Top 26 Sexiest TV Ads (For Men)

Advertising is the easiest job known to man. Come on, it’s hardly rocket science, is it?

You want to sell a car? Employ Jessica Biel and Jessica Alba to tongue each other on the bonnet dressed in bikinis. Simple. You want to sell an aftershave? Employ Hayden Panettiere or Megan Fox to suddenly find any man wearing it irresistible. Simple, but effective. And, let’s face it, anything is better than those bloody aftershave ads that look like something Tracy Emin vomited out after a night on the tiles.

You want to sell tampons? OK, you’re on your own.

The point is, it’s hardly rocket science. Sex sells – everyone knows that. Give a heterosexual man enough of a look at sexy lady flesh and he’ll be halfway to the shop before you know it. New deodorant? Great. New mobile phone? OK! New treatment for thrush? Errr.

It’s not that we’re simple – we just like to look at images of half-naked, sexy girls. Well, just to emphasise the point, Hecklerspray has overcome some technical issues  and decided to come up with its choice of the sexiest ads to date, properly this time. Enjoy!

26. Ellesse tennis ad

We all should play more tennis.

25. Go daddy commercial

Just some good, old-fashioned, squeaky-clean fun. Not sure what it hasto do with Go Daddy, but who cares?

24. Levi’s train commercial

Not entirely sure about she didn’t just use scissors, but who are we to judge?

23. Sprite Zero Commercial

See we learned something today – don’t stalk pretty girls or you’ll end up with no pants. Or something.

22. Scruffs Hardware Commercial

So much better than DIY.

21. Chocoparty ad

What is she selling again? We just spent the last few minutes bobbing our head up and down.

20. Brooke Shields in Calvin Klein jeans ad

You know, Brooke Shields when she was younger could do some amazing things with her body. Well, we’ve all seen Blue Lagoon.

19. Alysso Milano ad for Candie’s perfume

This is the way to sell a product. So simple.

18. Tabasco ad

Now, that’s hot stuff.

17. Britney Spears in ‘Curious’ ad

The only thing we’re curious about why Britney’s room is not padded.

16. Axe Bullet funny ad

Imagine actually owning X-ray specs? Let’s face it, you would spend most of your day shielding your eyes.

15. Lynx commercial

We all could do with more slow motion boob action.

14. Xenergy Drink ad

Just drinking Xenergy drink can turn your life into an MTV video. In another ad for the same drink, the same model Monica is so sexy she could even turn on motorbikes. Put that in Heroes.

13. Vaio commercial

This happen all the time at Hecklerspray Towers.

12. Miller catfight ad

Girls fighting – isn’t that every bloke’s fantasy? Well, actually no, because we all know that the reality is a whole lot different.

11. Victoria Secret – what is sexy commercial

What is sexy? Errr, this video, for starters. Not exactly a secret, Victoria.

10. New Yorker lingerie ad

Not entirely sure they thought this one through. Knickers that can kill?

9. Cindy Crawford Pepsi ad

The success of this ad is summed up in two words – Cindy and Crawford. That’s one mole you would not mind rummaging around in your garden.

8. Paris Hilton’s burger ad

Would have been higher but it’s not exactly the first time we have seen her with some meat in her mouth. Mind you, good to see her actually do some work for a change.

7. Schiesser ad

Belgian nurses have an interesting way to stop a man going into cardiac arrest and a far better bedside manner.

6. Mac’s Orange Juice commercial

This is a such a bizarre ad, but it works for us. We think it’s trying to say, never drink orange juice from horny trees or it turns you into a lesbian. Or something like that.

5. Napster commercial

Even if you hate Napster – you’ll like this ad.

4. Victoria Secret’s Christmas ad

What would Christmas be without Victoria’s Secret? It’s enough to make Santa’s sack bulge.

3. Eva Mendes’ Calvin Klein commercial

Eva Mendes naked. Perfect. More ads like this please.

2. Agent Provocateur commercial with Kylie Minogue

Agent Provocateur has the sexiest underwear you can buy – just as long as you are buying it for Kylie Minogue.

1.  Bavaria beer ad

Beer and women – the perfect combination.


  1. Adz says

    Red Magazine ad from a few years back. Brunette in office clothes strips down to black underwear – pure quality!