Top 15 Sexiest Female Politicians

With the US election happening tomorrow we’d thought we get in on the action – by doing the sexiest female politicians. There really are some out there, honest.

It’s not that we feel we could not offer anything substantial to the debate.  We just felt we should give the people what they want. By people, of course, we mean men. Well, straight ones at least. Oh, and not forgetting lesbians. Whatever.

Now, some of you may feel that it is terrible that a list about politicians is both unrepresentative and sexist. But we think it’s a perfect fit. Anyway, the point is wouldn’t politics be a lot more interesting if more politicians looked like this? We might actually give a toss that our countries are going down the toilet. Well, straight men and lesbians at least.

Of course, this concept of having sexy politicians has never really been embraced here in the UK. That’s why we are ashamed to say there is only one Briton on the list. It’s not that we are unpatriotic – it’s just that the women in the British cabinet mostly resemble roadkill. Unfortunately, we can’t speak for the male politicians in the UK. It’s not that we are sexist, it’s just that we all straight males. Apart from Heritage, who is, of course, a lesbian. Enjoy…

15. Rachida Dati

OK, so she’s not Carla Bruni, but France’s Minister of Justice is one French fancy we wouldn’t mind sampling.

14. Belinda Stronach

The Honourable Belinda Stronach MP proves there really are some good things about Canada.

13. Alessandra Mussolini

The granddaughter of Fascist dictator and general bad egg Benito Mussolini is the leader and founder of the national conservative political party Social Action and has been a member of the European Parliament since 2003. But while the former Playboy model and actress has certainly got her taste for politics and certain right wing tendencies from her grandfather, she certainly did not inherit his looks.

12. Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner

Cristina, the first elected female president of Argentina, is approaching her 60s and still looks pretty hot.

11. Ruby Dhalla

OK, so there is another reason to like Canada.

10. Sarah Palin

We are not even sure why she is on this list either. So confused.

9. Rona Ambrose

Rona is Canada’s current Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs, Minister of Western Economic Diversification and President of the Queen’s Privy Council for Canada. She is also a hottie.

8. Caroline Flint

The Don Valley MP and the Minister of State for Europe at least keeps the British end up.

7. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin

Currently serving as the sole member of the House of Representatives from South Dakota, Stephanie certainly has a winning smile.

6. Ségolène Royal

A former minister and prominent member of the French Socialist Party, Segolene proves there are some attractive Royals.

5. Strida Geagea

A Lebanese politicians with brains to match her beauty.

4. Yulia Tymoshenko

Ukraine’s Prime Minister was the juicy part of the Orange Revolution.

3. Tania Derveaux

Now, we really do need more politicians like the Nee party’s Tania Derveaux. While running for the Senate in the 2007 Belgian general election, she posed naked in an ad that promised to create 40,000 jobs, pictured above. The ad was intended as a parodic attack on other parties that made claims about job creation that NEE considered ridiculous. But Tania instead got requests back for ‘blow-jobs’ rather than jobs. But not one to shirk a challenge, she got her ‘blow-job assistant’ to heed the requests virtually, through a YouTube video. Unfortunately, it is no longer available, before you start looking.

2. Alina Kabaeva

Now a member of the Russian parliament, Alina is her country’s most successful rhythmic gymnast to date and is known for her ‘incredible flexibility’.

1. Maria Rosaria Carfagna

There really had to be only one winner. We love Italy.


  1. says

    And feminists moan that there aren’t enough women in politics. Here are fifteen, and they all have cracking norks. Don’t know what they’re complaining about.

  2. Joke Police says

    That’s not Segolene Royal, it’s Catherine Keener. They do look remarkably alike though.