Top 20 Sopranos Moments (Spoilers)

We love The Sopranos ? almost too much.

There was a time when we would have been happy to see out the rest of our days munching on Jaffa Cakes and watching the latest goings on from the Mafia’s second most dysfunctional crime family.

We loved it that much.

In fact, we loved The Sopranos so much, we wanted to be a fat, balding Italian living in New Jersey ? just to see what it would be like.

It hits all the right notes ? get it?

But what are the best-ever Sopranos moments? Well, here are our favourites. Please send us yours.

20. Tony curb stomp

Tony Soprano curb-stomps a guy for saying said rude remarks to his daughter, Meadow.

19. Ill Tony shows he’s the boss

After being shot by Junior, things get a bit testy in the family as members jostle for position. But Tony re-asserts himself after coming out of his coma. Still physically frail, he picks a fight with his own bodyguard, kicking the crap out of the poor bloke before heading to a bathroom, where he doubles over and vomits.

18. Paulie horses around

There are so many Paulie moments, but we love the moment he gets a painting done of Tony Soprano looking like Napoleon.

17. Tony foils assassination attempt

The end of season one comes to a stunning climax as Tony gets the better of his would-be assassins beside a news stand.

16. Junior’s Brylcreem gag

Junior was a funny guy and made us crack up when he said: “The feds are so far up my ass that I can taste Brylcreem.”

15. Bobby Baccalieri Sr. whacking Mustang Sally and the Mexican friend

Bobby suddenly gets bad-ass.

14. Dr Melfi decides not to tell Tony about the rapist

OK, we all wanted Dr Melfi to get Tony to rip the guy who raped her a new one. But in an agonising session, she decides not to tell him. Brilliant TV.

13. Tony faints after seeing jar of Uncle Ben’s

One of the funniest moments ever, when, after having a fight with his daughter Meadow after making racist remarks about her new black boyfriend, Tony opens the cupboard only to see a jar of Uncle Ben’s and promptly has one of his panic attacks.

12. Tony being rather un-Christian about his sister

Despite his sister Janice outstaying her welcome, Carmela refuses to kick her out. “I can’t throw her out. It wouldn’t be Christian.” Tony’s response is sheer brilliance. “So, she’s a Buddhist. This shit works itself out!”

11. Vito is a what?

We start to see Married mobster Vito in a completely new light after he is spotted by Meadow’s boyfriend Finn giving a security guard a blow job.

10. Silvio is The Godfather

Silvio is one of the dark horses in The Sopranos and made us fall bout with his impression of Al Pacino. “Just when I thought I was out… they pulled me back in.”

9. Death of Philly Leotardo

OK, it was no way to go, but he deserved it. After doing his best to kill Tony, Leotardo finally gets his come-uppance in one of the most memorable whacks in the show. Talking to his wife through a car window at a Raceway gas station, he is suddenly shot in the head by Walden Belfiore, a soldier in the Gervasi crew of the DiMeo crime family. Leaving the grandchildren in the van, Leotardo’s wife rushes to Phil’s side in a panic. Unattended and still idling, the SUV idles forward and a wheel rolls over and crushes Phil’s skull, leading a witness to vomit. Just brilliant.

8. Big Pussy’s goes for a dip

After finding out his lifelong mate Sal “Big Pussy” Bonpensiero is an FBI rat, Tony invites him on a little boat trip, where Silvio and Paulie send him to a watery grave. Sad moment.

7. Janice Shows She’s A Soprano

We always knew behind that New Age crap beat the heart of murderous Italian thug. After mulling over whether or not kill the annoying Richie Aprile, Janice does Tony a favour by shooting him after he hit her during fight.

6. Ralph Cifaretto Comes Apart

Ralph was undoubtedly one of the stars of the show, but his constant insubordination was always going to mean a grisly death at the hands of Tony. And so it transpired, as Tony took exception to Ralph’s reaction to the news of his beloved racecourse being burned to death in a stable fire. “This is a hundred grand apiece (of insurance money)”, was Ralph’s insensitive reaction. The result? A superb fight in Ralph’s kitchen and his grisly ‘recycling’.

5. Goodbye Adriana

One of the saddest moments in the series as Adriana, the long-suffering girlfriend of Christopher, is finally outed as a rat and meet a lonely and undignified death at the hands of Silvio, crawling on her hands and knees.

4. The Big Showdown

Carmela gets a call from one of Tony’s ex-girlfriends and hits the roof. After years of putting up with his wandering ways, it’s the final straw and she gives him both barrels. Brilliant TV as years of baggage come out to bear.

3. “I Heard The Tapes, Ma”

We all knew who the real boss of The Sopranos was ? Tony’s mum Livia, who along with his Uncle Junior are caught on tape discussing getting him whacked. Tony finds out after hearing the tape and heads to the hospital, where his mum has just been admitted after having a stroke. Bending over her on the bed, he whispers, “I heard the tapes, Ma”. Her response? A broad smile. Scary woman.

2. Paulie and Christopher in the Pine Barrens

There are so many memorable moments from The Pine Barrens episode, when Paulie and Christopher almost freeze to death trying to track down a Russian. However, the moment which really stands out for us is when Tony tells Paulie all about the guy they are chasing. “He’s some sort of Russian green beret from the Interior Ministry who singlehandedly killed 16 Chechen rebels.” Paulie gets off the phone and tells Christopher: “The guy killed 16 Czechoslovakians and he’s an interior decorator”. Christopher pauses and says “Really? His place looked like shit”.

1. Tony goes to college

No episode better illustrates what The Sopranos is all about. We first see Tony, the doting dad, helping his daughter chose a college, before nipping off from the tour to brutally murder a guy who ratted out his family years back. Just brilliant.

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  1. Martin says

    I agree with a few of the “Sopranos moments” you have selected. Your grammar was atrocious. You should really take the time to edit your writing.

  2. says

    dude! I agree with one big mistake, no christopher? or when chris and paulie kill that p.o.s guy during his morning jog (i think his name is michael?)

  3. Don Corleone says

    Dear Mr. “Schwartz,” I wonder, as an “Italian,” could I post the best of say, Curb Your Enthusiasm and say that it makes you wanna be a “skinny, balding, Jew living in Beverly Hills.” Highly unlikely. Keep your comments to your own race.


  4. Lono says

    You got the bobby one wrong morons

    bobby SENIOR killed mustang sally not bobby JUNIOR as you picture. or referred to as getting bad-ass.

    wrong character

  5. Charles says

    There were so many good moments that the writer forgot about Tony offing Christopher (not to mention “We’re the Vipers!”).

    That’s a testament to the show.

  6. Rhayader says

    Lono is absolutely right. The Mustang Sally hit had nothing to do with Bobby Jr. It was Bobby Sr., returning to “the life” for a final blaze of glory.

    Great scene, no doubt. Just the wrong picture. Plus the line “Bobby suddenly gets bad-ass” implies it was the Bobby we have known all along, when that episode was the first time we met Bobby Sr.

  7. paul francis gaddzooks says

    Great list David but personally I would have placed Chris’s intervention at the top.

  8. says

    I really liked the Adriana character. It shows how cold-blooded some of the characters are, particularly in this scene, the Silvio character. Its a pity she dies worst in the woods.

  9. says

    I like when Ralphie Cifaretto goes to the Indian (Native American) activist and his assistant and tries to stop their protests about Columbus Day. He meets the guy and he indicates the women next to him and says “She’s my TA”. Ralphie, with undisguised sleazy leer, says “Yeah, I can see that”. He then sits down and taps out an Indian campfire drum beat on his shoe.