Top 15 Sexiest Doctor Who Companions

Sonic screwdrivers out ? here?s the sexiest Doctor Who companions.

And for those of you who thought the hottest creatures in the universe to follow the Doctor around before Billie Piper was the Daleks, we have some good news ? the 953-year-old has been grooming young hotties for years.

In fact, some are so sexy they have been known to attract the occasional roving eye of even the most mean-hearted Cyberman.

But who are the hottest companions to melt the Doctor?s two hearts? Well, after several evenings armed only with DVD box sets and several boxes of tissues, Hecklerspray has come up with the answer.

Here we go.

15. Romana1
Actress: Mary Tamm
Doctor: Tom Baker

14. Romana 2
Actress: Lalla Ward
Doctor: Tom Baker

13. Sara Kingdom
Actress: Jean Marsh
Doctor: William Hartnell

12. Lady Christina de Souza
Actress: Michelle Ryan
Doctor: David Tennant

11. Susan Foreman
Actress: Carol Anne Ford
Doctor: William Hartnell

10. Zoe Heriot
Actress: Wendy Padbury
Doctor: Patrick Troughton

9. Astrid Peth
Actress: Kylie Minogue
Doctor: David Tennant

8. Sarah Jane Smith
Actress: Elisabeth Sladen
Doctor: Jon Pertwee / Tom Baker

7. Ace
Actress: Sophie Aldred
Doctor: Sylvester McCoy

6. Martha Jones
Actress: Freema Agyeman
Doctor: David Tennant

5. Peri Brown
Actress: Nicola Bryant
Doctor: Peter Davison / Colin Baker

4. Leela
Actress: Louise Jameson
Doctor: Tom Baker

3. Tegan Jovanka
Actress: Janet Fielding
Doctor: Tom Baker / Peter Davison

2. Rose Tyler
Actress: Billie Piper
Doctor: Christopher Eccleston / David Tennant

1. Amy Pond
Actress: Karen Gillan
Doctor: Matt Smith

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  1. says

    Zoe (Wendy Padbury) is so sexy that you include her in this list twice, yet she only makes #14 and #10? Are you lot on drugs? She was so gorgeous and awesomely sexy that she’d knock the others on this list in to a hat.

  2. JoeMomma says

    Based purely on the images above, not sure if that’s in the right order. But I’m not a massive Dr. Who fan. So whatever.

  3. Darn Yankee who fan says

    Sad to see Donna Noble didn’t make the list. Sigh, maybe its because I’m in my 40s now that the said redhead holds my fancy.

  4. Moorish says

    This list gets an INSTANT FAIL for having Mary Tamm at number 15. 15!! She is twice the woman of any of those in front of her, especially Billie My-Teef-Are-Too-Big Piper. And Tegan at No.3! And no Lalla Ward at all! Jesus wept.


  5. says

    Mary Tamm…. No!!! What was this list based on?
    What is Tegan even doing on this list? Susan!!! ??? – Polly was sexier than Susan..

    Where is Lalla Ward? Where is Donna?

    Zoe should be No 1. Catsuits rule…
    When has there ever been a sexier shot than Zoe mounting the Tardis console in the Mind Robber?

  6. Lucille says

    Well being a woman I think Romana I (Mary Tamm) and Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman) were sexy because they are both pretty, intelligent and their characters had a sense of humor.

    Amy (Karen Gillian) is pretty but seems like she’s on vacation while traveling with the Doctor; there is no depth at least not yet, perhaps we

  7. steve says

    Ah, Ace and Zoe – they could hang on to my TARDIS console anytime!

    But Sara Kingdom? Huh? Why? JM is a great actress, but sex symbol????!!!!

  8. says

    Hey, why isn’t John Barrowman on the list? I know that this list is geared towards female companions, but Captain Jack is one sexy man. He even caught the Doctor’s eye!

  9. Michael says

    My top 5 would be
    1. Karen Gillan (Amy)
    2. Louise Jameson (Leela)
    3. Wendy Padbury (Zoe)
    4. Billie Piper (Rose)
    5. Mary Tamm (Romana I)

  10. says

    Rose was never sexy. She was likable, charming, lovely…all that, but she never exuded sexiness, at least not for me.

    Peri oozed pure sex, and Leela too, in a more animal base fashion…in 3rd place I’d have Amy (Amy, wait your turn I said!).

  11. Terence says

    1. Mary Tamm. Fearless, and composed, since she trusted her Doctor and Canine to get her out of trouble. Unflappable, , with a classy, foretelling arched eyebrow.. and angel white attire.
    3. Peri Brown. For those who fancy a soft, cute, helpless,vulnerable, always frightened child at your side.
    4. Leela. For Peri’s opposite.
    2. Agree with all of Lucille’s post above on attractive character traits!

  12. jim digris says

    Lalla Ward was very pretty and alluring but sadly very lacking in the area between her waist and her neck (.)(.) Louise Jameson was not as good looking and also just as lacking in that area but her strong personality was strangely alluring. Mary Tamm was gorgeous in every way except her initial personality which was unpleasant to say the least, but she did warm up towards the end. Billie Piper gets my vote every time, hot figure, gorgeous face and wonderful personality.