Top 21 Worst Cartoon Characters Of All Time

Nothing beat Saturday morning cartoons when you were growing up.

That feeling of waking up stupidly early so you could sit cross-legged and transfixed on the TV for hours on end is hard to beat.

Sure, as adults, we have sex, sleep-ins and cars to entertain us during the weekends ? but are they really as good? OK, yes, they are, so we won?t labour the point.

Anyway, cartoons are great. But, let?s face it, some of the cartoons and cartoon characters they used to inflict on us were just terrible. They were tantamount to child abuse, seriously. You know which ones we mean ? and we can only assume the people who created them had miserable childhoods.

They hated children and wanted to get back at us for some hideous playground incident back when they were nine. How else do you explain Lisa Simpson? Or even Scrappy Doo? We can only live in hope that the person responsible for Scrappy Doo will spend their after-life in the ninth level of Hell ? alongside Hitler, Stalin and the guy who played Jar Jar Binks.

Anyway, here are the cartoon characters which annoyed us the most ? please feel free to suggest your own,

21. Tweety Bird
From: Various cartoons

How cute: a little canary with a New Jersey accent.? Please eat him Sylvester and floss with his birdie bones.

20. Pebbles and Bam-Bam (especially when they grew up)
From: The Flintstones

Seriously, what was the point?

19. Teddy Ruxpin
From: The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin

Could he be more earnest and annoying? You?re a bear for God?s sake, go nick some picnic baskets or kill something!

18. Porky Pig
From: Various cartoons

A pig with a stutter ? just great! Genius! What next? A hare with a harelip? A monkey with a drug habit? A hedgehog who fantasises about having sex with rhinos? Actually?

17. Pepe Le Pew
From: Les Adventures de Pepe Le Pew or something

A French skunk who smells and is a bit of a sex pest. Now, we are no fans of our neighbours over the Channel, but that?s some serious stereotyping going on there. He should have been lazy, eat anything that isn?t tied down and carried a white flag with ?strike? on it too. Wait a minute!

16. Olive Oyl
From: Popeye

So why were they fighting over her again?

15. Luigi
From: The Super Mario Brothers Super Show

Luigi was the halfwit brother of videogame icon and fellow plumber Mario. He also was one of the main reasons Mario Bros the cartoon sucked.

14. Gazoo
From: The Flintstones

Whatever the Flintstones creators were on when they came up with a snotty, tiny green alien who only Fred could see should be banned immediately.

13. C-3PO
From: Droids: The Adventures of R2-D2 and C-3PO

George Lucas ? you are going to Hell

12. Rubik
From: Rubik, The Amazing Cube

Even more annoying than a Rubik?s Cube. Do you know anyone who has actually solved one without cheating? Geek.

11. Angelica Charlotte Pickles
From: Rugrats

Whoever unleashed Rugrats on an unsuspecting world deserves being tortured by Jack Bauer.

10. Dungeon Master
From: Dungeons and Dragons

Can anyone be more smug? Or have worse hair? Put it this way: would you trust someone with that hair who calls himself ?Dungeon Master??

9. Uni
From: Dungeons and Dragons

While we are on the subject of Dungeons and Dragons, were we the only ones who wished that bloody unicorn and that annoying noise it made would die a horrible death?

8. David the Gnome
From: David the Gnome

A gnome. Named David. Thanks for this one, continental Europe.

7. Roadrunner
From: Roadrunner or something like that

Were we the only ones rooting for the coyote?

6. He-Man
From: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

Stupid and stupid voice ? some hero.

5. Bonkers D. Bobcat
From: Bonkers

Highly annoying Roger Rabbit rip-off ? without Jessica Rabbit.

4. Snarf
From: Thundercats

Cursed with the most annoying voice on the planet, this alien cat nursemaid (now that is just odd) was simply a pointless character.

3. Orko
From: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

We all wished He-man?s court jester would make himself disappear.

2. Lisa Simpson
From: The Simpsons

Yes, we know she plays an important role in the show, but did they really have to make her so annoying?

1. Scrappy -Doo
From: Scooby-Doo

Whoever came up with idea of Scrappy-Doo was a lonely, bitter person. He brought misery to millions of children. We hope you are happy.

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  1. shooty* says

    On the one hand, spot on.

    On the other, you’re totally f**king wrong. Orko, Snarf and Dungeon Master ROCK.

    OMG don ya be disrepskking my man chris brown yo, he never hit lisa simpson that b1tch deserved it she giv him a std yo fuk y’all!!!!!!!

  2. says

    Let us not forget:

    almost every character DePatie Freleng ever came up with, especially that fucking Aardvark.


    Deputy Dawg
    fucking Droopy
    everybody in Inspector Gadget
    Belle AND Sebastian
    fucking Droopy (worth two mentions)

    Look, here’s a link to Dan Markstein’s Toonopedia –

    there’s about a million more there to recall with horror as the doors into your Saturday morning past are blown open and all the nostalgic shine turns out to be gilt over plastic. Poisonous plastic full of PCB’s and teratogens that gave one of your mates at school triangular balls.

    Fucking Droopy. God, I hate that bastard.

  3. shooty* says

    Oh, the worst ever has to be the pink panther. Why? Why, God, why did you permit The Pink Panther. It’s not clever, it’s not even funny. It is without reason.

  4. The Janitor says

    what does david the gnome has to do with spain? it all sounds pretty dutch to me

  5. anon says

    Yea, this guy didn’t even know what he was talking about when he made this article. Should of named this article shit i HATE (by Francis)

  6. Jlaws says

    This is the lamest list I have ever seen. None of your comments were funny, they were all just “look at this, I think it’s stupid.” What a waste of time (my time, not yours, you obviously took very little to make this)

  7. Slate says

    Whoever wrote this:

    You got your wrongs seriously fucked up! How the hell do you think Road Runner is bad?! You go to hell, you go to hell and you burn!

  8. Vas says

    We used to laugh so much at uni. We couldn’t believe someone would actually get paid to make that nasally naying.

  9. says

    Lisa Simpsons is the best, So is ORKO, Roadrunner and Angelica. Please do your homework before you post inane articles like this, MORON.

  10. aRt says

    That robot cat from the Jetsons…
    The stupid pets from [the latter] Super Friends…
    Penelope Pitstop…

  11. Well Ladida says

    Yeah I have to agree with thepurplejesus. And there were really no reasons. Like Pebbles and Bam-bam. what’s wrong with them? they’re “pointless”? So are all cartoons! 😛

  12. Hey Zeus says

    What are you? A Republican? They are the only kinds of people who would make this list and be serious about it.
    Them, and the Nazis.

  13. owheihfv says

    I totally agree with Scrappy do. I always wanted to wring that mutts neck. I do like Angelica though…

  14. says

    I watched David the Gnome a couple of times when I was a kid. Good Show, perfect for a small child. Most of what you wrote about these characters is in the opinion of an adult that knows more than a child. It only stands to reason that an adult would not understand.

  15. Cliff says

    WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sure there may be one or two that I agree with but I loved the rest of these characters. Plus you don’t even give any reasoning for why you think these characters sucked.

  16. Ninja says

    You dumb ass, how could you dare put he-man on the list, i bet he arouses you and you know you cant have him so thats why you dont like him, He man rocked, with his rock hard abs and his big sword and he had that hot chick with him. OMG i wanna be He-man

  17. shooty* says

    Oh… my… god…

    Is this the other half of the internet to the half who are obssessed with RhiannaChrisBrown?

    Ninja scares me.

  18. kate says

    Sailor Moon, the entire show of Winx, and all of the stupid ass Fry Kids from the Ronald McDonald cartoons…

  19. KR says

    Lisa’s my favorite character on the Simpsons, and I used to love watching David the Gnome. I have to agree with most of the others, especially Scrappy Doo. That freaking dog should have been shot in the first episode.

  20. Debi says

    I LOVE Pepe Le Pew, but otherwise this is a solid list :)

    The main omission I see is the Wonder Twins from Super Friends

  21. says

    Listen, there’d be no Sylvester without a Tweety. No Coyote without a Roadrunner. Frankly, no cartoon has ever approached the mastery of the characters out of the old Warner Brothers studios. That was before political correctness, and was when both adults and children were the audience. It was also when cartoons were an art form and not a means to sell a product. You had real writing and acting talent.

    The only cartoon series I saw that even came close to (but never achieved) the entertainment value of the classics were the Spielberg produced ones (Animaniacs, Pink and the Brain, etc.)

    Porky Pig shines when he has Sylvester to work with.

    The Coyote and Roadrunner shine with the original Chuck Jones releases and not the lame mid-80’s attempts. All the Roadrunner needs to do is allow the coyote to destroy himself.

    What’s really sad about all of this is unless you are over 40, you’ve never seen these cartoons unedited as they were intended.

  22. Mouse Macleod says

    Wow, what a life you have. Honestly, you have nothing better to do with your time then cut down cartoon characters? Seriously.

  23. Sk says

    This is the shittest article I’ve ever read. Basically, you’ve taken cartoon characters and written one line of crap about it, there’s nothing witty or justifiable about any of it. “Stupid and stupid voice – some hero.” That’s in no way funny, clever or a just reason for to be one of the worst cartoon characters. We may think they’re bad now but at the time they were created they were mostly all cherished.

  24. spack says

    I agree with everything (especially Scrappy-doo, Orko and Uni -The D & D crew should have roasted that annoying thing!) However, the Roadrunner ROCKED! And how could you leave out that snickering mutt, ‘Mumbly’? That worthless annoying dog should have been euthanized! And what about that insufferable laughing horse from the Pink Panther cartoon?!?!? Turn him into glue!!

  25. Richard says

    Wow. This is a crappy list. I agreed with like two of them, but unlike you I have reasons why I didn’t like them. Horrible article. Period.

  26. Mick says

    NO! I also do agree that SOME of those cartoon characters on your list suck, but these are some of the most popular characters of all time that you have added – so leave them alone!
    Anyway, why didn’t you add the two robots “Digit and Fidgit” – from the remake of Inspector Gadget called “Gadget And The Gadgetinis”? They are BY FAR the worst characters to come out of any cartoon EVER! (Seriously…)
    And to the person who nominated “SpongeBob” to be up there, seriously “how old are you”???

  27. Stabby McGee says

    Dogtanian was rubbish. Same goes for that young cat who used to hang around with Sylvester (his son or whatever). Mickey Mouse. Add everyone apart from Dungeons & Dragons except Venger and that multi-headed dragon.

  28. Lost FanBoy says

    If Pepe Le Peu is a stereotype, then why isn’t Speedy Gonzalas on this list? Seems to me you have a serious double-standard here. Maybe Hey Zeus was right about you.

  29. Mick says

    To Stabby McGee – Do you really think that Mickey Mouse is one of the worst characters of all time? Why? Aren’t you two-years old anymore?
    And my sister is really mad that Tweety is on your list David – she loves the “Tweet” little thing… Too bad you aren’t a girl, or a teenaged Teeny Bopper! Maybe then you would have a different opinion.
    (Relax dudes.. I’m just funning you).

  30. Mystic Dave says

    Perhaps someone can help me find a cartoon character that I saw only once. It was a little duck in the shape of the human mid brain. I think he was supposed to be a duck or a chicken. Angry little guy that always had bad things happening to him. I have no idea where I saw this other then it was late night television. It may or may not have been on some cable station.

    This is driving me nuts because nobody else has seen this cartoon. I hope someone on this site saw and remembers what this was.

    Thanks in advance

    Procedamus in pace
    (proceed in peace)
    Cum Angelis et Pueris
    (In the company of Angels and Children)

  31. bianca says

    Lisa Simpson is not a bad character. Neither is bam bam and pebbles.Neither does Angelica. and Luigui rocks. u suck. so does this list.

  32. kaypasah says

    I know someone else mentioned the Wonder twins, but everyone forgot the most annoying cartoon character of all time: the Wonder Twins mutant pet monkey, Gleek! At least I think that’s what it’s name was. As bad of a cartoon as “the Super Friends” was, this “shoddy attempt at comic relief” monkey made it even worse! Superman should have drop-kicked Gleek, along with those half vulcan, half moron Wonder Twins, into a raging volcano!

  33. Doc says

    Don’t forget:

    7-Zark-7: Two words – Sandy Frank

    Cobra Commander: Nobody, but nobody, can be that breathtakingly stupid a military “commander.”

    Wendy & Marvin: I wanted to smother Marvin with his own cape.

    The Smurfs: The whole Smurfing bunch of them. Add the Snorks while you’re at it.

  34. Geo says

    The Carebears, Strawberry Shortcake, Rainbow Bright — and all those other stomach-churners…

  35. Smiley says

    This is so rude! I don’t get why u even have this website! It is your opinion. It is NOT right. I love scrappy :) (You could have put better ones on there anyway)

  36. Kelly says

    Characters that should not be on the list:

    Pebbles and Bam Bam
    Porky Pig
    Pepe Le Pew
    David the Gnome
    Bonkers D. Bobcat
    Scappy Doo

    Seriously, what the hell were you thinking when you wrote this? These were some of my favorite characters of all time. I also loved Sylvester, Daffy and Wiley. I agree about the rest though, they sucked.

  37. Sarah says

    Right? Should have just left the classic loony tunes characters out of it when there’s plenty of shitty rip-offs. It’s like saying the model-T was a crappy car.

  38. brooke says

    Some of those things like Twetty bird and Scrappy do wernt bad! I loved Scrappy and Tweety!

  39. PlGHEADED says

    Pretty sure u may be referring to Duckman – esp. if you saw it on late night.

  40. tigerlilli says

    great list those characters where so deserving of their place in worst list but god i miss some cartoons of my youth …. captain caveman legend!! godzilla but only with godzuki and finally topcat, am i really turning into my old people when i say cartoons were better in my day???

  41. Chellers says

    Oh yes. They all deserve to be on there.

    Lisa Simpsons only redeeming factor is that she plays a mean saxophone solo.

    But what about The Carebears? They were bad.

    You need to do a list of the best cartoon characters ever, and it better include Count Duckula.

  42. Shawn says

    Hmmm…I detect a conspiracy. No Disney characters? True, they weren’t on Saturday morning but still…

    I was always creeped out by those large cat/dog things that kind of looked like Goofy.

    Donald Duck was also a turn-off. His WB counterpart Daffy managed to pull off the manic duck character but Donald – with his Navy cap, shirt and no pants – was just annoying. Plus he’s spawned a couple million annoying Donald Duck imitations over the years.

  43. Kayla says

    Haha! I agree with Donald being a little akward… Fact: Donald duck cartoons were banned from Finland cause he doesnt wear pants lol!

  44. skybluepink says

    I HATED Teddy Ruxpin!!! When we were little, my cousin had the talking doll (cassette tapes went in the back) and it freaked me out so badly that I taped the mouth shut before hiding it. I didn’t understand how the thing worked… so it just seemed demonically possessed, and I couldn’t sleep anywhere near it!
    Never liked Porky Pig. Tweety especially annoys me because his likeness is on lots of ugly apparel that people buy in box stores! In my opinion, nothing says “I don’t care about looking attractive OR being taken seriously” like a frumpy Tweety bird sweatsuit.
    Angelica Pickles was a great character! An only child with a yuppie dad and corporate executive mom (always shown talking on her cell phone and too busy to pay attention to her), Angelica is a flawed character prone to envy and selfishness, is mischievous, but overall has a good heart. Feeling valued and accepted does not come as easily for her as it does the other characters, and she seems very lonely at times. I think that many could relate to her, or knew a kid like her.
    Luigi is a loveable character, Lisa Simpson is the voice of reason in her world, and David the Gnome is a great, beautifully animated series. :)

  45. Jerry says

    I agree with you about Bonkers, Scrappy-Doo, and Olive Oyl. I really don’t think Olive is worth fighting for. I don’t know why Popeye even stays with her, because she always falls in love with Bluto and other men. I’d dump her if she were my girl. As for Scrappy, I think he’s the worst thing to ever happen to Scooby-Doo. He’s so annoying, and oftentimes, it’s hard to tell whose side he’s really on. He should be put to sleep.

    I beg to differ, though, about the Warner Bros. characters, Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm, and the Great Gazoo. I like Gazoo, and I think he was funny.

    You know who I really can’t stand? 1) Lucy of the Peanuts cartoon. I think she’s an absolute b****, and I don’t know why Charlie Brown hangs around her. I’d avoid her like the plague. 2) Helen Lovejoy on the Simpsons. If you ask me, they should’ve killed her off instead of Maude Flanders. She calls herself a preacher’s wife, yet she’s the queen of gossip and judgement.

  46. Jerry says

    Oh, yeah, I agree about Angelica Pickles, too. Not only is she so mean and annoying, she’s so badly drawn.

  47. Ron The Marine says

    You lack any historical knowledge of the cultural and entertainment impact of many of these characters. You’re like a drive-by shooting with a keyboard. You seem to have anti-white malice and classic American animation feature-phobia. Are you even an American? I mean, really?

  48. says

    Good Characters on this list
    Scrappy Doo
    He-Man Characters
    Porky Pig
    Olive Oil
    Pepe Le Pew
    Angelica Pickles
    and Gazoo you Bitchin Dum-Dum!

  49. brian the dark says

    are you kidding me????? >:-I NO loony tune character should be on this list, ESPECIALLY porky. porky MADE loony tunes, not bugs. you want bad cartoon characters, i’ll give you bad cartoon characters.

    BIRDMAN- lame ass 1960’s superhero who shouts his name every 5 minutes, and is THE only superhero whose weakness is SHADE.

    MA’ TI from captain planet. all the planeteers have rings with cool powers: wheeler can shoot laser beams and burn stuff. gi can create tsunamis. linka can create hurricanes and tornadoes. kwami, the coolest one, can cause earthquakes, avalanches, landslides and volcanoes. ma’ ti, what’s his power. EMPATHY! he can calm the emotions of people and animals and communicate telepathically through his ring! LAME!!!!!!

    PATRICK- dumbass starfish from SPONGEBOB and very bad fat stereotype. it’s because of this retard spongebob gets into so much trouble and constantly drives poor squidward nuts. spongie’s gullible as hell, but at least he has some common sense. patrick’s so stupid it hurts.

    INDIAN CHIEF- super friends’ token native american superhero. what’s his power? when he shouts “ENUK-CHUK!!” he can make himself really big. aaaaand… that’s it.

    BIKER MICE FROM MARS: ALL THREE- muscle bound alien mice from mars who ride harleys and sports bikes. uh, no.

    GRAPE APE- big stupid purple ape who keeps repeating “grape ape grape ape!” every time he completes a sentence, and has a talking dog master.

    CARE BEARS- cringe-inducing cute, er, “bears” who live in the sky, drive cloud cars, and fight evil by shooting rainbows from their chests. and why are they called BEARS when there’s a bunny, a sheep, a pig, an elephant, a racoon, and a lion, who’s the leader, amongst them? that’s prejudice.

    ROGER RAMJET- secret agent fighter pilot who fight rogue agents. before each fight, he takes a proton energy pill, which gives him the strength of 20 atomic bombs for 20 seconds! um, isn’t that steroids?

  50. TherealRNO says

    The Great Gazoo: Granted, he was a Deux Ex Machina for when Fred & Barney messed up, but the two screwed up often, hence the need for his existance.

    To put any Looney Tunes character on this list–especially Porky, whose iconic stuttering made Looney Tunes about as much as Bugs & Daffy did, hence why “Roger Rabbit” (the ONLY Warner/Disney cross-promotional film that wasn’t some morality-preaching PSA for sheltered kids, but an adult-themed murder mystery) closed with BOTH Porky’s signature tagline and TinkleBell’s sprinkling of pixie dust–is a slap to the Golden Years of animation. You should be ashamed.

    Pebbles Flinstone & Bam-Bam Rubble: They were there to round out the nuclear family (two parents and one-to-two children).

    Teddy Ruxpin: God forbid a toymaker turn his marketable idea into a hit franchise, especially one that truly interacted with the children through the admittedly creepy doll itself & taught morals through the cartoon. Not all cartoons had to be violent, sexy, or similar to thrill-rides, you know.

    Olive Oyl, Lugui, & C-3PO: These can be blamed on the personalities their creators gave them prior to their becoming animated (through Segar’s comic, Nintendo’s game, & Lucas’ film saga).

    Angelica: She was actually a relatable character for her time, since many three-year-olds DID act like her at times, especially if they–like her–were lacking in siblings. Plus, she did grow to become less bossy & mean as the show progressed. It was just that her being a constant threat to her fellow ‘Rats happened to be the tough outer shell that hid an insecure–and sometimes, sweet–inside, as part of the key aspects defining her character.

    The rest though, I could take or leave with a grain of salt.

  51. brian the dark says

    any of you guys ever heard of this EXTREMELY stupid cartoon that aired on adult swim called “bo bobo bo bo bobobo”? Jesus Christ. WTF do they smoke in Japan?????? i watched one episode out of curiousity, and i could have sworn i was on acid. this show makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. NONE. it literally defines the term “non sequitor”. even one of the characters doesn’t know what’s going on.

    ALL of the characters on the show should be on this list. i can tolerate talking, upright walking animals who wear clothes and drive cars, but a guy who fights using his nose hairs and talking boogers (i’m dead serious), another guy whose head is made of strawberry ice cream, adude whose body consist of jello, a chick whose body is LITERALLY “da bomb” (actually a torpedo), and a talking sun with arms and legs is too much.

    i’m sure youtube has it. i dare you to watch.

  52. lantern84 says

    dude…luigi is the $hit. I like him better than Mario! and david the gnome was great art, and better than 90% of the crap that kids watch nowadays. i DO agree with some of this list, but some of it is downright blasphemy to any child of the 80s.

  53. Lethe says

    David, project much? If you had trouble during your childhood (I know I did) that’s your problem.

    Perhaps this list might read better as: cartoon characters I dislike as an adult that I didn’t understand when I was a child.

    I will agree with one or two of them: Scrappy Doo, Gazoo, any small, annoyingly-voiced sidekick character is simply there to please the censors.

    But Pepe lePew? Hello? I think perhaps you need to just let go of your bad childhood issues and maybe look up some other animated stuff to fill in the ‘bad parts’.

  54. Joe says

    Ok, I agree with some of the characters like Scrappy as well as some of the 80s characters, but leave the Looney Tunes characters off the list! Especially Porky! If there was no Porky, there would’ve been no Bugs or Daffy!

    And as for Olive, that was the joke. You have this skinny, fickle, unattractive character, yet guys always seem to fight over her. Plus when you’re as ugly as Popeye, you can’t afford to be picky when it comes to women.

  55. Shine says

    Seems most of the people commenting here take themselves waaaay too seriously. I laughed hystarically through most of the list. Even though I liked some of the characters on it. But so what? The commentary is funny and it is one persons opinion; no one said you have to agree.

  56. Kanna-Chan says

    No offense,but half the characters on this list are actually considered some of the BEST cartoon characters. Like Tweety, Porky Pig, He-Man. If Porky wasn’t popular, then how has he survived so long? Why is he the one who ends the Looney Tunes cartoons with his “that’s all folks”? He coined that phrase. And Tweety is popular because of his sheer cuteness. And He-Man was one of the biggest crazes I knew grewing up. If these are just YOUR opinions on the worst cartoon characters, you should state that it’s your opinion. Passing personal opinion off as fact is information dishonesty.

  57. AnotherOneBitesTheDust says

    how odd ..
    I disagree only about Looney tunes characters (that must mean how good LT actually are)

    1) Tweety – yes, annoying, but that’s the characters essence – even though Sylvester is ought to be the bad guy, we actually root for him. Simple as that.

    2) Pepe le Pew – hmm.. looks perfectly good character to me. Has it’s own gags, can cause sympathy for being such an unfortunate pick up artist. If you watch all Pepe’s episodes in a row, it might get annoying, but the musical parts and funny idioms will save even that.
    As for stereotypes… come on.. Fear from being a bit politically incorrect has ruined 99% of good shows/cartoons.

    3) Roadrunner kicks ass. I have no other arguments here 😀

    Everyone else – yes – bad. Especially that Gazzoo from flintstones. He should have died after the first appearance. We could probably add up some more examples if we wanted to.

  58. Justin from 1978 says

    Wow this list sucks!

    First of all, Looney Tunes are off limits. They were all great. Second, how can any list of bad characters exclude any King Of the Hill? Most of those characters made my skin crawl.

    However, among popular cartoons I do agree, Scrappy is the worst of all time. Scooby Doo is in the top 5 best of all time shows to me, and I refuse to watch any with Scrappy guest staring, or those retarded ones that Scrappy is part of the series. What were they thinking?

  59. leah says

    21. tweete is the most adorable thing on earth
    20. pebles and bam bam are also adorable
    18, 17, 7 >:( you just wanna hate on the loony toons don’t you
    15. luigi kicks ass
    14. oh no you dint
    11. okey shes a little mean but not anoyning
    1. fuck you scrappy is da bomb
    (go to hell you evil cute little forist creature eating asshole i hope you get cancer in your eyeballs cuz if you cant see how awsomne these charictors are then you might as well not have any site at all)

  60. Bonnie says

    I’ve seen in recent times a cartoon character that is a guy who walks around with his arms straight up in the air and has eyeballs in his fists. I’ve been trying to find out what his name is and what the emsemble those cartoons are called. Can anyone help? I find him a really disgusting character, but I really need to find out who he is.

  61. GeforceDFS says

    That list is horseshit, and you didn’t even try to find at least at your best to find good parts.

  62. Vincent Gavin S. Espanol says

    Add little einsteins as the 22 cuz they underestimated the MiG-29

  63. Paul says

    People who should not be here…
    Olvie Oil
    Lugi (Well better than the small, fat mario.)
    Pepe the pewe
    Pebbles (Other kid should be there)
    Porky Pig
    People who should be on here:
    Red Menace (League of Super Evil)
    Patrick Star
    Mr. Krabs
    And, the most annoying specimin…
    SANDY (Spongebob Squarepants bitch, no poitn, I know this is a show with talking sponges and other unrealistic stuff but a squirrel scientist was a bullshit idea.

  64. gemma says

    that description sound like Krumm fom an old ninties cartoon called Ahh real monsters that is still sometimes shown. He walks around with a purple devil rabbit looking thing named ickis and a upside down black and white candy cane shaped monster named Oblina.

  65. Stephen Rhodes Treadwell says

    How’s come Tweety’s on the list & Sylvester’s not? I think he’s much more annoying than Tweety. I’d also like to know, for the same reason, why Olive Oyl’s on the list & not Popeye.

  66. says

    Bonkers is a Disney property – he appeared along with Marsupilami, Darkwing Duck & other new Disney characters in the early 90’s.

    So there is no “DISNEY” Controversy!

    Now as for BAD cartoon Characters –

    10: Bravestar – He man as a western sheriff (Come On!)
    09: Mr. Cool – From the Happy Days Cartoon – a Fonzi Dog from the future?
    08: Blue Falcon – Why?
    07: Dynomutt – Scooby meets a robot – again Why?
    06: Glomer – Punky Brewster had jumped the shark when it went to cartoons
    05: Snorks – HB’s ripoff of the Smurfs
    04: Silverhawks – Thundercats as cybernetic human space birds
    03: Pac Man – I mean after the 1st 2 episodes, where else does this go?
    02: SHE-RA – Did He-man have to have a sister spinoff?
    01: Herbie the Robot – FANTASTIC FOUR (2nd Edition) – Just because you could not show the “Human Torch” in the 80’s is no excuse to create comic relief in a Robot who’s voice (Frank Welker) would be so anoying that you so wanted the Thing to just pummel it to a flat piece of aluminum!

  67. jojo says

    I remember all of those and the care bears (the worst of all). My sisters watched the care bears religiously, i even missed Doctor Who a few times because of it, and this is how i turned out for missing Doctor Who, I could have been so much more….It’s a good thing i never missed Super Saturday Morning on ABC….

  68. Mama Luigi says

    I don’t agree with everything on this list…
    Mama Luigi is the best character on that show.

  69. Mad says

    I completely agree about Lisa, I always skip episodes that include her problems or stuff about her.

    You should add South Park: South Park’s mayor.

  70. bigg3469 says

    Love to see that DORK orko as #3 on the list. How about these 5 for the list? #5 Pearl Slaghoople Fred Flintstone’s battleax of a mother in law.#4 The entire cast of “The Get-Along-Gang. #3 Becky from Disney’s “Tail Spin” Meatball and Spaghetti from “Meatball and Spaghetti. And at #1…..Look-Lee the ” reject from Rainbowland” from She Ra!!

  71. UberGeek says

    Okay so I just want to say that you must have had a depressing childhood to put Snarf on the list. Thunder Cats as a whole was an amazing cartoon!!!!! I grew up loving that show….. Ho!

  72. Sabrina Harrum says

    Id say Uniqua from the backyardigans so annoying as fucking hell! She’s like in every episode and she is always with the boys (not trying to be rude or anything)

  73. allison says

    Umm Gazoo isn’t from the flinstones.. He’s from the gets 😉 See the flinstones is actually like cave man sorta thing so obviously a character from that show wouldn’t be wearing space gear isn’t that a little logical.. where as the jets is a show based on outter space.. If you’re going to hate on a bunch of great and classical cartoons at least get your info right. Thanks.

  74. Mariah says

    You are ignorant. All of those characters made the show they were in. Bonkers? Best Saturday morning show ever. Scrappy is the best! I love his spunky-ness.
    You have no life but to critize what you don’t agree with, even though thousands of people love these characters, whom which you have taken the time to personally bash, you moron.
    Hope you’re satisfied. Have a good day.
    Oh Yeah, Porky Pig, Tweety Bird, Road Runner, BamBam&Pebbles & everyone else you insulted
    Are The Shit. So Screw You.

  75. the pole says

    I think u should of added stinky, Phoebe, and Brainy from HEY ARNOLD, Porkchop from DOUG, and Tito and sam from ROCKET POWER. TRying to think of bad catdog characters

  76. Wavey says

    The Great Gazoo WAS on the Flintstones. (1960-1966) He appeared to Fred & Barney and got them into loads of trouble. Think about it, the Jetsons and the Flinstones were created by Hannah/Barbara around the same times. Hence the one when the Jetsons meet the Flintstones. DUH!!!!!!!!!

  77. Jynxie says

    So you’re allowed to state your opinion, but he’s not. Wow…It’s just his opinion and not a personal vendetta against you or anyone who likes those characters. Its your opinion that Scrappy is the best but that doesn’t make it a fact. These characters being the 21 worst isn’t a fact either. OPINION. So calm yourself and stop taking everything personal.

  78. Cathie says

    My worst cartoon character is Kimba the white lion. He is suck a jerk, wants peace but fights all carnivores and forces them to be vegetarian (yes, he makes carnivores eat vegetables. What person in their right mind would brainwash children with this garbage and abuse Nature itself?). Kimba really loves fighting and pissing the hell out of animals that get in his way, and never asks what they want in a kind way. He digs his horrendous teeth and claws into his opponents that didn’t mean too bad of harm, and is just a forgettable character that should burn in hell for eternity. (he doesn’t even LOOK ANYTHING like a lion cub- I thought he was this fog or Anime-manga robot….it’s utterly ridiculous).

  79. Dave says

    You are a douchebag. Not only are a lot of these characters awesome, but your comments make you seem bitter, sad, and dumb. I stumbled onto your sight looking for a picture of Orko for a trivia reference, and just felt compelled to tell you that you really suck. Have a bad day.

  80. the pole says

    Im back with more characters! You should of added GIR from Invader zim, Penny from chalk zone, Spunky from Rockos modern life, cliff from catdog ,and susie from rugrats. cartoon network, mari from the cramp twins, lumpus from camp lazlo, Lola from robotboy, Sarah from ed edd n eddy, Earl from Cow and chicken, Red from a pup named scooby doo, Coco from Fosters home for imaginary friends, Tree Trunks from Adventure Time, Margaret from Regular show, Andy from Squirrel boy and Susan from Johnny Bravo. Disney channel, Megavolt from Darkwing Duck and Mrs. Finster from Recess. Hope you agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. the pole says

    More characters!!!!! Buena Girl from MUCHA! LUCHA!, Nana from HARRY AND HIS BUCKET FULL OF DINASOURS, dad from DEXTERS LABORATORY, Tuck from MY LIFE AS A TEENAGE ROBOT, Fox from SKUNK FU! , and Kevin from KRYTO THE SUPER DOG. 😀

    I wont be doing any characters from reality shows like great classic nickelodeon shows like Kennan and Kel. Clarissa Explains it all, All That!, Are you afraid of the dark, and Salute you shorts.

    Support the greta classic nickelodeon, cartoon network, and disney channel shows!!!!!
    Oh yah and dont forget Billys mom from the grim adventures of billy and mandy.

  82. the pole says

    This is just an opinion. Alot of people on this list are taking it seriously like Mariah.
    I dont think anyone should be coursing at him because he has a different opinion then you. I understand people could get offended but just chill out :(

  83. the pole says

    In my last update I listed great reality shows on nickelodeon. Well also I wont be doing any character updates from the adventures of pete and pete or the amanda show either.
    (Any classic nickelodeon fans should take note of this. I was at the movie store in my mall and asked the lady if they had the adventures of pete pete season 1 on dvd. they said no but she also said that nickelodeon will be playing some of the epsodes of it soon.) I dont know when but probably very very soon. Yaaaaaaa! 😀

  84. Melody says

    Yeah, sorry, this list is a total fail. Not because I disagree or anything; everyone is entitled to an opinion. It’s because those opinions really didn’t amount to much other than “This character sucks because they suck.” There were no real reasons why these characters were picked.

  85. Gabe says

    Come of those cartoons I never seen, some I used to like like He-Man, but totally agree on Lisa. I hate that knowitall veggie liberal hippie.

    Lucas totally raped Anakin in Clone Wars, damm he

  86. the pole says

    Lisa is such an ediot. Every episode shes in theres always a big problem or shes causing a very stupid problem like saving animals and stuff.

  87. Blockhead says

    I will always some of my favourite cartoon characters Mario’s brother Luigi, Scrappy Doo, Pepe Le Pew, Olive Oyl, Porky Pig and The Road Runner I don’t find them annoying or that bad from my childhood, but the worst of all is Snoopy he is the most irrating annoying cartoon character of all time, yes he is hip but also very rude sometimes who lives in a Walter Mitty-like fantasies nonsense such as the world famous WW1 flying ace and glasses-wearing hip student Joe Cool which became a great influence to Henry Winkler’s famous beloved role as The Fonz in that old 70s family sitcom ‘Happy Days’. maybe perhaps animator Bill Melendez, he’s a good cartoon genuis no offence to him – he didn’t wanted Snoopy to speak because like in real life dogs can’t talk which is worse and that made him mute he could’ve worked better if the character ever spoke like Garfield can, then Snoopy wouldn’t be that annoying after all. If it wasn’t for that awful worse high pitch Snoopy grunts and laughs that made him a character too pantomine and you couldn’t understand him I mean who the hell likes Snoopy, he’s disgusting, too hip, rude, always happy dancing and not very funny – Brian Griffin’s way better so take that you stupid beagle thanks for destroying Peanuts in the 1970s by making them the gang we all know and love.

  88. Spike says

    I love Betty Boop only as a kid, but I really don’t like her 30s’ cartoons that were popular at the time, it’s because the 1930s is a very rotten decade because talkie cartoons come in, then it’s only too adult jazz playing music now is what I hate the cartoons is all about, I’m really a fan of her cameo appearanice in Who Framed Roger Rabbit which is nice to see her returning, it would be interesting to see her again in a Who Framed Roger Rabbit sequel if she was giving a larger role better than the dreadful 30s’ cartoons she was popular well known for, and Jessica Rabbit became a better character than Betty Boop because she is really human – god I love them both, But Minnie Mouse is a good character I also love too, but to everybody she’s a annoying wimp.

  89. God says

    YES SNOOPY! But, I do think probably anyone in the cartoon world is its hearts. This character, however, truly he is an annoying showboating little smart-ass whose life is always every action is like the world spitting in poor ol’ Charlie Brown’s face. Snoopy was not only utterly serious, friendly, sincere, loyal, true. he is also bad, rude, mean, unpolite and even ungrateful to Charlie Brown. I hate people who always love snoopy that means you!

  90. Moses says

    I would say that Charlie Brown is NOT the worst cartoon character ever. But I really will say that Snoopy is YES the worst cartoon character ever and for everybody who hates cartoon characters out there I say all of them ARE the worst cartoon characters ever according to both The Father of Jesus and The Son of God up there in Heaven watching looking down at us getting sick of this nonsense people watching cartoons and not pay attention to the holy bible like nothing so shame on all of you.

  91. Steve says

    Did your parents keep you in a basement and ONLY read you the help wanted ads from the sunday paper? The whole point of these characters were extra comedic relief. They were second characters and meant to be the one that made you laugh at something that might have been stupid. But, they were for KIDS. If you are so disgrunteled as an adult, maybe you should go back and watch these. Try to laugh and develop a sense of humor. Kids that watched these cartoons for the most part have developed into decent adults that have a sense of humor and know how to handle reality. This is officialy the worst “list” on the internet. Sad i actually took the 5 minutes to read it. They’re cartoons. not real life personalities. It’s your opinion. i just happened to think you fell off of the boad with this one.

  92. Martha says

    I totally agree w/ you on your comment about Rugrats. It’s the first cartoon I can remember watching that just ANNOYED me from the start. (Didn’t have cable as a kid so THANKFULLY missed out on The Simpsons in the 90s)

  93. Jesus says

    As for that stupid beagle Snoopy you know, not only he’s so utterly annoying – but he did also ruined Peanuts for me I’m afraid. If you go back and reread those early strips from the 50?s you realize that the strip was really clever and funny up until the point where Snoopy came started walking upright and having thoughts. The strip was so much better when the focus was on Charlie Brown.

  94. Booby Doo says

    If everyone who doesn’t like Scrappy Doo that’s okay by me, But I think it’s very unfair to Scrappy, he’s a good cartoon character he was of course annoying before and now he’s no longer annoying after all. But if only he could’ve got his own series rather than appearing in Scooby Doo in the first place that went in decline of the 1980s at that time, he should’ve been one of the best cartoon characters ever and I always love him from my childhood, I think it’s H-B’s fault for removing Fred and Velma and not Daphine to come back which is a big mistake. This is for you all Scooby Doo haters out there only alright I would like to say this – I loathe Scooby Doo. I hate him. I find Scooby Doo useless, annoying, unfunny and and a bad comic relief indeed end of story folks.

  95. Ruby says

    are you kidding me? GIR is the funniest character on Invader zim! besides, hes annoying for a reason. the tallest hate zim so they gave him a robot with garbage for a brain. everything else i agree with, though. :)

  96. the dope says

    Here comes the dreadful Red Baron-era Snoopy, man I hate that Snoopy he brought that kind of madness and fucked up the legacy of Peanuts, Schulz shouldn’t turned Snoopy into a canine Walter Mitty that will drive me nuts for the rest of my life.

  97. Biggie says

    The reason Popeye and Brutus fought for Olive Oyl was that she could deepthroat anything. And Popeye did get bigger other places to when he ate his spinach.

  98. says

    you forgot vendetta from making fiends.
    I mean, come on. Whoever thought putting this green little buttmunch on nickelodion must. seriously. Hate. CHILDREN. and to add insult to injury, this green little buttmunch is CLEARLY the reason why making fiends was either tossed back into development, never had a season two,and why people hate Making fiends. I mean come on! 99% of tv shows have passed season 3! Whoever likes vendetta is indescribably WORSE than bieber fans. This character makes justin bieber seem TOLERABLE in comparision. i don’t like justin bieber nor do I like Vendetta. they both have haters.

  99. Kanna-Chan says

    Uh, hate to break it to you, but Scrappy was what saved Scooby Doo from being canceled. Ratings were down until they introduced Scrappy and what do you know? Ratings actually went UP. You may not like him but it’s thanks to whoever created him that we still have Scooby Doo. And I KNOW you did not just diss David the Gnome.

  100. Jill Schulz says

    I don’t like Snoopy and i hate Snoopy! He’s a stupid beagle who hates reality and he’s a bad negative role model.

  101. Stephen Rhodes Treadwell says

    I can’t believe all the bad talk about Snoopy. I think he’s a great cartoon character & I thought most people agreed. He’s so cute & funny. I don’t think he’s annoying at all. He’s way better than any Looney Tunes character if you ask me, partly because he’s drawn more beautifully. One reason I like him so much is he’s one of the few animal characters in Peanuts.

  102. JARRATH says

    Ok what the hell i admit that some of them yeah but any looney toon cartoon up there SHOULD NOT be up there at all. I grew up watching them and frankly I enjoyed them. The crap they have on the air nowadays are freaking retarded. Regular show, Adventure time, sponge bob, and the REMAKE FAKES of the classics like The looney toon show. Where bugs and daffy live together with sam as their next door neighbor. God what are these people thinking. Trust me people their are cartoons today that are WAY more deserving of this title above. Yes this may be a single mans opinion but still. Really. your gonna put porky pig in there. So i make this note to the maker of this whole post of Worst cartoon characters of all time. You might want to update this because their are FAR worse cartoons now than any other time in the history of cartoons

  103. Craig Schulz says

    That is not bad talk so back off Treadwell! For your information he is not a great cartoon character at all and you got a point there what your saying. But I thought most people don’t probably agreed. Snoopy’s meant to talk like his speaking thoughts in the comic strip – but in the animated outings the writer Sparky Schulz decided to make him as a mime clown which didn’t work with the character which is worse than we expected to be, Snoopy’s not better than the Looney Tunes so I like Bugs Bunny or any Looney Tunes character than annoying mime characters so Snoopy deserves to be forgotten now get a life!

  104. Mdac says

    You should have called this list ” cartoon characters I hated the most”, because alot of the characters you mentioned are actually really good and you just gave really bad reasons for why they are the worst characters of all time. Sure, some were pretty bad, but still. Next time, get someone who has actually seen a good amount of cartoons.

  105. TomSwift says

    Tweety, Roadrunner never really annoyed me.

    Bonkers I liked: Yes, he’s annoying but he’s supposed to be. I thought it was funny.

    Angelica: For the longest time I thought her name was Aunt Gelica and I always thought it was weird that their aunt was only 3 years older than them.

    I would add Elmyra from Tiny Toons. She also killed Pinky and the Brain. A couple others I would like to add but can’t remember their names – unpopular characters don’t last long.

    Scrappy -Doo basically killed the show. I wonder if his unpopularity contributed to him being made the villain in the movie.

  106. Wolf says

    David Schwartz how old are you? all but maybe one or two of these were great from when cartoons were good. I personaly think you have no idea what you are talking about

  107. Jo Harely Bimion says

    Seriously? This is the best you could do? And I loved Orko, for your information.

  108. Baby Huey says

    I completely and utterly disagree about Porky Pig. He’s EXTREMELY FUNNY! You are right on point (mostly) about the Top 15 however!

  109. Teej says

    Peter Griffin is another annoying character. I always hated that fat bastard. And yes! The road runner is such an annoying sorr-azz excuse for a bird. Many episodes had my heart racing for his whack azz street feet to get the crap out of them.

    Porker Pork (in my opinion) however is a decent character. He plays an important role as a supporting character.

  110. Lazy list says

    Well, you happened to name Porky Pig, The Road Runner and Pepe Le Pew. Lazy additions when you couldn’t find any other of the hundreds of worse cartoon characters out there.

  111. Stephen Rhodes Treadwell says

    I disagree about all the Looney Tunes characters being great. I don’t think any were. They weren’t beautifully drawn & they weren’t very interesting.

  112. Craig Schulz says

    OYeah while the Looney Tunes were great back in the old days until 1951 which beginning to declined at the time thanks to that overated animator Chuck Jones by turning Bugs and Daffy into a unfunny imitation of Hope and Crosby for me I’m afraid, Treadwell I hate you Snoopy is boring and unfunny so I disagree with you too!

  113. DeathOfChaos says

    Worst list ever, it’s filled with more good cartoon characters than bad. Must be a troll list…

  114. anyone says

    Okay seriously you guys, take off the nostalgia goggles for a second, just to stop being blinded. Isn’t this HIS opinion? So even if you highly disagree w/him still respect his opinion instead of rustling your jimmies over this. There are some things I agree and disagree with him on, but you don’t see me getting all butthurt now, do you?

  115. anyone says

    Characters like Tweety, Speedy, and that kangaroo (I’m a Sylvester fan, as you can tell) are not that interesting. BUT pretty much the rest of the cast is.

    And how could you say they were not beautifully drawn? Termite Terrace had some of the best animators of all time!

  116. Bob says

    Agree with: Tweety Scrappy Orko Snark (ESPECIALLY) and Gazoo

    Haven’t Seen: He Man Dungeons and Dragons

    Otherwise this list is terrible

  117. Secret I.D says

    I hate deedee!!! From dexters laboratory i mean why am the only one? She ruins everything dexter does and her high pitched voice hearts the ears oh and lets not forget ed from ed, edd, and eddy he just screws everything up!!! Drives me nuts

  118. Miguel says

    Beast Boy from teen titans

    the most annoying and irritating character in the teen titan universe

  119. Bigg3469 says

    Here’s some that you forgot on your list
    1. Nose Marie from the Hanna-Barbera version of Pound Puppies who act like the worst Scarlett O’Hara in history!
    2.Dingo from Taz-Mania
    3.The Pussywillow Pixies from the Smurfs
    4. My Pet Monster
    5. The ENTIRE cast of The Get-Along Gang
    6.Pete’s wife and daughter from Goof Troop
    7.Pearl Slaghoople
    8.Becky from Tail Spin
    9.Mindy and her idiotic parents from Mindy and Buttons
    10.Nacho Bear

  120. Bigg3469 says

    Also don’t forget Look-Kee from She-Ra andThe Mighty B as well as Moronic Mini Me look a like from Mr T the animated series!

  121. Stephen Treadwell says

    Are you kidding? The Pink Panther’s a great cartoon character & his cartoons are both funny & clever!

  122. Forking says

    “Now, we are no fans of our neighbours over the Channel…”

    What the fuck is wrong with you? Is it cool to not like French people where you come from?