Vanessa Hudgens Leaked Photos – Uncensored Nude Pics!

leaked picture of vaness hudgens blowing a kissAh! Vanessa Hudgens naked. Will wonders never cease? The sexy actress has blessed the masses with a plethora of impressively hot nude pictures. Being the dutiful reporter of all dumb things celebrities do, here’s our collection of Vanessa Hudgens leaked photos for your careful perusal.

How did this Vanessa Hudgens scandal happen? Who leaked her nude pictures? The official word from Hudgens is the usual someone-else-did-it defense: a vindictive horny hacker got hold of her personal pictures and released them on the internet.

Now here’s the kicker, there are Vanessa hudgens leaked photos from 2007, 2009, 2011 and 2014. Yes, there were leaked in a fairly regular sequence. Some have suggested that her publicist leaked the photos regularly for continued exposure. Who cares? Vanessa Hudgens is hot and she’s fucking nude, for god’s sake.

Let’s go through this timeline in sequence because dear Vanessa is one of the rare celebrities with awesome leaked nudes on a weirdly consistent basis. You will not be disappointed.

vanessa hudgens maxim photo

Just something to whet your appetite before the real stuff.

Vanessa Hudgens Leaked Photos 2007

vanessa hudgens
This first set of pictures unleased the splendor of Vanessa’s bush to the world. There were around 5 pictures of her. 4 of them showed wearing sexy lingerie, standing in a messy bedroom/dressing room. 1 of them was the legendary nude picture that broke the fap gates and magnetized millions of lusty males/females/curious bisexuals.

And she was so young then! One almost feels like a dirty pervert looking at her nubile young body until you remember that she probably took these nude pics as a gift for Zac Efron, her bf at that time. Slutty or nice? You decide.

See the 2007 Vanessa Hudgens Leaked Pics below:

This is what Vanessa said in a statement about the photos:

“I want to apologize to my fans, whose support and trust means the world to me. I am embarrassed over this situation and regret having ever taken these photos. I am thankful for the support of my family and friends.”

Just to be fair, if there were truly leaked, we are thankful for whoever did it but don’t be sad Vanessa, we still love you!

Honestly, we don’t think you’re a slut. Girls take naked pictures of themselves all the time! It’s normal!

Vanessa Hudgens Leaked Photos 2009

vanessa hudgens in a bathtub leaked photo

So in 2009, another set of nude Vanessa Hudgens pictures surfaced online. Unlike the previous 2007 collection which were taken by someone else, these set of pictures were clearly self-shots using a mobile phone. There’s not very high-res but in terms of sheer hotness, they win out over the 2009 collection. We sound like we’re talking about baseball cards, aren’t we? LOL.

Anyway, these 19 pictures were HOT. A couple of those were cleavage shots in a tank top, a few of them showed Vanessa naked in a bathtub. And the crown jewel of this collection show Hudgens only wearing a flimsy gold super mini skirt-string barely covering her bush (yes, she still didn’t shave). Boobies are out to play.

p>She tops it off by putting a finger to her lips while looking sluttily at the mirror with a come-fuck-me-now look. Mind-blown. A mirror self-shot with boobs, angles and facial expression! Clearly Vanessa’s nude technique is improving. We are all filthy perverts and should burn in hell.

See the 2009 Vanessa Hudgens Leaked Photos below:

Judging by the way Vanessa looked in the pictures, they were clearly taken in 2009. here’s what Hudgens said to Allure magazine about the photos:

“Whenever anybody asks me, would I do nudity in a film, if I say that it’s something I’m not comfortable with, they’re like, ‘Bullshit, you’ve already done it.’ If anything, it makes it more embarrassing, because that was a private thing. It’s screwed up that someone screwed me over like that. At least some people are learning from my mistake.”

Vanessa Hudgens Leaked Photos 2011

picture of vanessa hudgens
Leaked on March 15, 2011, these pictures were supposedly left-overs from the old 2009 photos of her. These leaked photos do similar to the 2009 set so maybe there is some truth to that.

To quote her lawyer:

It is particularly disturbing that whoever got hold of these private photos seems to be intent on illegally leaking them out over a long period of time.

Haha. You would think it would stop after 2007 and 2009! But no! This evil hacker is determined to share Vanessa’s glorious all-natural boobs with the world. We tried to be angry with him but failed after we saw the pictures. It’s hard to stay angry with an erection. What’s the tingling wet feeling down there? Oh no. Dayuum.

One of the pictures shows Vanessa Hudgens in a spread eagle pose. Umm, yes. She was spreading her vagoo while lying on her back. Holy mother of leaks. This is hall of fame status right here. We are not worthy.

See the 2011 Vanessa Hudgens Leaked Pics below:

Vanessa Hudgens Leaked Photos 2014

vanessa-hudgens-2014 leaked

In Sept 2014, there was massive leak of nude celebrity photos due to a much publicized iCloud hack. One of the celebs hit was our dear Vanessa Hudgens. Again. Oh well. More nudes. Again. Not that we are complaining. Actually, it’s really nice to see Vanessa ‘grow up’ in front of our very eyes. We feel like a proud father. We really do.

These nude selfies were probably taken when Hudgens was 25 years old. And it looks about right. She looks slightly older than the 2009/2011 set and actually her boobs seem a little bigger and fuller. You think so too? She looks really hot in these pics. Totally bangable. Wowee Zowee.

Whaddaya think of Vanessa Hudgens Naked?

Now that you’ve seen all the Vanessa Hudgen nudes out there. Whaddaya think? Guys will probably love her more cuz she’s fuckin hot but girls out there probably think she’s a major slut.
Come on, we love Vanessa Hudgens. She’s gorgeous and haters are prolly jelly because she’s got a tight body and ain’t afraid to show it. Sexual confidence is attractive. Damn right. You’re stupid if you still hate her for being with Zac Efron. He doesn’t deserve this slut? How dare you? Vanessa loved him!! *crying*

Share this article with everyone you know. We’re damn sure its the only comprehensive breakdown of the Vanessa Hudgens naked pics scandal online.

You should also check out our massive collection of Vanessa Hudgens bikini pictures. Yes, you will enjoy photos of Vanessa in tiny bikinis. She’s HOT, duh.

vanessa hudgens bikini gallery

Want even more sexy Vanessa Hudgens pictures? Can’t blame ya. Take a look at these absolutely delicious pictures of Vanessa wearing shorts.

vanessa hudgens wearing shorts


  1. Lee Rae Bin says

    UGH!~ shes such a damn slut, if she wants to look at herself naked then do it in a mirror NO ONE ELSE WANTS TO SEE THT NASTY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SERIOUSLY GIRL HOW DUMB CAN U GET????????

  2. I fucked vanessa and you didnt! :D says


  3. jason says

    then maybe you’re just god damn jealous of her body, and why are you even on this page if you think she’s a slut?

  4. obed says

    your the dam one en what the hells ass you doin here what makes you think we would not want to her body what an ass get the fuck off this page

  5. Alyssa says

    OMFG I would fuck her all night long and yes I’m bisexual but hell who wouldn’t wanna fuck her she, oh damn. And do not judge me and yes I’m underage. Minor *15*.

  6. Alex says

    Omg she is so hot! I wanna fuck her so much for so long she won’t remember how to walk. Yo alyssa you can have her after me.

  7. Harley says

    Ok ya. I’m straight. But I can still feel jealous. This girl has a rockin bod that a lot of girls out there are dying to have. So ya. Props to her for Bein brave enough to flaunt what he’s got!

  8. kayla says

    everyone needs to shut the fuck up these shouldnt even be on here she had a photographer take these for her so she could give them to zak efron and the scumbag photographer leaked them . she is not a slut i bet youve done alot worse so before you start talking mabey u should think next time and shut the fuck up . thankyou

  9. random says

    why would anyone be jealous of that body and she is a slut Lee might have accidently went on this website same happened to me and ur against Lee just cuz ur dirty minded cuz people with respect with never enjoy thid shit

  10. sean says

    I’m sensing a negative energy that only comes from fat chicks and the inability to move around the bed like she probably could…chill ur shit ull find someone to cherish you some day….all of you…happy eating

  11. Malaika says

    She keeps apolagizing…. well she apoligized and then took some more photos. What up with that, Vanessa???

  12. Desiree says

    She’s got a great body for sure, and a cute face. Personally I prefer less hair, but what the hell, I’d do some freaky shit with her anyway…

  13. D says

    Not bad! She’d look better with my unborn kids sprayed across her forehead! Than bend that shit over for some cum dumpster action! After that, kick it to the curb and save it for the birds!

  14. Ciarra the lesbo queen! says

    Soo honestly I am a girl and I have to say that I still dont think she is a slut. I mean she has a hott body, I dont mind if she shows it off. (for the record just cause i am gay doesnt mean i like every girl i see). but this is normal aloooooooooooot of girls take naked pics. every girl who calls her a slut knows theyve done something they arent proud of. So maybe its jealousy, but dont call her a slut espcially if you know yall not a saint either.

  15. Krite says

    She’s just so good to be true.
    Can’t wait for her sex scene – w/c is actually threesome – on her upcoming film Spring Breaker.

  16. pooh bear says

    wow stil dont think she a slut and she dont even have the best body i mean it aint all dat an maybe yall just need to stop talking and stop with all this negitive energy and what not its affecting my ora lol but shes pretty

  17. jelly belly says

    yall need 2 stop with the ohh shes a slut cuz shes not and wat she dose is none of our buisess of fuk it and stop being ass holes

  18. Aliyah says

    Don’t worry Vanesssa we all with you this shit could have happen to anyone on earth but nxt be fully smart….

  19. krispy says

    If she wants to take naked photos, whatever that’s up to her, a lot of people take naked photos, but if she was embarrassed by the first leak then I don’t get why she didn’t learn from her mistake and have been a bit more protective of her personal pics or not have taken them at all

  20. Ken says

    Yeah dude…

    If you’ve took the time to comment on this page then you couldn’t have been that shocked/offended.

  21. Jake says

    The fact that she’s taken naked pictures of herself isn’t what bothers me. It’s the fact she apologised to her fans for the first set of pictures being leaked, and that she regrets ever taking them and that the trust of her fans means the world to her.. then she goes ahead and does the same thing again, infact, more than once.

  22. jumamonge says

    waw she”s hot but she lost the focus and its the end of the world really haaaaaaaaaaaa watch out Vannesa hudges your young and pretty dont do that

  23. Leo McCarthy says

    I think she’s sexy as fuk an I’m a34 year man who’s been Iraq as a bodyguard I’ve guarded her majesties residenses with my black bearskin an red tunic I’ve also been shot an spat at!!

  24. Brittanie says

    She is so fucking hott. I want to suck her nipples, rub her clit, & scissor her so fucking bad. Want. Now I need my vibrator.

  25. david lee says

    hi. thats not me… i dont know you either, or much about you.i do know that you have a great smile, dimples that make want to try to get you to smile, and other good things-im sure. :) can we meet under some missletoe some time soon?

  26. zacriano says

    I’m suprise that these photos leaked.because I know vannesa to be a quite actress from her charcter in highschoolmusical.I’m very suprise vannesa has to behave the way she behave in her movies

  27. Elisa says

    You People Need To Leave Her Alone She Was Probably Drunk And Everyone Makes Mistakes So Don’t Hate And Plus If You Don’t Like Her Or The Pictures Get Of This Page Gosh

  28. RP3 says

    Lol yo all u guys that say u don’t like to see her naked then y the fuck are u guys on this website lol I think its sexy and exotic well done vanessa:)

  29. RP3 says

    All u guys that say shit like u don’t like it ur all liars lol ur obviously on this website for one reason lol bc u wanted to see her naked lol

  30. Claudia says

    Um I’m a girl, not gay and I think she’s pretty and has a nice body… Some girls just get so jealous! I mean everyone’s sent nudes just most people aren’t famous and get exposed online. Don’t call her a slut she’s just human! :)

  31. Justapupfromthehood says

    Its been a dream to see u naked and ur beautiful fine perfect body like thAt u truely made my night if u know what i mean;)

  32. Luma says

    No matter what,i still like her.those are guys should take it easy on her. Dnt think of doing another one vanessa

  33. Brad says

    Don’t be dicks she’s a sweet girl who got screwed over by some creeps, every girl takes nude pics some point in there life but no one cares unless they are famous, she’s just living her live how everyone of you haters do but cause she is beautiful and famous it’s a big deal grow up and let her have her privacy

  34. Brad says

    Btw venessa I watch a movie today with you and it reminded me of how hot, and I used to have a celeb crush on you when I saw you in high school musical, it’s a shame you get no privacy in your life

  35. austin says

    all u guys are fucking perverts have u guys ever thought about how u guys make her feel wen yall sexually huras her im mean think about it maby she didnt even put those on the internet for yall maby she did it for a secret someone or some shit

  36. valentine says

    i love her tho! Lol! so unfortunate she this happened, Judge not you should be judged first.

  37. Taryn says

    You guys have so serious sik and perverted minds. You dont even know the half of how it makes her feel when people would try to ruin her career! That sucks for some people because they are just sitting behind some computer screen photo shopping pictures and putting them online! Who in their right mind would do that?

  38. pimp says

    hey taryn did u get your period or something because your a pusy the only reason your on this website is because you want to jack off to the picks i mean have u seen that body of hers damn then u trie to play it all cool but thats not the truth

  39. beatamans ass says

    hey ya’ll need to chill with the the disrespect man vanessa she a women ya’ll need to show some damn respect man and to ya’ll who say u had sex with her ya’ll full of shit the only way thats gonna happen is in ya dreams and she’s not a sexy bitch she a beautiful women peace douche bags. YOU ROCK VANESSA!!!

  40. djlove says

    hey assholes dont judge her she dieent just put them online some purv could have lokked them up to make her feel bad




  42. OUTLAW says

    Ok ya she is fuckn hot but I won’t lie to you guys I have seen better even though I wanked for her iv seen better

  43. Justin says

    Vanessa, you are not a slut! Anyone that says so is just jealous, you are beautiful. But I believe that the only person that should see you naked is the lucky one that is with you and love’s you for you. Everyone else can piss off! :-)

  44. micah carter says

    jeez…. I so much love this damsel just finished watchin a film she featured in with dwayne johnson n co’…..never in ma lifetime would i believe she can actually do such…american n african lifestyle z very diff’nt…..sincerly weneva i wanna tink of her now dis nude picx jst sush in to ma head….wish her notin buh d best.

  45. jeff lachance says

    Harmless nude photos don’t make her a slut you F**King idiot. She’s a beautiful girl who unlike you and most self-conscious web trolls. Get a life

  46. jeff lachance says

    She should post more pics so all you fat no life living sorry ass f**ks have something to bitch about. Cant hate her cuz she is blessed with beauty and talent.

  47. Justin bieber says

    Could all of you shut your fucking fat mouths and stop talking about mygirlfreind selenas friends Vanessa she is upset that you called her a south there so pictures of me online like that your suchnpricks damn you people

  48. Cesar says

    She beautiful & good actress I think if she focus on that she can be find just focus on your career girl.

  49. Zak says

    There will always be people like this in the world. Do not let them bother you… You are an amazing acctress… We all make mistakes… Learn from them and move on…

  50. Melanny says

    Vanessa is fuckin stupid,she is such a beautiful girl but just getting out of hand wit showin her body to tha world , Vanessa u should think about what I’d doin cause if u keep doin it u r gonna soon regret it!

  51. Estrella says

    Your hot, idgaf. Haters gonna hate but lovers always gonna love. Accept those fake fans.

  52. morgan says

    none of u know her. none of u have contact with her. none of u had sex with her. none of u “boned” her. none of u have ever even spoken to her. so stop making up shit nd leave her alone. and she is not a slut.

  53. Day one guy says

    Damn… It really pains me to see the disrespect and ignorance of people. Half of the kids on here are probably underaged too, and don’t understand how bad this could be. She isn’t a slut or disrespectful to her body because they were private photos, that she took for someone she thought she loved at the time. So you people insulting her, first, get a grammar lesson, second, take a step in her shoes for once, then come back and talk.

  54. opimuc says

    As every ordinary human, vanessa has sure ups and downs in her moods, so these beautiful pictures of her body or person are a great gift to the community here and everybody who is making such f++in shit brain dumb comments should piss of and should be sent to Guantanamo Bay to think about their texts they are leaving here !

    Crazy America, respect from Europe the land of the free !

  55. coddled says

    lol what a whore vanessa is. best thing she could do is go into a porn. ROFL what a slut!

  56. Reaper says

    Some people here are ok with compliments and such and others with perverted comments… Now i know people are allowed to speak their mind and such but think about this. What if she goes and reads all the comments about you all wanting to “do” her. Imagine how awkward and embarrasing that might feel for her. Those kinds of comments should probably be kept to yourself and not shared to the world. Doesn’t matter what you want to do or not. Most likely it won’t happen anyways.

    Written with respect from Reaper. It’s good that you like your body enough to share with someone. Shame that some people can’t respect privacy… And sorry for going through this page vanessa hope you forgive me.

  57. Alexandria says

    I love her no matter wat these were private pics we’re hers an someone violated her privacy m.y.o.b ppl she is a great person ppl make mistakes leave the past in the past move the fuck on an leave this women alone an let her live her life an go back to living y’all boring life an that’s why you guys are on this website cause some of you don’t have one so go get a motherfucking life bitches worry bought y’all enough said *eyerole* smh

  58. chris says

    Hey vanessa i love ur song me and ur pretty the way u are a awsome actress and singer thank u vanessa for being there for us

  59. chris says

    Me and u that my favorite song thank u for being there for ne u taught me a lot of things about love And whats in the heart

  60. Dominick says

    If you don’t want to see it then why come on this page you make no sence you fukin redneck I swear I hate people like you that have nothing good to say ever you just run your mouth off hating on everyone and everything …P.S I like to see a pic of your girl you must be amazing looking because you call V.H ugly so let’s see what you have at home I’m sure she’s no venessa Hudgens you fukin loser..

  61. StephenComeAtMeBro says

    Congrats to you for being bisexual. I am a huge supporter but you dont need to tell everyone not to judge you for being minor. On the internet, nobody knows you are 15.

  62. wtf says

    what the f— is wrong with you lee yeah you accidentally went to a website with nude in the title sure mo-fo

  63. Ken says

    I like it that she left the field with some grass on it. That is where all the character is. You go girl!

  64. nesse* says

    come on jack really i dont think she would want u there!!!!!!! keep dreaming jackass!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. Vanessa says

    guys guys guys please don’t fight over me nd jason, Xero nd Ken thx for defending me haters gnna hate nd please Lee nd Random if u don’t like my pics then politely close the window thx! love u all :) XOXO

  66. Jameson says

    i knew Vanessa through my childhood and she was such a nice girl,she still is guys! She is such a gorgeous girl aswell, don’t judge her by these pictures:)

  67. Shanon says

    Wow you are sluty,don’t leave anything to
    the imagination. Disney channel should
    be ashamed of you,right along with your
    parents. You should try and have some
    class and respect for yourself otherwise
    no one else will!!

  68. Arthur says

    Vanessa, if you ever read this, i would make me so glad if u answered to my comment.
    I think you are an amazing and stunning girl (and actress), so what? U took a few pics, nobody should judge u for that. In fact, those people that judge u WISH they were as good as u. Haters are gonna hate. Let them, at the end u’ll be the last one to laugh. :)

  69. phil says

    Wow just stumbled on this site you lot seem to be over opinionated its not like your perfect is it bet you all done stupid things so how about looking at yourselves before calling anyone a slut,whore and a disgrace

  70. jim says

    random any guy that isnt gay will enjoy seeing her naked and if they say they don’t than there ether liying or gay

  71. jim says

    i think anyone with a nice sexy body has the right to show it off if they want to i think a beautiful naked body is a wonderful piece of art

  72. boombochulo says

    Dont worry Vanessa Niggaz be hating cuz u hot and got a nice body so face the facts they want u cuz u sexy so they hating so stay sexy :)

  73. Samad says

    Auh. . . I’m bored of these so please upload some new :p by tagging those “Leaked”
    Be assured I’ll believe that those are “Leaked”

  74. Austin Butler says

    Just to let everyone know i’m the one who is getting pussy from Vanessa! All of you perverts can enjoy her photos because i can have the real thing in person.


  75. Kyle White says

    Fuck pussy really get a real fucking name you retarded kafer, every single person here is the real slut you perverted jackasses, close the page or are you all porn addicts. And if you think that that’s the real vannesa hudgens replying you’re really a dumbfuck.

  76. Kyle White says

    You’re noit Justin bieber and if you were you would have realised she dumped you along time ago oh dorry I hope you don’t have another temper tantrum

  77. Lizandro says

    Vanessa your so freaking hot
    Love you no matter what your a beautiful women and you know it :)
    And for y’all haters go fuck yourselves we HUMANS and we all make mistakes
    So let it rest gosh

  78. coko says

    yea vanessa i love the pics i hope you got some mula for this shit…lol…. you should email me though i have something to sho you no joke….n im not tryin to play uu ..

  79. coko says

    i mean the whole web shit is fucked up but if yu kool wit it then im fine….oh yea im a girl too..jus in case yu wondering

  80. Tiago says

    I guess this means Vanessa Hudgens only gets naked every two years, 2007 2009 2011 and now 2013, just make sure you see her 2013 Film, Spring Breakers were she shows her boobs and her butt. And while your at it, feel free to check out Pretty Little Liars Ashley Benson’s Butt while your at it.

  81. call me jake says

    Damn for it being 2013 there are a lot of cruel idiotic people how does Vanessa’s nude pics really affect your life so instead of being a better person all you do is spread bitterness and here come all the negative people lol I still think vanessa is an amazing young lady still too young for me tho she’s still a girl to me

  82. jungle cat says

    if ur so against this y r u lookin at it u seem like one of those annoying religious Hippocrates always bicthin an moanin about everything the way i see it ther is nothing wrong with her takein nudes and this is pointless to even debate because its human nature its also humans are destined to destroy ourselfes those dumb asses who thought the world was gona end wer being rediculus we wolnt all die due to some astronomical event we will destroy ourselves and each other because the human race consists of idots who think there smart or think god is gona save them news flash god ist real and all those tests of faith are riged if “god” saves them hes real if “god” does nothing hes real cas he was testing u its stupid

  83. punch127 says

    Lol fukkin funny ass comments you ppl post these days and vanessa i think ur beauiful soooooooooooo not let these ppl get u at lol

  84. Nile says

    You guys seriously need to get a life, if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it at all and before judging others look in the mirror no ones perfect and people makee mistakes.

  85. SHANELL says

    People please this is vanessa’s life leave her to do all the things she wishes to do nobody in this world can stop her but she herself don’t judge people by the way they look if u get to know them then you will realize who she is. She is beautiful and talented and jealousy is one dirty disease and a lot of people have the disease because you can’t stand them. Everybody in this world is different and everyone has a life so be grateful for what you have and go live your life! This is the choice this young women made and she will stand for her own things!

    Vanessa hudgens made this choice and only she can change it so please its to late for anyone to change her mind. I also act I do it at school and at home on stage and I was going to make a movie because I also have talent. They have also asked me to put nude pictures on the internet but my choice is personal.
    But I have never come so far to become an actress like vanessa hudgens

    So this is my advice to all of you go and live your lives don’t try to live other peoples lives for them because they where put on earth to learn and live!!!
    She is where she is because of the choices she has made. All those idiots who said they screwed her look straight and screw yourselves!


  86. Brandon says

    :p She’s so beautiful, and an amazing actress. Everyone that hates her just wishes to be her. 😀 Love you Vanessa.

  87. rawr says

    Oh the fucking irony. Youre just jealous. People with respect will not offend people but RESPECT PEOPLE you dumb jealous girl.

  88. rick says

    Haha wow I gotta say ..I’m 20 yrz old nd I could say I’m more mature than most of diz ppl I mean cmon she famous, brilliant actor, great singer, nd a good hearted young lady..I mean everyone human she jus seemz to b a mighty perfect one if it was done for attention for her career or a simple mistake how nowadayz all kidz do then let it b it ..she makin moviez songz nd all..we jus commentin nd watchin everythin she showz us be glad we entertained wit cuidan todoz:)

  89. Vanessa Hudgens is a Whore says

    This Vanessa Hudgens, she is just a whore. Anyone who has money can fuck her whichever side he wants.

  90. Andrew says

    Every one needs to shut their asses up y’all are stupid she is sexy yes but she’s not some slut she’s human and she doesn’t need all of Ur abuse god damn venessa if u read this there are people out here for u no matter wat happens there will always be people here for u I love u????

  91. Jonah says

    hello Vanessa i think your a very talented actress hope to see you in more movies. Whenever I become a director ill hit you up and god bless