Uma Thurman Without Makeup

Anyone who can wield a sword as well as they can put the fear of God into a hapless ex-boyfriend on-screen gets an enthusiastic thumbs-up in my book, but there’s always room for another chapter where the photogenic Uma Thurman is concerned.

All optical illusions are stripped away upon viewing the first photo of Uma Thurman without makeup, with nothing but a strong gust of wind playing a supporting role here. To be fair though, the 42-year-old is still recognizable.

Away from the camera, lights and action, Uma’s unpainted, yet impressively clear and dewy, skin is allowed to come out and breathe. Nothing scripted or artificial here.

The second image of the former model is equally stripped-down, with Uma sporting a red beret that adds a splash of color to an otherwise-colorless palette. See? If you don’t feel like wearing color on your face, just wear it on your head instead.

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