Vanessa Hudgens Bikini Pictures – Beach Swimsuit Photos!

vanessa anne hudgens bikiniAh… the legendary Vanessa Hudgens bikini photos. If you know Vanessa, you know she loves to flaunt it in a bikini. Over 480 pictures of her wearing a bikini exists on the internet and all of them are here. Count yourself fortunate for stumbling across this treasure chest of beach photos. It’s your lucky day!

From her early teeny beach romps with ex-bf Zac Efron to on-the-set photos of her movie Spring Breakers (where she’s in a bikini 90% of the time), feast your eyes on the lovely Vanessa Anne Hudgens as she frolics on the beach while secretly half-posing for lecherous paparazzi telephotos. You’ve seen her nude pictures, now check out the classy bikini shots below!


  1. Rex Gramling says

    Vanessa, you are so sexy, smart, talented actress dont let no hater make you feel any less than what you are,Love you so much girl

  2. barry orear says

    Can’t understand why anyone would could say anything bad about this young girl it makes me sick she is by far one of the cutest and have seen her act and she is very good at it and with staying power and the right parts and a little luck she will go far.

  3. Brian nishimoto says

    I was standing next to Vanessa in the ocean in Malibu! She looks awesome in her bikini! I told her nobody looks that great in the water!! She smiled! I melted!

  4. Jay says

    look everyone ok ppl make mistakes and its not like she ment for those to get out ok so stop hatting I know what its like to have someone share private things like that so fuck just back off ok Vanessa is an amazing actress and an amazing singer/performer how would you feel if someone did that to you ok she is a beautiful woman who just did something risky and someone decided to be a dick and exploit it so BACK THE FUCK OFF and get a life

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