Top 26 Coolest Movie Cars

Having the right car can really make a movie.

It’s a scientific fact that even the worst films can be improved 501% if there is a cool car in it. It’s like putting four wheels on to a turd and rubbing it with turtle wax.

And it’s not difficult to work out why ? we love cars. Simple. We just can’t get enough of them. Sure, they may be destroying our planet and cost us a packet to run, but how else are you get from A to B in style? Public transport? Do us a favour. Walking? Get lost!

Besides, everyone knows that owning a cool car makes you 60 times more attractive to the opposite sex. You can’t argue with those odds.

So in honour of our four-wheeled friends, Hecklerspray has come up with coolest cars ever to appear in movies. It was a difficult task. Let’s just say, there is a load of movies with cars in them. But just so you know, Driving Miss Daisy does not feature on this list.

Enjoy the car porn!

26. 1973 Ford Falcon
Films: Mad Max

Remember when we liked Mel Gibson? Or was it just the car?

25. 1964 Lincoln Continental
Film: Animal House

Great film, great car. Perfect!!

24. 1980 Lamborghini Countach
Film: Cannonball Run

Forget the fact you have to be a particularly flexible dwarf to drive one ? the Countach is still a very special car.

23. Shelby Mustang
Film: Gone in 60 seconds

Even Nic Cage looked good in this car ? it’s that good.

22. 1977 Camaro Bumblebee
Film: Transformers

Unfortunately, not all of them turn into robots.

21. 1958 Plymouth Fury
Film: Christine

Great car, with a lot of attitude.

20. 1932 Ford Deuce Coupe
Film: American Graffiti

A classic movie car.

19. Lotus Esprit
Film: The Spy Who Love Me

Not only does it look cool, but it can also shoot down helicopters after turning itself into a submarine. Now that’s cool.

18. 1976 Ford Gran Torino
Film: Starsky and Hutch

The best car ever at driving through trash cans.

17. Aston Martin Vanquish
Film: Die Another Day

The only good thing in this film.

16. 1981 Porsche 928
Film: Risky Business

We almost cried when it ended up in the river.

15. 2002 Nissan 350Z Fairlady
Film: The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift

It takes a lot to stand out in a series of films dedicated to cool cars.

14. 1967 Pontiac GTO
Film: XXX

Beautiful car ? shame about the driver.

13. Frankenstein (Modified Chevrolet Corvette)
Film: Death Race 2000

If you ever find yourself in a race to the death, you’d want to be in this car. Or maybe the car from Death Proof. Hmmmm.

12. 1970 Dodge Challenger
Film: Death Proof and Vanishing Point

Brilliant car that was re-used in Death Proof.

11. Ferrari 250 GT California
Film: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

OK, we did cry when it got smashed up.

10. 1977 Pontiac Trans-Am
Film: Smokey and The Bandit

Burt Reynolds is so cool he can wear a cowboy hat, have a dodgy moustache and play a character called ‘The Bandit’ and nobody questions his sexuality.

9. General Lee
Film: The Dukes of Hazzard

Made the film almost watchable ? almost!

8. Batmobile
Film: Batman series

Our personal favourite is the 1989 version, but any would do.

7. 1963 Volkswagen Beetle
Films: Herbie series

Not even Lindsay Lohan could make Herbie uncool.

6. The Mach 5
Film: Speed Racer

OK, the film was pants, but the cars were something else.

5. 1964 Austin Mini
Film: Italian Job

One of the coolest ever films deserves one of the coolest cars.

4. Ecto-1
Film: Ghostbusters I and II

It needed a lot of work, but who wouldn’t want to own it?

3. 1968 Ford Mustang 390 GT
Film: Bullitt

This is just another excuse to see the greatest car chase in movie history.

2. Aston Martin DB5
Films: Various James Bond films

Even Jeremy Clarkson could look cool in this car.

1. 1981 Delorean
Film: Back to the Future series

Let’s not beat around the bush here. The Delorean is a terrible car. The Delorean in Back to The Future is the coolest car ever to appear in a movie.



  1. FrankiiDoodle says

    For those of you who wish to know, General Lee was a 1969 Dodge Charger. I really thing they should’ve said that and if someone wishes to donate one to me for providing this information I will willingly accept!

  2. TF-FAN says

    Dude, you missed a ton of really great cars. Including the best ones. -_-;;; needless to say dude, your list blows.

  3. Devin says

    Are you kidding me? Herbie is the WORST car and certainly does not deserve seven, if to even be on this list. I also think you might be forgetting one awesome car, that being the car from Minority Report. may not have been a great movie…but what a car.

  4. JT says

    Are you having a laugh?

    Volkswagen Beetle?

    Are you sure you didnt just google film and car and posted them in your favourite film order.

  5. Bender says

    I thought the car from Death Proof was a chevy Nova. Although, im 99% sure it wasnt a challenger.

  6. Chris says

    #10 is funny to me. A ’77 is listed, but the picture is an ’81 Turbo Trans Am from Smokey and the bandit II.

  7. ukulelemike says

    The Starsky and hutch car was actually a 74, 75, & 76-all three were used, as they looked pretty much identical.

    And you forgot about the ‘Stinger” from ‘Blade Runner’ and the Monkee Mobile, from the Monkees.

  8. andyinsdca says

    Dude. What a failure. You mention Cage’s “Gone in 60 Seconds” but not the original (with way better driving and stunts) by Halicki with the REAL Eleanor, a 73 Mach 1 Mustang.

  9. Dude Read says

    You listed the wrong car from Cannonball Run…what about the Japanese car that could go stealth and top out at over 120 MPH?

  10. Bruce Wayne says

    Where is the Tumbler? Y’know the frakking BATMOBILE FROM BATMAN BEGINS AND THE DARK KNIGHT??? Are you people high? You would rate a car from the awful Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift, but not include a car that was built from the ground up and starred in the second most lucrative film in HISTORY?! ORLY? EPIC COUNTDOWN FAIL.

  11. Gromit801 says

    Man, none of those even make my top five.

    1. Mustang from Bullitt
    2. Cobra 427 from Gumball Rally
    3. Porsche 917 from LeMans
    4. Ferrari Daytona from Gumball Rally
    5. Ferrari 512 from LeMans

  12. guinevere says

    um, Gromit801…your number one car is number three on this guy’s list. That means that one of this guy’s cars DID make your top five.

    just saying.

    At least the Aston Martins from Bond are on the list.

  13. Gromitscantread says

    3. 1968 Ford Mustang 390 GT
    Film: Bullitt

    Nice reading you did there, not in your top 5 then?

  14. The Dread Pirate Sausage! says


    Burt Reynolds is so cool he can wear a cowboy hat, have a dodgy moustache and play a character called

  15. Gus says

    Agree on the Bullitt comment. Bullitt and Vanishing Point definitely in a tie for first. Bandit is more disco than anything else. Vanishing Point and Bullitt are true rock ‘n roll!!

  16. Ra!chl says

    You can’t tell me that the 67 Impala from Supernatural is not on there. That’s just a crime to not put it on a list of best cars.

  17. Skyline says

    wha- whaT! where is The Landmaster from Damnation Alley? best post-apocalypse transportation ever!

  18. Mason says

    The car the girls drove was DEFINATELY a Challenger. In fact the whole reason they “borrowed” it was to re-enact a stunt from “Vanishing Point”

  19. ruiner2 says

    Charlie Sheen’s car in The Wraith is a 4 cylinder Dodge Turbo Interceptor. Custom made car from HELL for the movie. For some reason, they felt the need to advertise that is was indeed made by Dodge. If you look closely during one of the races the Chrysler emblem is on the nose.

  20. Classicknightriderfan says

    What about The classic Knight Rider? KITT was awesome! I mean the classic episodes of ’82. I love them! Put that on and i’ll be happy!

  21. Nathan says

    The Nova was his first “Death-Proof” car, girls drove a yellow mustang and then the challenger.

  22. terry says

    Conorman’s car was the best for the time, the one that transformed into a hydro foil.
    And kit from knight rider

  23. chefsonny says

    how did they left out the Dodge Interceptor in The Waith with Charlie Sheen. That was a cool movie

  24. Jesse Michael says

    Hey dude, or dudet. Herbie is a one of the greatest little cars in the world. children love that vehicle. you have a point with the minority report. however, lets not forget about the trans AM from the old night rider. that was an amazing vehicle and is not on this list.

  25. Jesse Michael says

    THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!! i’ve tried to explain this to a dozen people so far and nobody even knows who KITT was. i was PO’ed.

  26. Lash Larue says

    The iconic Ford Falcon Interceptor from Mad Max only made last place? The stunt work in the first two movies of the trilogy is amazing and has not been surpassed.

  27. flcl64 says

    Or the ’74 Dodge Monaco sedan, The Bluesmobile from The Blues Brothers?
    That was THE #1 best car, it tore down a mall, beat up nazi’s, and saved an orphanage. What did Herbie do?

  28. Robert says

    RE: Pontiac Trans Am, Car #10

    I believe the car shown in the picture is a 1979 model, not the 1977 models that were used in the movie.

  29. Kouki says

    I can’t disagree more on the order or the cars. Not trying to troll or anything, but reading this whole thing let me know how vastly different peoples taste in cars can be. Most of these cars wouldn’t do the speeds that make my nether regions tingle if you threw them off of a cliff and let them hit terminal velocity. Anyways, watch more car movies :)

  30. Bob Allan says

    I saw some where that these cars can not be sold, because they would not be safe to drive on the road. They are not complete safe cars. Is this true.
    Thank You