TV Review: Moving Wallpaper, ITV1, 06/03

The Moving Wallpaper/Echo Beach concept was unusual for ITV, it was quite innovative and possibly even a teeny bit good.

Worry not however, as they weren?t going to allow this anomaly to continue unfettered.

If the phenomenon of the original format passed you by, here is a quick recap. Moving Wallpaper and Echo Beach were shown back to back. The former was a knowing parody of a TV production office which was creating a beach-based soap aptly called Echo Beach. Therefore the viewer was in the unusual position that he/she/it could see the entire production process through to its fruition.

This premise is no more. The two programmes have now been consolidated into one, though instead of a surf-based soap now they are creating a zombie drama starring Kelly Brook and Alan Dale – yes, the real life ones. They play both themselves and their characters in the 28 Days Later homage. It has to be said that while Kelly Brook is no doubt good at many a hobby, acting isn?t one of them.

Nothing about the new series of Moving Wallpaper stands out, it is merely millimetres away from being the epitome of mediocre, easy watch television. The much exaggerated character of Jonathan Pope is supplied by Ben Miller. He is one of three notable individuals, the others being Nancy Weeks (Raquel Cassidy) and James Lance, who reprises his role more or less identically from Absolute Power. These three are the saving grace.

This is a great series for those who have lost the use of their brain, or are hopelessly bored and not even Ross Kemp on TV is on. The best you can hope for is some sporadic slapstick humour which is really subpar considering the ability of some of these actors.

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  1. QOF says

    Jesus wept. Go away and learn to punctuate your sentences. While you’re there, try to think of something vaguely original or humorous to say.

  2. Joe says

    Jesus! Leave the review guy alone. it reads fine to me.
    i don’t think moving ‘paper was all bad tho – Kelly Brook makes it all good.