Tru Luv Might Be Dead: Beyonce and Jay-Z on the Rocks?!


This whole Beyonce, Jay-Z and Solange situation just keeps getting more and more baffling. Rumors are swirling now that the reason Solange went all Rocky on Jay-Z was because Jay wanted to go to Rihanna’s post-MET Ball party…alone. Solange was apparently all like “Why can’t you just go home? What are you up to?” and he basically told her drunk ass to mind her business, thus insanity ensued.?

There have been rumors for years now that Jay-Z has cheated on Beyonce with Rihanna, but I’ve never believed it because I fucking love Jay-Z and Beyonce, but more and more evidence is showing up that makes me think maybe there is trouble in their perfect world.

Back when they got married, Beyonce and Jay-Z got matching “IV” tattoos on their ring fingers (they got married on April 4th), but now it seems that Beyonce has her tattoo REMOVED (cue the dun dun dun).

But back to Solange for a minute: so Solange, being the childish bitch she is, deleted all her pics of her and Beyonce off Instagram. So what did Beyonce do today? Posted FOUR loving photos of her and Solange today! WHAT? I am so confused! But then do you know what Beyonce did? She posted a smiling picture of her and Rihanna together at the MET Ball! Even though everyone has been alleging that Rihanna was a big part of the fight between Solange and Jay-Z.


ALSO, Beyonce and Solange attended Kelly Rowland’s wedding this past week and you know who they didn’t bring with them? JAY-Z!

So Beyonce gets her wedding tattoo removed, throws some major love to Solange, oddly posts a pic of her and Rihanna, and doesn’t bring Jay to her besties wedding?? Could her and Jay-Z really be on the rocks? If it’s true, then I too will soon be on the rocks because I’m going to jump off a fucking cliff. If Beyonce and Jay-Z can’t make it, then what hope is there for the rest of us?!