Top 16 Drinking Movies

Beer is the cornerstone of society. In ancient England, people would place their settlements where the best hops grew. And of course, it’s the same all over Europe. And now, beer has been fine-tuned to something approaching real science – and that’s what we learned when we attended the World Draughtmasters Event when we were taught how to pour the perfect pint by Marc Stroobandt.

But unfortunately, we can?t just spend all our time in bars. There are times when we have to work, look after children or something. And sometimes you have to write lists about people drinking in bars.

But, of course, the second best thing apart from enjoying a nice alcoholic beverage? is watching other people doing it. Well, actually, it?s not at all. It?s actually quite annoying, but for the purposes of this list, bear with us.

In movies, we love to see people cosying up with a nice snifter and saying funny things. But which are the finest movies about beer? Let?s take a look. Chin chin!

16. Barfly

Forget The Wrestler, this is Mickey Rourke’s finest hour.

15. Swingers

Jon Favreau and Vince Vaughan enjoy a responsible tipple in this cult classic.

14. The Hangover

A surprisingly good film about a stag night that goes horribly wrong.

13. The Big Lebowski

Would have been higher, but not strictly a movie about beer. However, there’s an awful lot of White Russians featured.

12. Days of Wine and Roses


Jack Lemmon in top form.

11. My Favourite Year

Best line: After stumbling into the wrong toilet, a lady tells him: ?This is for ladies only!?

To which Alan Swann, unzipping his fly, replies: ?So is *this*, ma’am, but every now and then I have to run a little water through it.?

10. Harvey


An advertisement for when you overdo it. No-one wants to consume so much the end up seeing a huge rabbit… do they?

9. Weird Science

The scene in which he is in the nightclub is the best scene in the movie.

8. The Lost Weekend


A superb movie – a lost classic.

7. Sideways


Who would have thought wine-tasting was so much fun?

6. Arthur


It’s how I would spend my time if I was a millionaire – apart from maybe the Liza Minelli bit.

5. The Legend of Drunken Master


Jackie Chan?s finest hour – and a bit.

4. Leaving Las Vegas


Nic Cage proves he can actually act.

3. Withnail & I

Richard E Grant gives one of the finest comedic performances of all time.

2. Old School


Where there is a Will, there is a way.

National Lampoon’s Animal House


The second most quotable movie of all time behind Withnail and I.

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