Top 10 Retro Cartoons

The word retro is often misused. People tend to mean ‘old’, rather than something new, that looks vintage. That’s what retro is. Anyway, we got thinking about retro things and, in particular, cartoons.

That’s because cartoons are the best thing ever, ever, EVER.

Of course, there was a golden age of cartoons with Bugs Bunny, Tom & Jenny, Roadrunner et all, providing us with snappy jokes, immediate punchlines and amazing, hair-raising action! But cartoons didn’t stop being good. In fact, in recent years, some ‘toons have tried to recreate that vintage animation spectacle, capturing the spirit of getting hit in the face with a pan, or better yet, a complete and utter disregard for being remotely realistic. In short, let’s look at the best retro cartoons!

Naturally, being retro cartoons, they have to be pretty modern, yet hark back to a different age. It goes without saying that all cartoons owe something to The Flintstones or Elmer Fudd, but we’re interested in those that explicitly lean on the great cartoons of yesteryear.

Sometimes it’s in the spirit of the show, sometimes you’ll find it in the drawings themselves.

What got us thinking about old ‘toons was M?ller’s w?nderful stuff campaign that brings back Muttley, The Mr Men and Yogi Bear. We loved all those shows. If you haven’t seen the commercial yet (seriously? It’s everywhere!), have a look at it now.

Anyway, onto our favourite cartoons, all that definitely a vibe of the past about them. You’re advised to disagree with us and spout off in the comments.

Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends

Johnny Bravo

Ren & Stimpy

Dexter’s Lab

Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Adventure Time

Power Puff Girls

Fairly OddParents

The Regular Show

Samurai Jack

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  1. Robin Darke says

    Regular Show is one of the greatest shows on TV. If you do get the chance to catch it on Cartoon Network, you can probably thank Hecklerspray in your will and testament.

    We’ll take all your kettles if they’re up for grabs.