Also, please note that Americans tend
    to place an exceptional reliance on the written word.
    “If you read it, it’s true!”
    So, in the American psyche, this IS a news site.

    Faullkner is smoldering at 497,000 rpms
    right about now.

  37. says


    What the hell is creepy about saying someone has a nice body?? She’s not a child you fucking tool, she’s 18 years old.

    The creepy thing is how annoyingly dense you are. Of course you wouldn’t like your teenage daughter posting nude pics on the internet. But then if she was 18 you have no control over that, and thankfully.

    P.S. Is your daughter 18? Has your daughter done that? Got a link??

    @Capt America:

    Yea, many “Americans” who fail literacy tests don’t speak English very well. That’s why the literacy rate is so low. They speak their own languages fine. Whether or not it’s right of us to expect everyone to speak English is a different debate. I am an American. I can write with the deftness of a epinephrine-charged gazelle. Stereotypes are stupid and serve nobody but bigots.

  38. ChickenMadeinHell says

    I don’t get it.
    If it were anyone else famous, no one would care.
    But because she was on a Disney Channel movie and stuff, she’s suppose to be all innocent and cute or something?

    Shhhheee”sss a pperrrrssooon. I mean these pictures are kind of bad, but I mean, watcha gonna do ? She’s 18 years old. The same age when people go to College and “party” and drink or whatever.
    Right? She’s no different.
    Except she’s happens to be famous.

  39. JBollocks says

    Hey ROFLCOPTER, you’re a sick fuck.

    “Has your daughter done that? Got a link??” I do have an 18 yr old daughter and she thinks you’re a total fuckwad.

    Still, I guess most women do, judging by your posts.

  40. says


    Man you just keep digging yourself deeper don’t you. It doesn’t matter one iota what your daughter thinks about me. The point is, had she decided to take nude photos of herself, then she doesn’t care too much if she’s seen naked. And why should she? What is so shameful about the human body that we can’t see it naked? What is to be censored about something as natural as breasts? And asking for a link to see said photos would merely be no stranger than a person who looks at any other nude person due to the sexual nature of the photo. Might I remind you that there are millions upon millions of people who engage in this behavior, and that this behavior is the norm rather than the exception. Might I further remind you that we, Mr.Bollcocks, are sexual creatures. We like sex. We must have sex to survive. And if you truly had a daughter, your own genetic daughter, let alone one who is 18, it would mean that at some point you either had sex or you wonked yourself into a cup and had a woman artificially inseminated with the contents. Judging by your previous comments I would assume it was the latter, since you seem so adverse to the idea of sex or nudity.

  41. Katie says

    The whole thing about her being in Disney movies keeps coming up….a few things about that, the first: Yeah Britney, Justin AND Chrsitina all started out in a Disney show…..nuff said and SECONDLY…have you seen tv?!?every second advert has something to do with sex, shampoo ads, ads for tv programes, and OH MY GOD have you seen some of the websites like Bebo and Myspace?!?!i’ve seen 13 yr olds with bigger tits than me (i’m 18) and theyr takin pictures with bras on with captions for te fotos like “would you?” and “you like what you see?”.Kids are bombarded with sex constantly with tv and internet so i highly doubt just because a girl who plays a role in a movie takes nude fotos of herself and “lesbian” (which btw is the most rediculous thing iv ever heard of has the person who posted this even seen lesbian photos cause these ain’t lesbian!!!) fotos isn’t gonna make all kids go out and do the same thing and if they do then its only because EVERYONE else is doing it too

  42. jjgfdsgjjjjjjjjjjshyffffffffk says

    Okaii wat the hell is wrong wid u people Vanessa is not a lesbian dats a fake picture u Twats y cnt u just get a life huh? and cassandra ur so flippin stupid she is not sick and tryin to get attention its a bluddy fake picture.

  43. taylor says

    i dnt care if the picture is fake or real,i dont know and i dont care if she is or is not a lesbian,but i just think its a normal thing for teenaged girls to do and as im being the same age as her,i think shes hot and shes just caught my attention a little bit more now,but seriously, get over the silly pictures. everyone does imbarasing things in their life and everyone has private lifes,so leave vannesa hudgens alone for god sakes…

  44. gir says

    FINALLY, “NWO” comes forth with indisputable evidence that homosexuality has a genetic basis. Thank you for freeing us from this “Nature vs. Nurture” debate, “NWO”.

  45. Inka says

    I Don’t think that Vanessa is like that. All the Magazines tell crab all the time. BUt i and my friens still love Vanessaaaa!!!!!!

  46. says

    thats right ….wwell done/.but the poeple cANn not understand that..vanessa is the mos beatiful girl.she is soooo swweet ..but the poeple hate her becouse she is dating zac efrooonn..halllllooooo people and girls dont be jelous..leve these angels along to live their life becouse zaccc is in love wwith herr ..he is in love with her….she is o good person andshe got the lov of the hotest man in the world zac efron…..sorryyy people ana girls but zac and vanssa are ment to be together………..zac and baby v forever