Top 10 Weirdest Celebrity TV Commercials

Celebrities have always endorsed tat to make a bit of extra coin for themselves. They’re a brazen bunch, willing to sign up to almost anything. It’s almost impressive really. They’re nakedly greedy and don’t mind showing it off.

From Iggy Pop’s dodgy insurance commercials to Chubby Checker endorsing his own beef jerky, there’s always someone trying to steal a coin from your pocket.

However, marketing and pop culture – as intertwined as they may be – don’t mix too well sometimes. This is why we’re going to have a look at some of the more peculiar celebrity endorsements.

Of course, when compiling lists such as this, there will always be omissions.

So, here’s the bit where we say: Have we missed your favourite out? If so, stop your stupid whining and tell us about it in the comments so we can all see just how brilliant you are. Okay?

Is that all cleared up now?

Should bloody think so too. Complaining swine.

Anyway, this is mere fluff, designed to wrap the text around this stupid advert we’ve got in the middle of our articles.

Let us proceed in watching some videos shall we?

Warren G Helps You With Your Erection Problems

We we heard that Nate Dogg and the G Child were in need of something eeeeelse, we didn’t know it was cock-drops, administered while the G-Funker was on the pan taking a dump. Expert advertising.

Rolling Stones Sell Cereal

Who would have ever thought that The Rolling Stones were money obsessed! It is really very surprising news for all concerned!

Mikhail Gorbachev Sells Junk Food

Oh look! The Cold War was ended by Mikhail’s fondness for pizza! And no, he hasn’t spilled a bit of the tomato base on his head, you monsters.

James Brown Sells Noodle Soup

While JB making a fast buck ain’t nothing to jerk in astonishment over, the commercial itself really is. Absolutely baffling.

Andy Warhol… well… uh…

This. This is a very strange commercial indeed.

Ringo Starr Joins The Monkees

What do you get if you cross The Beatles and The Monkees? The Byrds? Who knows? This started off as a joke, but alas, we didn’t think of a proper punchline. You’re being warned with peace and love and all that.

OJ Simpson’s Car Commercial

OJ Simpson’s most famous moment is… well… probably that bit in Naked Gun when he has an accident in a wheelchair. His second most known spot was when he went on the run from the law in a motorcar. Funny then, that he did an advert for car hire.

Dusty Flogs Bread

Possibly the greatest voice in pop gets to sing about Mothers Pride bread. Seems a bit daft. Still, not nearly as daft as when Blue sang about Mother’s Pride in their hit, ‘All Rise’.

Brad Pitt wants you to buy loads of crisps

Look! It’s Brad Pitt from Seven and Twelve Monkeys. What a fine, fine actor he is! He really gets to show his thespian skills in this Pringles spot.

Bruce Willis sells something or other

We’ve no idea what it is that Bruce is selling here, but we do know that it is both wet and dry, as well as giving Willis the ability to do a cheeky little ballet move at 0.12 in this commercial

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  1. Cookie Monster says

    I didn’t make it past “Chubby Checker endorsing his own beef jerky”. There is something so wrong about that combination of words.