Top 13 Sci-Fi Babes

They are the women that drive men to warp fact five – the sex sirens of space.

Nothing quite gets you through the dull talk about black holes and plasma shields than the sight of a sexy girl in a spacesuit.

Well, grab hold of your lightsabres because hecklerspray has combed the length and breadth of the galaxy to come up with the hottest girls ever to appear in a sci-fi movie or TV programme.

13. Dana Scully from X Files

The list would not be the same without her.

12. Charlize Theron – Aeon Flux in Aeon Flux

Ok, the film was a huge, steaming pile of turd, but she looked really hot.

11. Jessica Alba – Max Guevera in Dark Angel

Does Dark Angel count as sci-fi? Who cares! It’s Jessica Alba for God’s sake.

10. Natalie Portman – Queen Amidala in the Star Wars prequels

She is the only reason to see the Star Wars prequels.

9. Milla Jovovich – Leeloo in The Fifth Element

We’re not sure if it’s the orange dreadlocks, the dodgy accent or the incredible body, but we certainly enjoyed MIlla time.

8. Jeri Ryan – Seven Of Nine from Star Trek Voyager

There is a part of us that finds this a bit odd. She is half human and half cybernetic drone for crying out loud. But there’s something about a skin-tight grey jumpsuit and a metal eyebrow that really hits the mark. Seven of Nine? More like nine of out 10.

7. Ashley Judd – Robin Lefler in Star Trek Generation

Definitely the sexiest girl ever to appear on the Star Trek: Next Generation. Actually, that’s not that hard. Maybe we need a rethink.

6. Erin Gray – Wilma from Buck Rogers

Possibly a controversial choice, but we do not care. Put it this way, why else would you put up with that stupid, twatting robot? It’s like Lost now. We’ve almost come to hate the fact we’re still watching that heap of dung. But then we see Kate and everything seems okay again.

5. Grace Park from Battlestar Galactica

The second sexiest toaster in Battlestar Galactica.

4. Sigourney Weaver – Ripley in the Alien series

Now there is no doubt that Sigourney Weaver started to look a bit ropey by the end of the Alien franchise – just like the films! But there is something about a girl who can kick the shit out of bad ass, stomach-bursting aliens that really gets the old juices flowing. And let’s face it, you still would.

3. Number Six from Battlestar Galatica

Has a toaster ever looked that sexy?

2. Jane Fonda in Barbarella

It hardly counts as science fiction – more like one big sexual innuendo (maybe it should be called Carry on Up The Black Hole) – but the opening sequence alone makes her a must on this list.

1. Carrie Fisher – Princess Leia in Star Wars trilogy

For anyone who wants to argue, we have two words for you: gold bikini. This writer will never forget the day I went to see Return of the Jedi. I was a fresh-faced nine-year-old boy, but by the time I left, I was a man. Life was never quite the same after that.

Honourable mentions:
Starbuck from Battlestar Galactica
Carrie-Anne Moss in The Matrix trilogy
Morena Baccarin in Firefly
Monica Bellucci in The Matrix Revolutions



  1. Rob Delaney says

    mmmmmm…. Jeri Ryan…. Mmmmmmm…
    And she’s good in Dracula 2000 as news reporter Valerie Sharp, mainly for the classic line (to cameraman):
    Valerie Sharp: Can you see my face? Camera Man: Yeah. Valerie Sharp: Okay. Can you see my tits?
    Yes, Jeri, yes we can. God bless ’em.

  2. Bob Pearson says

    Don’t watch too much sci-fi I see. You must be a casual fan.

    I am 49 so I believe we may be of similar age because of some of your selections).

    Grace Park blows away Katie Sackoff (Starbuck? Only if you like don’t like horse tooth women. I assume you think John Elway is handsome.) and Ashley Judd? Me thinks you have horrid taste in women.

    Carrie Fischer looks great in a slave girl outfit but No. 1?

    Well, there is no accounting for taste.

    Sci-Fi is heavily dominated by dark eyed exotic looking women.

    My List (much better than yours but still my personal choices):

    25) Claudia Christian (Cmdr. Susan Ivanova in Babylon 9)
    24) Claudia Black (Aeryn in Farscape, Vala in Stargate: SG1
    23). Uma Thurman (Dr. Rachel Porter in Paycheck, Irene Cassini in Gattaca)
    22). Melinda O. Fee (Dr. Kate Westin On The Invisible Man (1975)
    21). Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia of Star Wars and ONLY in Slave Girl Costume)
    20). Erin Gray (Wilma in Buck Rogers in the 25th
    19). Summer Glau (River on Firefly, Cameron Philips on The Sarah Connor Chronicles)
    18). Jolene Blalock (T’Pol in Enterprise)
    17). Nana Visitor (Major. Kira Nerys)
    16) Marina Sirtis (Counselor Deanna Troi in Star Trek: TNG)
    15). Eva Habermann (Zev in Lexx – The Dark Zone”).
    14). Lexi Doig (Andromeda Ascendant on Andromeda)
    13). Carrie-Anne Moss (Trinity in The Matrix trilogy).
    12). Tricia Helfer (Number Six – Battlestar Galactica)
    11). Sigourney Weaver (Ripley in Alien series)
    10). Sean Young (Rachel in Blade Runner)
    09). Xenia Seeberg (Xev in Lexx TV Series).
    08). Morena Baccarin (Inara on Firefly, Adria on Stargate: SG1)
    07). Francis O’Connor (Monica Swinton from A.I.)
    06). Linda Park (Hoshi on Enterprise).
    05). Grace Park (Athena)
    04). Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine)
    03). Mathilda May (Alien in Lifeforce)
    02). Barbara Carerra (Victoria Spencer in Embryo)
    01). Monica Bellucci (Persephone in The Matrix Revolutions)

  3. bvocal says

    kinda lame list.
    how about lt. Yar Star Trek Generation.
    and what about the queen of the Borg?
    just for 2…

  4. says

    You need to watch more sci-fi!

    Tricia Helfer, Jolene Blalock, Morena Baccarin should be on that list, while you remove Scully, Jeri Ryan, and Sigourney Weaver.

    Seriously!? Sigourney Weaver!? Ew Ew Ew! Great actress. Definitely not hot or a babe!

  5. Alan says

    I realize that most of you youngsters have limited empirical knowledge to base your decisions upon, but Linda Harrison (Nova from the first Planet of the Apes) should make any list before some actress that had a bit part of role in TNG, or that shitty series called Enterprise.  And Charlize Theron, while quite attractive, hardly does she a Sci-Fi character make.  The cartoon depiction of Aeon was so much hotter.

  6. casbar says

    Sorry but the hottest chic on Next Generation was not Ashley Judd nor Marina Sertis.. it was Famke Jansen. I suppose I could just have better taste though.

  7. ad says

    Why the hell is grace park on this list?  Yeah, she has a cute face, but a body like an underfed 11 year old boy.

  8. WATDAFUX says

    CARRIE FISCHER? The list was looking pretty good up until then. Did someone pay you to put that there? Geez. She was ugly in the 70s, let alone now.

  9. says

    Bob Pearson wrote:"Lexi Doig (Andromeda Ascendant on Andromeda)"^Totally agree. I was shocked (shocked!) to find that she was left off the list. As Bob points out, the person who wrote this article is either a) young or b) new to sci-fi. Throwing Jane Fonda as Barbarella into the mix is a nice nod to the old school, but she’s not nearly as hot as Lexi Doig, Summer Glau, Claudia Christian, et al. And for good measure I’d throw in:Anne Francis  –  Altaira Morbius in Forbidden PlanetPatricia Neal – Helen in The Day the Earth Stood StillGrace Lee Whitney – Janice Rand in Star Trek (Original Series)Melody Anderson – Dale Arden in Flash GordonNatasha Henstridge – Sil in SpeciesTerry Farrell – Jadzia Dax in Star Trek: Deep Space NineTeri Hatcher – Lois Lane in Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of SupermanGabrielle Anwar- Marti in Body Snatchers (1993)

  10. Matt says

    The floating add that moves made me want to rip my eyes out. Never visiting this site again on principle.

  11. bo(y) says

    Jolene is very under-rated. Lets have another decontamination scene :-)
    gir(l)   Don’t worry, a top ten sexiest men in SciFi will be along soon………………… 

  12. Chris KnowsALL says

    WOW how did yall miss T pol from Enterprise. I mean she is a super hot in the show and outside of the show[IMG][/IMG]

  13. Bill Thompson says

    OMG Erin Grey hands down Winner. OMG she was SOOOO Hot! Who didnt have a crush on her!  http;//www.Fireme.To/udi

  14. Marshall says

    Come on, no mention of Sean Young as Rachel in Blade Runner? D’uh! She burns the screen up.

  15. says

    I love embedded video as much as the next guy but I dont think a youtube clip is better for a list like this. It couldn’t have been that hard to find pictures that would have served the purpose just as well.

  16. RickJames says

    Monica Belucci from Matrix Revolutions is in at least the top six, bro.  Her walk alone is boner-inducing, but when you add the lips, her classic french beauty, and the fact that she made Carrie-Ann Moss look and feel like a Five  competing with a Ten, Belucci should definitely make the top five or six on this list.

  17. james says

    What about Jessica Beil (Next) , Megan Fox (Transformers), Jennifer Beals (Dr M), Nichole Egert (The Demolitionist), Mia Kirshner (War of the Worlds – tv series),  Chase Masterson (letta – deep space nine), terri hatcher (TNG), and Christina Hendricks (FireFly).
    Good call with Mathilda May.

  18. Nick D says

    I say Kari wuhrer from Sliders is the hottest, I think I jerked off to her a thousand times.

  19. osric says

    OMG how could you leave out Louise Jameson as Leela in Doctor Who??? She is my #1! Maybe we need a separate Doctor Who list altogether…

  20. ham says

    If you’re going to put Princess Leia on this list, why not be original? Her snowbunny outfit from EMPIRE was way sexier than that cheesy bellydancer garb.Oh, and seconding Justina Vail. Dang, but that lady made an impression.

  21. toolahroolahroolah says

    Lwaxana Troi, she’ll pin YOU against the transporter! Certainly more fun than her daughter.
    And how can any list leave out the Mothra twins or the girls of Lost in Space. LOL 

  22. says

    What about Elmira Bandersnatch from
    Escape From Space Mountain, or
    Milton from Office Space, or HEY!!! wait! I just realized
    that there is not one single midget on your list,
    you sizist cunts! Everyone knows that in the future
    all space travel will be done by midgets to cut
    down on costs, and yet not one single Sexy Space Midget
    on your pathetic hateful list! H8ters!

    With limited resources the answer is clear: downsizing!
    Save the Planet! Fuck a midget!

  23. coffeerox says

    wtf wheres Amanda Tapping [Samantha Carter], this list is mad fake.  Most of the list is populated by women who aren’t even in or are listed from a show that was Sci-Fi.  Movies don’t count, they haven’t been in the game long enough to deserve a spot with women from actual Sci-Fi that’s been there for years.

  24. Bob Pearson says

    Mr. Schwartz modified the list from this morning. Just go to Google and put in “Top 13 Sci-Fi Babes” and look at the CACHED copy.

    His original list had no honorable mentions and had Starbuck at #5.

    Mr. Schwartz’s original list was:

    13. Number Eight (Grace Park) from Battlestar Galactica
    12. Charlize Theron – Aeon Flux in Aeon Flux
    11. Jessica Alba – Max Guevera in Dark Angel
    10. Natalie Portman – Queen Amidala in the Star Wars prequels
    9. Milla Jovovich – Leeloo in The Fifth Element
    8. Jeri Ryan – Seven Of Nine from Star Trek Voyager
    7. Ashley Judd – Robin Lefler in Star Trek Generation
    6. Erin Gray – Wilma from Buck Rogers
    5. Starbuck from Battlestar Galatica
    4. Sigourney Weaver – Ripley in the Alien series
    3. Number Six from Battlestar Galatica
    2. Jane Fonda in Barbarella
    1. Carrie Fisher – Princess Leia in Star Wars trilogy

    He had Katee Sackoff as five on his list. She is horse toothed, has crappy skin and to me is not sexy AT ALL. I love her character though. He had her nearer to the top of the list than Jeri Ryan! Now he has dropped her.

    At least have the courage to stand by your original picks and not edit them!


  25. Itaintrite says

    01). Monica Bellucci (Persephone in The Matrix Revolutions)Amen to that :) Seriously… when she’s on the screen, who gives a frak whether or not the human race and Zion survive :)

  26. says

    Well, I have caused a bit of a stir with my ‘uniformed’ comments. Writing a list is never  easy, especially when you  have an army of geeks ready to shoot you down.

    But can I just say,
    1. It’s only a list and a bit of fun

    2. Bob Pearson – you got me. I did change my list, mainly because I wrote it about six months ago and Stu has only published it now. Plus, I changed my mind. Am I not allowed to do that then? I forgot Dana Scully.

    3. What is really annoying is when people say youshould have included x, when x is alrady on the list. Can you read?

    4. Some of these choices, like Buffy, are not sci-fi.

    Peace off

  27. JESUS EGGS says

    Schwartz simply left off ‘Populist’ from the headline. That was his major mistake.Many of these comments just confirm that sci-fi fans are essentially DOUCHEBALLS with sandy flanges. I knew it in school and I know it now.

  28. Joke Police says

    Mmmm, an intriguing insight into the workings of Hecklerspray. I wonder if Stu writes the Big Brother betting odds six months before they’re published.

    Anyway, enough of all this geekery. You’re all clogging up the New Comments box and I need to be alerted if Bellinghaus has made a welcome return.

  29. gir says

    Apparently all the readers of hecklerspray are emotionally stunted twerps who try to relate to women by watching them in science-fiction-y things.  News flash, idiots: try changing that oh-so-hilarious condescending/self-referential t-shirt, taking a shower, and leaving your fucking house for a change.  Who knows, maybe one day in the bright future, you might be able to touch a girl without being separated by a CRT or LCD.

  30. Stabby McGee says

    I don’t care whether she is "horse toothed", Mr Pearson, I’d have Katee Sackhoff ‘on my wing’ any day of the week.  Not sure what I mean by that, but humour me and try to extrapolate something vaguely smutty from it.
    No matter what anyone says about Carrie Fisher (That’s FISHER, for all you illiterate C-unts out there), she was never hot.  OK, maybe in Blues Brothers, but that’s it.  That gold bikini is so fucking overrated.

  31. Ads says

    and what about Daryl Hanna as Pris in Blade Runner.  Her & Sean Young alone make that a must see film!

  32. Tenchiro says

    It isn’t a list without Xenia Seeburg as Xev Bellringer from Lexx!  Not to mention Billie Piper as Rose from Dr Who.It is a decent list of American Sci-Fi babes, but it could be way more inclusive.

  33. Calvyn says

    Angelina Jolie / Lara Croft – Tomb Raider.. The slow run scene that turned many 12 year old boys into men..

  34. Moo Joo says

    Naturally any list is going to be wholly subjective. But I did find a few real cuties there. Thanks for the reminder!

  35. Bob Pearson says

    Mr. Schwartz has every right to change his list. Hell, I wrote mine yesterday and I really want to modify now. :-)

    Kudos (and respect) for telling the truth and yeah, my list would change according to my mood and what kind of day I was having? Six months? Hell, it would not resemble the same except maybe the Top Five.

    I cheated and COULD NOT keep mine to 13! A Top 13 would be VERY HARD!

    And yes, it would be nice if people read the comments. Some great stuff.

    And I read tons of sci-fi without Babes! Sorry but I do like attractive babes to watch.

    I also don’t consider comic series (Superheroes) to be Sci-Fi but disagree that a Sci-Fi babe does not include those from films.

    Carrie Fischer was ULTRA hot in the slave girl outfit in Return of the Jedi when it came it. You have to be able to view it from the time (year) it happened. I realize that for those who did not, that is a bunch of crap. Sigourney Weaver was SO HOT undressing into her space suit (in cute panties and a short top) in Alien that you had to see it back when it came out. She was also (for then) a very unique character in sci-fi. The super strong, touch woman.

    On the Grace Park thing on her looking like a 11 year old boy, there are many beautiful women that do not have huge boobs. She is killer. You just need to see the scene in BSG where she is doing Nude Tai Chi to fall in total love.

    Linda Park did not enter my list until I saw the “Through a Mirror Darkly” episodes from Enterprise as a Femme Fatale. As they said, they put the Ho’ in Hoshi.

    Love Caroline Munro but could not think of anything she was in, though I tried.

    Thank you.

  36. aRt says

    Yes, it would be nice if ‘Ever’ included those years before Nintendo existed.

    Yvette Mimieux: Weena
    The Time Machine c1960

    One of the hottest actresses of all-time.

  37. bonobo says

    Natalie Portman should be included, but was far hotter in V for Vendetta with the shaven head than the ridiculous Star Wars outfits.

  38. Ben says

    They got chicks from back in the 70s in this list but no mention of Amanda Pays?  And Claudia Christian not mentioned until the Comments section?  Give me a break.

  39. tcjuggalo says

    oh come the fuck on! carrie ann moss is not hot in any way shape or form, she is so jagged and homely i wanna vomit everytime she gets undressed!

  40. TyL3RnoL says

    Ummmmmmm I believe EVERYBODY missed a little cutie by the name os Kess (not sure of the real name) from Star Trek: Voyager….She was something else!!!

  41. gir says

    AHAHAHA an icp fan insulting someone’s appearance classic.  But this could indicate some subcultural shift in standards of feminine beauty: since all female icp fans are fat white trash, perhaps male icp fans necessarily find themselves attracted to fat white trash.  After all, the only kind of person that can stand a juggalo is another juggalo.

  42. Rob Delaney says

    Anyone who suggests Lt Yar from ST:TNG is wrong in the head. Period. She’s a bloke.
    Ditto Marina Sirtis, without the bloke connotations. Not nice. In fact, i don’t think St:TNG had any attractive women in it AS MAIN CHARACTERS.
    Claudia Black in Stargate is better than claudia Black in Farscape.
    Nana Visitor: Wrong
    Teri Farrell (Jadzia Dax) = Good call!
    You fucking nerds.

  43. Bob Pearson says

    Mr. Delaney?

    We cry all the way to the bank.

    You non-fucking non-nerd. :-p

    Have another beer or joint or whatever. Now go cry to mommy!


    I love you. Your cute in an idiot sort of way.

  44. freddyferret says

    Ashley Judd is hot, but not necessarily the hottest to appear on ST:TNG.  Famke Janssen appeared on an episode of TNG, she kind of had a thing with Captain Picard.  Of course Famke was also Jean Grey in the X-Men movies, which should qualify as sci-fi.  A lot of other good ones listed in the comments too.Terri Farrell – YES!  Tall and BEAUTIFUL!Marina Sirtis – eh, maybe.  She was ok but not all that hot.  She certainly hasn’t aged well.Denise Crosby (Tasha Yar) – WTF??  I saw her on Red Shoe Diaries once, almost threw up.  She does not look good without clothes.  Not that she looks all that great with clothes.Nana Visitor – eh, maybe again.  She was ok, not ugly like Crosby but not all that hot either.

  45. Matt says

    I know she’s animated and all, but Leela from Futurama is the hottest one eyed chick on TV.

  46. Bob Pearson says

    Dear Gir,

    Get your ass out of that bong!

    Lick my asshole and give me a reach around. Then do my house cleaning. If you are nice, I might let you clean my toilets with your tongue.

    Love You. You’re very cute in an inarticulate kind of way! :: kiss kiss ::

  47. Rob Delaney says

    … why do you think we’re all on drugs?
    (Stu, is this the most comments on any story (apart from pointing out that pete Wentz plays bass)?)

  48. Joke Police says

    Rob – The World’s Biggest Penis thread has 171 comments and counting.

    Bob – may I introduce you to Mark Bellinghaus and Ernest Cunningham.

  49. Bob Pearson says

    Dear Mr. Delaney,

    You are not a nerd. Please leave all the thinking to us, you will just get confused.

    Don’t worry your pretty little head (well both little heads) about it.

    Just stare blankly at the screen and sound out the words.

    Yo hater!

    If you are out of high school and “hate nerds” you are small minded at best. At some point, you will learn live and let live without hating someone because they are different than you.

    Assholes like you are the reason tragedies like Columbine happen (very seriously). Popular people picking on less popular people. Well it ain’t high school anymore (or you are in high school).

    Grow the fuck up.

    Life is going to have many surprises for you.


  50. gir says

    ahahahahah looks like someone’s a little grumpy.  whats the matter, are you hungry because your lunch money got stolen?

  51. says

    Bob, here’s a news flash:
    you not a very bright person.
    You see yourself as a victim, as well as a nerd.
    Doubtless the world will comply and heap
    abuse onto your stooped and hapless shoulders.
    In fact, your self-concept as revealed in these
    posts is simply astonishing.
    Put down the doughnuts and take a breather, sport.
    I urge a visit to the local mental health facilities.

  52. Tim B. says

    Jane Fonda is a commie loving whore that went to the enemies capital while American soldiers were being tortured in POW camps.

  53. gir says

    Tim, that only makes her hotter to the types that frequent hecklerspray.  Or at least it would, if we weren’t all HUGE HOMOS who are bent on destroying America and marriage (by getting married, how dastardly) and corrupting all children by being all gay and shit.

  54. Bob Pearson says

    If you folks knew what you are talking about you wouldn’t be so full of shit.

    As they say, opinions are like assholes. Most of them are full of shit.

    I am 49 and have had no abuse put on me for being a geek. In High school I beat the shit out of several jocks. One baseball player did beat the shit out of me. I was a geek but I could and did fight. I took three classes the year ahead of me in high school and teen aged boys do not need a reason to fight.

    I just hate haters.

    My life has been very kind to me.

    I do not hate people because they are different. I just hate some who are assholes.

    People are people. There are good and bad ones but they aren’t in groups per se.

    Being smart does not someone good or bad and frankly I have met many intelligent assholes. Far too many. I judge people for who they are and what the believe. What is important to them,

    But it does not take a big person to object to someone loving sci-fi or commenting on a sci-fi related article.

    Put your pop psychology back in your bag. Take a nerd to lunch. ;-p

    Troll on. :-p This fish ain’t biting today.

  55. says

    That’s a pretty big non-bite you’ve got there Dr. Bob.
    Thanks for sharing your high school experience with us.
    When exactly will it end?

    “I just hate haters.” Ummmm. Better rethink that one.

    p.s. I’ll give you back your lunch money if you can think of something
    to say that isn’t stupid by the end of recess. Turd basket.

  56. Alejandro says

    WTF?? How about TPOL!!! from star trek enterpise
    Jolene Blalock is her name, and she is the hottest

  57. gman says

    Rubbish is the only word to describe this,

    Some of the hottest sci-fi babes ever by character name. Barbarella , Zev “both of them”, Gianna, Col Deering, Linda Carter as WW, too many to list not included here. :(