Top 10 Racist Celebrity Rants

Jonathan Rhys Meyers is known for being a loud and abusive drunken idiot, so it’s quite refreshing to hear a new twist on his persona and here it is: He?s now allegedly a loud and abusive, racist drunken idiot! And he?s going back to rehab. Again.

After drinking vodka shots a JFK airport lounge before 7am and getting completely shitfaced, airport staff refused to allow the Irish actor on to his flight to LA.

Jonathan was quite rightly outraged at this – after all, why can’t a world famous actor, who has already been into rehab three times before, having already been arrested for being drunk at an airport twice, neck a bucketful of vodka and stagger on to a plane, allegedly hurling racist slurs at staff? Eh? Don?t they know WHO HE IS???

So he did what any self-respecting Hollywood piss artist would do and lashed out furiously, liberally using the N-word for good measure. And even for a spoilt, drunken idiot, that?s low?

JRM presumably expected his offensive nonsense to be greeted with:

“Hey! I was going to throw you off this plane and have you arrested until you called me that – but now I’m going to upgrade you to first class and get the two prettiest stewardesses to suck you off”.

If he did, he was quite wrong.

Anyway, that?s enough of that sozzled, bigoted cretin. Here are ten more!

10 – One of Hollywood?s most notorious right-wingers, John Wayne was quoted as saying, ?I believe in white supremacy until the blacks are educated to a point of responsibility. I don’t feel guilty about the fact that five or ten generations ago these people were slaves?, in a 1971 interview with Playboy magazine. A staunch nationalist, the measure of the man comes when you discover that he actively dodged army enlistment during WW2. Maybe he probably didn?t want to hurt any of those Nazis, what with their lovely ideas on racial purity and all.

9 – Mel Gibson isn?t racist though (if you ignore the horrendously anti-Semitic things he said to that policewoman and forget that every film he?s ever directed has persecuted a race, religion or nationality).

8 – Jay-Z: ?If you having girl problems, I feel bad for you, son. I got 99 problems and one of them is the bad publicity I received after I refused to let any white people into my Brits after-party this year.?

7 – We reported how John Mayer somehow managed to make himself even less likeable after some choice words to Playboy this year. NOTE TO CLOSET RACISTS: Don?t agree to interviews with Playboy?

6 – “I don’t care if she’s a Mexican, a whore or whatever. It’s not because she’s black, it’s because we use the word n****r sometimes here. I’m not gonna take a chance ever in life of losing everything I’ve worked for 30 years because some fucking n****r heard us say n****r and turned us in to the Enquirer magazine.” Duane Chapman aka Dog The Bounty Hunter was heard ranting this little doozy during a phone call with his son Tucker, demanding he split up with his black girlfriend. Bad dog! In your bed!

5 – “Our little Paki friend.” Prince Harry’s charming description during a video diary of an Asian member of his army platoon a couple of years back. Whether he said this while wearing his proper army gear or while dressed in a Nazi uniform like he wore to a fancy dress party in 2005, is unclear. A Nazi uniform that probably belonged to his great-grandad.

4 – Amy Winehouse was videoed in a drugged-up state by her prick of a husband Blake Fielder-Civil in 2007. The clip shows her and a friend singing: “Blacks, Pakis, Gooks and Nips, Gooks and Nips” to the tune of children’s song Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes. Five Grammys and Three Ivor Novellos she has.

3 – Michael Richards, from Seinfeld, made a bit of a boo-boo/committed career suicide when he said to two black audience members during a stand-up set:

“Fifty years ago, we’d have you upside down with a fucking fork up your ass.You can talk, you can talk, you’re brave now motherf****r. Throw his ass out. He’s a n****r! He’s a n****r! He’s a n****r! A n****r, look, there’s a n****r!”

2 – A video of quarterwit human blow-up doll Paris Hilton dancing to a Biggie Smalls track with her sister Nicky and using racist language was leaked on the internet in 2007. Racist or just stupid? Possibly both, who cares?

1 – Rocketing in at number one like a big ol? racist rocket, it’s our old friend Charlie Sheen. Here?s the transcript of a voice message he left to his ex-wife Denise Richards in 2008. The important thing to remember about Denise is that she?s white.

“I hope you rot in fuckin? hell. You’re a piece of shit, fuckin? liar. ? I hope I never fuckin? talk to you again you f****ng c**t. You’re a coward and a liar and a f****ng n*****.”

The Two And a Half Men irritant later issued an apology for his ?choice of words??

What, Charlie? You meant to call her a ?liar and a f**kin’ honky????

To one and all, Hecklerspray says, ?Boooooooooooo?.!?

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  1. says

    Prince Harry’s infamous Nazi great-grandfather, King George VI? The fella in the old footage from the war wearing a British uniform standing next to Churchill? That fella?

  2. Lee says

    You forgot Sarah Silverman’s chink comment on Conan. I think many celebrities probably say racist things privately and sometimes they get caught saying things they don’t really mean, because they’re so used to saying things or thinking that way themselves, this doesn’t necessarily mean they want to kill or hurt anyone regardless of someone’s race, religion, homosexuality, etc. It may have to do with the way they were raised, but it still hurts though when one hears these racist comments from people you admire.

  3. Skyler says

    Fuck niggers
    Ugly ass gorilla looking people!

    [Editor’s Note: We didn’t alter this. Someone actually said that]

  4. says

    Modern racism can be traced to the German pre-war philosophies.

    The ancient Romans, Greeks and Egyptians did not distinguish the humanity of peoples so much as today!

    Britain had an African Roman ruler!

    The black and Asian presence in the North East of England can be traced back to Septimius Severus, a North African Libyan, who ruled England as Roman Emperor between 193-211 AD. (ref:

  5. Robocop says

    Winston Churchill was another famous white supremacist and chauvinist b*****d don’t belive the hype people.

  6. hades says

    I love the part about John Wayne not enlisting because he didn’t want to hurt those Nazis with their lovely ideas… It made me laugh.
    Racism is what it is. You can hate it all you like but it’s here to stay… unfortunately.

  7. tiny says

    I agree, I really don’t think that he used the word to be racist. She’s white. The media is just trying to hype bs!!!

  8. blackman says

    Wow!! mental illness must run in your family or you must have a lot of issues with yourself to be so angry!!! Maybe you had a girlfriend that left you for a black man because of your man hood!! lmao!! Poor Skyler!!!! Probably didn’t finish high school, living in a small house or trailer. Angry at black people, so you have nothing intelligent to say.

  9. Tyler Pollitt says

    I heard that John Wayne only said that because he felt blacks didn’t have the education to hold public office because they had been prevented it before the civil rights movement. Also, what he could have meant about slavery was that he didn’t feel he owed anything to blacks in those times because he had never owned a slave and any african american during that time hadn’t been enslaved. The government has that law about repaying blacks because us whites enslaved them 150 years ago? I think thats total bs, so I believe that is what Wayne might have been talking about.

  10. jane says

    so you’re saying that “nigger” is synonymous to “ignorant.” using the word NIGGER ITSELF IS IGNORANT. wow, you’re fucking ignorant. and i, myself, am white.

  11. Lala says

    Actually, the more precise definition of the word “nigger” is “an ignorant person.” An alternate definition is “derogatory slang for an African-American”. So there may be a valid point to the previous comment. Oh, and I’m Black, if that makes a difference. I was also a Journalism major. I think that distinction has more relevance….

  12. chad says

    When will this ever end? Why must we hate each other? All blacks aren’t ignorant, and all whites aren’t racist. I realize people base there opinion on what they hear and parental influence. I myself try my best to get to know someone before casting judgement. But, some people are set in there ways and will live there lives with that hate, which they will have to be judged for in the end.

  13. TAKAYLA says


  14. TAKAYLA says


  15. John wayne says

    Nothing to see here people, move along
    just a bunch of bleeding heart liberals filled with white guilt

  16. janeisdum says

    Wow, you’ve just managed to be ignorant in knowing what a synonym for ignorant is.

    Congrats on being even stupider than what the word is intended for.

  17. John says

    Seriously? Could you be more butthurt? Some of these yes, are too much. But most of these aren’t that big a deal and your describing them as Nazis. Calling someone a “little paki friend” really? Not grasping at straws here?

  18. methinks says

    Actually, if your want to go by context. “bitch” is sexist, “pale looking” is a form of racism, and thirdly, Caps are just offensive and idiotic looking

  19. Bob says

    I hate to defend Charlie Sheen in any way, shape, or form, but calling a white woman a nigger isn’t racist… If anything, he’s probably using the word correctly. As the first white man to use nigger in it’s proper term in over hundreds of years, we should applaud him.

  20. Denise says

    I am not a rascist..yet I admit I have used the infamous “n”
    word.I was angry after being assaulted by my daughters aunt who is black.
    This doesnt make it right and I should be a better example for my children.
    However, it is afterall JUST A WORD! Face it there is scum in EVERY
    race! Honkies,crackers,trailer trash,spi
    cs,and a las niggers! If you dont like
    to be called one,then WOW dont act like one!

  21. Kira says

    “A Nazi uniform that probably belonged to [Prince Harry’s] great-grandad.”

    Dude, I’m hardly going to excuse Harry’s consistently ridiculous and racist behavior because it happened, and I loathe him for it, but this? ^ Really? I think someone needs to open a history book. The fact that anyone needs to spell out that King George VI was not a Nazi is…well, embarrassing. Don’t say shit if you don’t know what you’re talking about.

    I guess you’re referring to the German lineage of the British Monarchy, but the last native German person to be a part of the Royal family was Prince Albert (who died sixty years before the rise of Nazism in Germany). Which means you’re one of those painfully ignorant people who actually thinks that all Germans, throughout history and into the present day, are Nazis.


  22. Kira says

    Lolwut? You just called someone a “pale looking bitch” and a “white bitch”. You are racist and you’re a typical e-yelling 12-year-old troll. Get your head out of it, you’re doing nothing to stop that dumbfuck Skyler’s racist activity.

  23. WHY??? says

    I don’t understand why people could hate people because of the race they are, and blame them for what race there born into. The word nigger shouldn’t be used at all, even though back in slavery days it was thrown at a black person as of sort of hurtful word to in a way “describe that race”. But the meaning of that word is ignorant, and what you wrote on this website was very disrespectful and I believe that perhaps you may be that ignorant person, you make yourself feel better by knocking down a race is disgusting. I’m fourteen and I’ve heard mean things said to people of different races, but this classifying on group as ugly is very very disrespectful, and this is an example of your ignorance.

  24. Paul says

    Amy Winehouse wasnt racist, do youre homework. If she wasnt with Blake she was with Black guys. Her explanation to this issue? “because black dont crack”. Get your facts right please

  25. Richard says

    Well fuck you too if your twelve then don’t be on here cursing grown folks you ignorant son of a bitch go back to the fucking jungle

  26. Amy Victoria Tait says

    uhyfgvnuiheoitghoefidhgoserhgetn ;ghazeoruigh i love racism the context of this is just so interesting reading all of your debatable comments and by the way i am 9 years old and i am NOT a racist, putting capitals means i am hard core alright m8 cya sukaaaaaaa

  27. high IQ says

    Lets get this straight,there’s no such thing as a black racist so dont let these white ppl trick us into believing that like they have tried to on so many other things. They systematically fucked over black ppl purposely for centuries,we didnt do that to them. Black ppl,get ur money and keep living but never forget,u dont have to but u have the right to be upset at the atrocities that were perpetrated against us. And really they still are destroying us except in a 21st century way. Black ppl listen,how can u b e rac kist against the ppl who’ve been killing,raping,torturing,hanging,lynching and stealing from ur ancestors and you for centuries? You cant thats how! Look up the history of black ppl in amerikkka and you’ll learn for yourself that amerikkka is a dirty country,it always was. Props to Michael Moore.

  28. Black and Proud says

    Peace and love to all races. We can’t change the past but we can mold the future. the goverment and the media’s plan is working. As long as we continue this stupid race feud, it will take the attention off their secret agenda. wake up People

  29. says

    There has been some fantastic comments but some people need education firstly yes black people are originaly from the jungle, well in fact the garden of eden, hence why we have a darker complexion now to educate bunker. You are caucasion and derive from the cacus mountains where your heritage took a second start after leaving the garden which made you end up in europe first, hence why your complexion is white due to lack of sunshine so your response of sending spear chuckers back is offensive but true. However that will mean white people (if I was rascist) would have to go back to the caves. Now I am black and educated and also have a beautiful white girlfriend who is as pale as snow and I am a black guy as dark as night together we will make some beautiful children.

  30. Diverse says

    I love your heart, spirit and mind… Continue to spread you acceptance and education… It looks very beautiful on you.

  31. IdiotCatcher says

    Eden? Really? Actually black, white, brown, whatever, we are exactly related the same to the first homo sapiens; with origins likely to be in Africa. The notion of Eden is complete rubbish. Racism (ignorance) & Religion go hand and hand.

  32. Mark says

    It seems as if the order of the list is directly connotated with the repeated use of the n-word and its context. I don’t believe the parameters are necessarily “perfect” but it’s your list and I respect it. I totally agree with its context and message, but all I’m saying is I’ve known immensely racist people who have never used the n-word in my presence.

  33. Notyourbussiness says

    So Denise it’s either your racist or not DONT say “I’m not racist… Yet”

  34. Notyourbussiness says

    Hey guys follow niaallstarz on twitter because YOLO ! Tell her Justin Beiber sent you. That will make her freak out. Send her a link to this comment.

  35. Notyourbussiness says

    Why does there have to be such long comments? Just write racist people suck or something then get over it.

  36. JT says

    Realise that hate will only breed more hate…

    Hate is a trait of the unloved and insecure… It says nothing about the other person’s characters… Only the hater’s. So when you express it… You are in fact revealing your own sense of self.


  37. Alex says

    …and please learn how to spell. Your parents would be very displeased with your grammar.

  38. ww3 says

    Hey i think white people should be greatful that they have black people on their side.I think racsim is not the way of the future, after all america is in war with so many foreign countries, the last thing that white amercians shouldnt do is upset black or any minorities.

  39. zecharya shemesh says

    This website is very helpful for me.
    I looked for a list of racists
    and anti-Semites in the Internet.
    I need it to my work. My profession
    is to treat severe cases of tinnitus patients
    and / or vertigo sufferers. Many of my
    patients are coming from USA and Canada
    to the clinic in Israel.
    In order to make good decisions it is
    important that I shall have empathy to the
    suffering patient.
    Now, tell me: how can I have empathy to
    someone who is a racist?

  40. Alberto says

    Isn’t it wonderful, that we live in a country with the “freedom” we have. But when we’re caught saying some shit, we’re shamed into apologizing for it ? If ur offended by such remarks, which is just that, then buck up or wear ear muffs cuz someone somewhere is bound to offend someone else.

  41. Alberto says

    Putting down Nazism is perpetuating intolerance. Heaven is full of folks of bad deeds, and Hell is overcrowded with people of”noble” intentions. As I always say: “Praise be to Allah! White power, and Sieg Heil!!!!”

  42. Amber says

    It is clear that you are cognizant of the various meanings and interpretations of the word “nigger”, and that’s great. On the other hand I doubt Charlie Sheen has the same intellect as you posses.

  43. Amber says

    Hmmm. It’s not the most intelligent thing I’ve read, yet it still remains an opinion. It can hardly ever be changed or even understood. Hopefully someday he will either consider the ugliness of his attitude or simply live without acting upon it.

  44. napzoutlaw says

    eat a dick you racist pig bitch!!! there are beautiful african americans all over the world fuckboy!!! i could say a lot of hateful…ignorant shit about white people too…but that would be stupid…and really ignorant. you’re sounding more niggerish than anyone on here pussyhole!!!

  45. napzoutlaw says

    i like your honesty!!! i’m black and have used a few choice words myself…cracker,pig and and more! and I’m not a racist either…but think about it…of all those words, which is the most offensive??? and add slavery on top of that!!. so personally, I’d punch anyone in their mouth if they called me a nigger!!

  46. Ashley says

    WOW black or white.. if you were my 12 year old I would beat your ass for talking like that!! Your little ass is acting like one of bebe’s kids.. how about you quit cussing on a blog, take your ass back to school or class, and get your education on!


    They only threw Jay Z to appease people. Aside from Jay that list pretty white. No shocker.


    The government should have paid the once enslaved/progeny of enslaved at the time of abolition or soon after. Your white privileged can rest assured that 150 years after the government have no interest in paying blacks anything. However you should be pleased to know that ALL white slave owners were compensated by government – Research.

    Oh and your excuses on behalf of John Wayne are laughable. The man, if anything was a plain speaker. He made his feelings quite clear about his thoughts about blacks.


    He is!!! And he owned it. Unlike this useless mob making excuses for the people on this list. Wayne was scum but he was honest scum. The Seinfield guy, Charlie Sheen etc all apologized. I don’t think they were sorry, at all. Only sorry, they got caught.

  50. HM says

    Wonder who else is a closet case racist? oh by the wau Charlie Sheen isn’t white. He is mexican. Real name is Carlos Estavez.

  51. me says

    ive edited and posted this again due to my other post had spelling mistakes due to smaLL keyboard, fat fingers and im a dumbass.

    before i make a comment let me just say that im white and that i have had close friends, not just friends that you pass in street and talk too i mean friends that i would hang out with and that these were white, black, mixed, pacistani, iraki, palastinian, jewish, irish, scottish and welsh and that ive had friends that were/are drug dealers, drug addicts, factory workers, farmers,actors, nurses, lawyers, pedofiles, armed robbers and journolists, basically that i dont discriminate or peresute u because of who u r, what u do, what u looki like.

    my comment on racism is as follows – i have found that:

    most whites are genarally not racist but most are a little predjudicial.

    that most jews are racist when it comes to blacks.

    that all blacks are racist to whites and that if things in life dont go their way that they always blame racism. for example there is only one black women that lives in my small suburb and she had gone into the mini mart to get bread but the shop didnt have any and she thinks that the shop hides all the bread from her cuz she black, she thinks that whites go in and ask for bread and that the shop assistant goes into the store room and gets bread for the white person, i told this black friend of mine that its riddiculous to think that a shop would hide hundreds of loaves of bread just to prevent the one black persons from having a loaf of bread. another black friend of mine that lives elsewhere in my town told me that a muslim takeaway wouldnt sell her a burger cuz she was blacxk, i just happen to be friends with the staff/owners of that muslim takeaway and they told me that they had ran out of burgers. another black friend of mine says that he cant get a job cuz he black, ive told him that even i wouldnt give him a job seeing as he is a well known criminal and a known heroin asddict with a criminal record for drug dealing, assualt, burglary, theft and armed robbery, my friend also told me that he had recently been questioned for burglsary and he claimed the police had only questioned him cuz hes black, i asked my friend which house was it and he said his next door butr one neighbour, i asked my friend if he burgaled thatr house and he said yes but that the police didnt know that. all my black friends says that whites invented racism and they think that blacks cannnot be racist because racism is when a white person hates or discriminates a black person, trhey say that when a black man does it to a whiote person itr doesnt count as racism and that blkacks are aloud and entitelled to do it to whites, i said that means jews are entitsalled to msake blacks slave and to whip them and make them build things, funnily my blsack friends agreed.

    ive found that muslims [not black muslims] are racist toward whites and blacks and that they are very hateful and that they all advocate/agree with rape, murder, child molestation and terroism against whites, christisans and jews. ive also fround that they lie through their back teeth to anyone that is non muslim but that because they are not used to lying and were raised not to lie that this makes them bad liars, for example if u r non muslim and u ask them a question that they dont want to answser cuz their answer is awkard or embassing then they just lie for example if u asked a muslim what grade did they get for their univertity degree and unbeknwn to u they had failed univerity or had dropped out for some reason they would lie but make it too obvious that they r lying as in saying that they passed, that they got the highest mark possible and that they got the highest mark in the country or ever in the history of the that exam, basically they r crap liars.

    most scittish r racist in regards to non whites especially blacks.

    welsh r predjuduice to non welsh especially english

    irish r predjudice to english, as for the stereotype that irish r are argumnentative, trouble makers, fighters, drunks, oversexed, and child molesters/incest, the few irish friends ive werte all argumentsative, always getting in fights that they had caused and one openly admits that his sister gave him a blowjob and that he has fucked his sister, its worth noting though that none of my irish friends drink booze and when ive asked why they openly admit that they do not drink booze and that irish should not drink booze because when they get drunk they argue and fight and fuck other peoples girlsfriends.

    ps. an example of black racism – on fox news black republican juan williams openly admitted thsat he voted for democrat obama because obama was black.

  52. bazzzep says

    i dislike things, i dont like bananas or tomatoes, i hate things too such as jazz, dogs and taxes, we all dislike and and hate things and when all humans do something it is natural, its human nature, so its ok to dislike or hate something even certian races, its natural normal human behavior, the problim is most things people dislike or hate do not have a voice, bananas cant shout at me in the supermarket saying fuck off u anti banana bastard, dogs cant tell me to fuck off whereas people have a voice and so vent their anger.

  53. bazzzep says

    intelligence says whites are descended from blacks but scientists cant prove that its just a theory of theirs. i personally dont think whites r descended from blacks, whites dont have afro features such as afro hair [small curls] afro noses [wide flat] afro lips [big lips], u see the theory that blacks changed to white cuz they were in europe dosent explain why we do not look like white black people, why we dont habe afro features, another thing is white peoples features are most similar to orientals, maybe we r descendened from the same as them. i ve had these opinions/theories for decades back when scientists thought that orientals were descended from blacks too, in the last few years u may remember that scientists/explorers found the remsains of little humanoids [approx 1-2 foot high] in caves on deserted island somewhere near indonisia, these were some kind of mini caveman/neandertal man, after finding these scientists then said orientals must be descended from these not blacks.
    scientists get things wrong over and over again until after decades they find some ebvdence that basicsally gives them the answer or steers them in the right direction.

    something interesting to think over – suppose black skin was due to an ancient lost form of albinoism, that some whites came out black, no one ever considers that, u never hear that theory as its only ever blacks talking about whites came from blacks, those blacks r racist and r trying to get a rise out of whites.
    also if blacks turned white in europe then thsat means blacks settled europe.

    i do have one opinion about blacks that my friends and especially the my black finds find very insulting sand racist but i think it not rascist, maybe u can tell me what u think it, see the following –

    whites and other races created trumpets, violins etc
    blacks created drums [them crappy ones they play in carribean and africa for tourists]
    whites created walzs etc
    blacks created break dancing and that thing blsack women do weith their asses
    whites/europeans created opera
    blacks rap
    whites/europeans created fine art, sculpters the sistinne chaple
    blacks created graffitti
    white and other races created trousers, dresses, suits, jeans etc
    blacks created wearing overly baggy jeans, wearing jeanms one leg up and wearing jeans below their ass
    whites/europeans create poetry
    blacks create rap.

    as u see from the rexamples above blacks think differently from other races, there creativity is very different sand they seem to want to take the quick solution over tsakling their time and created something grand, the above is not rsacism its fact blacks think differently, people and scientist could uise this, more blacks could be given scholarships and internships to architectutral courses and company and then we would get knew and exciting designs cuz blacks think differently and they obviously hsave have very diffetrent create style that whites, also nasa and other similiar company should also gtoive more scholarships and internships to blacks so that blacks can look creatre something sall those white and oriental sciemntists hsadnt thought of, maybe they coulkd figure outr better ways of space travel or figure out time travel opr figure out if tom cruz really is gay.

  54. matt lewis says

    what about densel washington spike lee al sharpton !
    all black actors have made 1 racist anti white film!

  55. John says

    If the word Nigga is in a song, you can’t sing that lyric if your white? sounds racist to me