Top 10 Lost Plot Holes

We absolutely adored Lost here at hecklerspray. Every episode piled on the intrigue with careless restraint; phallic stone plugs, grown men wearing too much eye-liner and a guy who could turn into smoke at his illogical whim – Lost had it all.

After six series, fans waited patiently for a final episode they thought held promise to unravelling the Island secrets in a satisfying way. Most people only found that there was no surprise inside this Island?s Kinder Egg, just left with chocolate on their fingers and a deep sense of urgent bowel movement.

What it did leave us was enough holes in the plot to sink a badly-rendered submarine. Some people say it leaves the series with a sense of ambiguity. We say the writers cocked-up. Here is our Top 10 Lost Plot Holes…

10. Who was the Economist?

Remember back in Season 4 before Sayid got the tubb-tum, and was going all Jason Bourne around the flashforwards? Well, there was a mysterious ?Economist? he was tracking down to kill for Ben. Was it Widmore? Probably. Will we ever know? Unlikely. This is destined to remain as frustratingly inconclusive as Sayid?s English accent in the final season.

9. How does it make sense that Desmond could go into the afterlife and back?

Granted, a lot of these plot holes arose after the final series, mainly because the final episodes dealt with a colossal clusterfuck of ideas when it started spouting religious hokum. When Widmore bought his giant donut to the Island to help harness Desmond?s resistance to electromagnetism, it propelled our Des into this purgatory. It was kinda like the plot to Flatliners, except without Jack Bauer crying every five minutes.

8. What are The Numbers?

The numbers were a prevailing mystery throughout Lost?s run. The first were the cursed equation that linked somehow to the Island, in turn making Hurley?s life hell when he used to Numbers and won the lottery. They were then engraved and used in The Hatch to stop the world ending (and by not typing them bringing our team to the Island). Later they were revealed to be assigned to the last candidates. Did it ever explain why they were so important/cursed? No. Because how could you tangibly explain why numbers are so important? You?re an idiot if you thought it could ever make sense.

7. How can you travel through time using ?Water and Light??

This is a plot hole in the form of a rare occurrence on lost: an answer. Seemingly medieval Man in Black decides to harness the Island?s ?Source? to get out of that damned place. It?s simple really: he attaches a wheel to a wall and uses water and light to travel. You read that right, he uses water and light; a startling scientific breakthrough that would have Stephen Hawking kicking himself (if he could).

6. Why did some time travel and not others?

Jack struggles to work out when the show stopped making sense.

Back in Season five when the show decided to embrace its sweating nerdling underbelly, it skipped our characters through time all with the help of a frozen donkey wheel ? yes, that actually happened. When Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, Ben and Sun came back to the Island, Jack, Hurley, Kate and Sayid were swamped by white light and transported back to the 70s to get their hippy on with Sawyer. Meanwhile, Sun, Ben ? and to a lesser extent, Frank ? remained in the present day. The only slight assumption we can make is that Sun, Ben and Frank were not Candidates, and Jacob transported the others back in time with his magical droopy eyes.

5. How comes Kate didn?t grown any armpit hair?

She doesn?t exactly jump into the banana grove every other day to have a quick trim, does she? Maybe she supplied it all for all the awful wigs Jack wears.

4. What was the Smoke Monster?

Last time we went down the log flume at Thorpe Park, there wasn?t a giant pillar of smoke on the other side. Was MIB killed and the Smoke Monster took his form like Locke, or can MIB just take the form of smoke now? If he was dead then why did Smokey also want to leave the Island? Where did MIB go when he fell down the hole (there was just ground down there when we visited it)? It would?ve made more sense if Jacob had created him by just bending over and letting one rip.

3. Who ordered ?The Purge??

Back in Season three, everyone kept banging on about the Dharma Initiative purge. We later found out that Ben gassed the whole village, then dumping all the bodies in a hole. That?s not very Namaste! It also seems totally unlike the laidback Jacob to order a Holocaust on the unsuspecting scientists. Maybe he just got sick of their stupid haircuts.

2. What?s the deal with Christian Sheppard?

Christian Sheppard is one of Lost?s greatest enigmas. It?s a fair assumption that his body was taken by MIB, considering Cocke admitted as much to Jack, proclaiming to have been the visions of Christian Sheppard all along. It all gets confusing, though, as Hurley saw Christian in Jacob?s cabin along with another person ? who was that (it certainly didn?t look like Jacob). Also the Man in Black couldn?t leave the Island, yet Christian appeared on the boat located outside of the Islands magnetic radiance and, more bafflingly, appeared to Jack twice at his hospital in LA. Those evil manifestations of smoke, eh? What a bunch of lying bastards.

1. What is Walt?

This picture was taken on Walt?s 8th birthday.

The big question that was on everyone?s lips: What was the deal with Walt? Yes, everyone know that the kid?s balls were dragging in the sand by the end of Season two, assuring he was given a quick exit. Yet, he appeared in frequent freaky visions (covered in water whispering backwards to Shannon; telling Locke he had work to do) and was the much coveted prize of The Others. Did we ever get an answer as to why he was so special and seemingly possessing superpowers? No. It has left fans frustratingly screaming ?WAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLTTTTTTT!!!!? in despair.

Agree with our list? Think you know better and have the answers? Did we miss out the biggest plot hole of all? Let us know in the comments below…

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  1. Jimmy says

    Who built the statue and the temple?
    Where did the supply drop in season 2 come from?
    What happened to Alvar Hanso?
    Why couldn’t women give birth on the island?
    What was Sayid “infected” with?
    Where did Jacob’s “mother” come from?

    Those are all I could think of right now…

  2. Briguy says

    Regarding Desmond i looked at his ability to know the future and to have see the alternate timeline as being explained by the alternate universes theory. There are an infinite amount of alternate universes and ‘time travel’ would really be skipping back and forth between them sideways instead of moving back and forward in a linear fashion. The writers used a lot of Eastern mythology and even DHARMA used namaste as their slogan or expression. Also in Eastern religions are the ‘wheel of life’ beliefs where if you are a good person you move to the higher level, bad person lower and just ok you stay put for another go around. The alternate timeline I interpreted as just being the next level up not necessarily ‘Heaven’ or ‘Purgatory’ which explains why Ben chose to not move on. He felt that he didn’t do well enough in his past chances to be able to move on so he stayed for another go around on the wheel of life hoping to do better next time.

    The Purge I assumed was during Widemore’s time as leader but after the gas clear Richard looks to Ben and asks what his orders for them are so i don’t know the answer there. Only thing I can guess is like when Jacob and MIB’s foster mom wiped out the camp and people in their time Ben did the same to DHARMA to prevent them from ‘unlocking the powers of the island’. I’d say it’s prob easy to compare that to most religions. They found on the principles of a God giving them the rules to live by but then later you have people like Pope’s or priests etc giving the day to day rules and punishments etc. It’s up to the people to try to do what God (Jacob) wants by making their own choices even if their actions are considered evil.

    Regarding Walt they definitely didn’t explain enough about who he was to satisfy everyone. My theory on why he was written off to some extent would tie back into Ben’s character. he was the type to do anything to keep control of the island, banished Widemore, shot Locke in the back and tried to get Locke to fail at killing his own father. Whatever he was Ben knew he was special and, as Richard said to Locke when they were skipping through time, they start recruiting leaders at a young age. Ben’s motivation kicked in to do whatever it took to get him off the island so he wouldn’t replace Ben.

    I would really have liked an answer to how ‘the others’ got there in the beginning and their history with the Army personnel and later DHARMA when they got to the island.

  3. nate says

    If the season 6 flash-sideways turned out to be purgatory, how come people were killed there? (Keamy and his men) You can die in purgatory/afterlife? Does that make sense? No.

  4. orachilum says

    The MIB turned into the smoke-monster and immediately set his original body as his default form. He later went on to pose as Jacob to people like Ben (which is why Ben never saw Jacob) and ordered them to attack those brought to the island by Jacob (The Dharma Initiative, The Survivors.)

  5. blandestk says

    These are not all plot holes, really. They are unanswered questions. A pretty big difference.

  6. Brianna says

    Who built the statue and the temple?
    Not really important. It’s obvious that Jacob and MIB’s (fake) mother was the protector of the island and that the job was handed down to her by someone else. It’s not really a plot thing, it’s just evidence that the island has been there for a very, very long time. As for who, most likely Egyptians.

    Where did the supply drop in season 2 come from?
    Remember when Faraday saw a difference between his two timeclocks? Probably has something to do with that. It’s possible it was sent decades earlier and just reached the island right then.

    As for the rest, no idea.

  7. Michael says

    You know, there are hundreds of questions, I just wish that, at some point, the producers just sit and answer them all – after 6 years of my life devoted to the show, I feel they owe me……

  8. ShinyBob says

    Yea, if these where plot holes we’d all be living in one. Where did we all come from, why are we here etc… Hang on, maybe we are!

  9. Michael says

    So, then, what I don’t get, how was Richard helping Ben, too? And why did it seem like Richard never saw Jacob either?

  10. Colby says

    Everything was answered during the credits of the finale, they were all dead and none of it happened physically. The island was purgatory and the flash sideways was the gates of heaven. The answer was that it’s not about everything that surrounds you it’s about the realization of things that matter at your endpoint.

  11. says

    The MIB/Smoke monster could only take the form of a dead person, therefore as Jacob wasn’t dead, rather immortal, he wouldn’t have been able to pose as him

  12. John says

    The bigger mystery is why people still don’t know when to use loose and when to use lose.

  13. Darren says

    The producers don’t have these answers, they just make it up as they go along ’cause it seems all mysterious like.

  14. says

    Let’s face it, they took us for a six-year ride!
    You’d suspect that some kind of electromagnetic event did indeed addled the writers and producers

  15. says

    the LOST writers were incredibly lazy and walked away from the mysteries they created … so I did the work for them – a much much better ending than they gave us (the first part is up now)

    Lost: The Better Ending
    at GalacticaVariants

  16. john a says

    at first even though we were experiencing a long period of time, on the show, only a few weeks passed,, then as time progressed he was guarding the dharma food pantry.

    they did much to keep him being fat into the plot, but them running into the dharma buildings and getting access of the dharma supplies explained why hurley stayed fat,kate stayed trim, and jack had great hair until he left the island.

    They even worked showers and haircuts into the plot to cover that.

  17. dmm219 says

    Ah…not so fast…

    Ben got most of his marching orders through RICHARD. RICHARD knew exactly what both MIB and Jacob looked like…so the theory that MIB was controlling Ben posing as jacob is here and forever, squashed….

  18. No says

    “He later went on to pose as Jacob to people like Ben (which is why Ben never saw Jacob)”

    That’s dumb. It in NO way explains why Ben never saw Jacob. Ben totally saw Jacob in the end, when they went to where Jacob lived. What you mention is irrelevant.

  19. Reynard Fox says

    Spot on, all these seasons gone and some still didn’t know ’bout the numbers.

  20. Charles says

    I’m with you on all of these points; it’s as if the show completely changed course halfway through season six by introducing an entirely new spiritual element to the plot, but failing to connect it in any meaningful way to the preceding five and a half seasons.

  21. David Scarborough says

    I would disagree with this. That explanation still doesn’t really explain why they cursed Hurley in the first place. Plus, I find it completely irrelevant if an integral answer to the series was explained outside of the main show. I was aware of The Lost Experience, and followed it from beginning to end. But not only is the final revelation a load of dung but the fact that it wasn’t addressed in the show is a slap round the chops to a large chunk of the audience.

  22. jacketspud says

    Biggest questions are :

    why did I carry on watching this when they introduced time travel ?

    Why did I believe the producers in saying the ending was all planned from the begining ?

    What happened at the end of Season 5 ? Did that bomb do anything ? Why did I watch season 6

    What happened at the end of Season 6 ? What/where is the island ?

    Why am I still reading about Lost on websites ?

    Can we somehow get Mr T involved in a remake.

  23. Tom says

    I would assume:
    The purgatory was where they went to find the people most important to them in their lives. After they were found they “moved on”, maybe if you die in purgatory you go somewhere else. Maybe to another purgatory till you do your life right.

  24. says

    If I were paid as much as the dimwitted writers of the show, I would’ve certainly come up with a better finale and managed to answer all the questions.


  25. JaySin420 says

    I don’t think the alt was purgatory, I think it was just the other time-line that was created when Jughead went off.

    When they all realized they weren’t supposed to be living that life (thanks to time-line jumping Desmond), they decided to move on together (to heaven, purgatory, etc, who knows).

    I think the church was just some kind of a doorway to the afterlife. I know it doesn’t make total sense because they would have had to die again in the alt time-line but that would have been way too confusing for the viewers if they did.

  26. Adam says

    #5 as well as other attempts to be funny not appreciated, but otherwise… good list.

  27. says

    Lost was the biggest cop out, if the show was based around the whole purgatory concept then they should had at least made it clear in the first season. They build up a load of crap and hype up the show with mystery and suspense and in the end they tell you .. sorry the characters were all dead its just a fake/imaginary world which everything had just taken place on.

    Its like reading a great story but in the end they screw you by saying “its all a dream, i hope everyone learned something from this(POS) dream”.

    WHAT A COP OUTTT, a straight FUCK YOU to the producers of LOST.

  28. Azzy says

    “If you can’t convince them, confuse them” That’s exactly what the producers did to us. They didn’t even try to explain anything. It’s very dissapointing, after 6 years…

  29. Arctic says

    Ummm. Where you actually watching the entire series or did you miss some episodes? They explain all of what is neccesary. Is it really a plot whole that Walt has some sort of special ability? Desmond does too. The numbers were clearly explained as the candidates to take Jacob’s place. The numbers were a tool to lead Hurley to the Island. Every single “Plot Hole” has been explained if you pay attention. They just don’t dumb it down by spelling it out to you. I suggest you watch season 1 through 6 and get your facts strait.

  30. Bali says

    what i really wanted to understand ever since the first season, but i havent got the answer, is what the hell are polar bears doing on that island? how did they get there? and why???

  31. says

    The polar bears were brought in by Dharma for experiments I thought. Is that not what the cages Sawyer and Kate were kept in were for? Although, it is a little crazy to think that they were just hanging out on the island for all those years. “Congratulations, you got yourself a fish biscuit.”

  32. youarealltodumbtobreathe says

    Wow… some people need EVERYTHING explained to them. I bet you are all the same people who hated “The Blair Witch Project” because a witch didn’t fly away on a broom at the end.

  33. Cazzo Stronzo says

    The one and only real problem with Lost is, that in the first season it takes 10 episodes to deal with the use of one gun by one character, while in the sixth season it takes one episode to witness 10 kills, deaths, mysteries, fuckups, clusterfucks involving 10 people each. What a fucking waste of time. Give it back!

  34. Colby J says

    Cause they were only on the Island a short time and found a stash of food in the Hatch. Also Hurley left the island for a while and came back. Sorry I’m a year late

  35. Matt says

    The real question is as follows: Why couldn’t Charlie swim to save the useless characters in an early episode but then can magically swim half a mile to the pearl station? He said he was a champion as a kid so no, he didn’t learn while on the island.

    Also, why the Hell weren’t Micheal, Walt, and Mr. Eko in the Heaven thingy at the end? Did they want to exclude the black people?

  36. Thomas says

    1) Some of these are just things they didn’t explain, not plot holes.
    2) Some of these fall under the category of “Dude, the island has magic properties.”
    3) Some of these fall in both.
    4) It’s not enough to just watch the show. If you want the full picture, you also have to:
    a) Watch “The New Man in Charge” (The series epilogue, released on DVD with the sixth season.
    b) Read about the Alternate Reality Games.
    5) Lostpedia’s Mysteries section is an excellent place for answers.

  37. stuart says

    Seriously ALL these were answered.

    1.Walt had gifts given by “the source” You know the source of all lfe, “Every man has some of this energy, some more than others”, Walt was taken by the others because they took all childreen as they couldnt reproduce their own, after they discovered he had abilities they experimented on him, but after he killed a flocke of birds they were afraid and let him leave with his father.

    2.Christian Shephard off island was Jack’s hallucination brought on by alcholhol and the large amount of drugs he was taking at the time. In the Cabin Hurley saw the Mib as Christian, the other person was Jacob whi had not yet been cast, therefore the ambiguity. And when he appeared on the freighter it was INSIDE theislands magnetic field, Get your facts straight before bitching.

    3.It was Charles Widmore who was the leader at the time, Ben NEVER said it was him that did it.

    4.The smoke monster was a combination of “the darkness” (physical manifistation of evil) and the mib’s consciousness, the mib was not killed just his physical body. The entity is made of electromagnetic energy, this is why he cannot leave, nOT simply because Jacob wont let him.

    5.Typical Lost haters, cant fill a list so they revert to silliness.

    6.Only the candidates travelled back to 1977, ie Jack, Kate(Who replaced Locke), Hurley, Sayid, Sawyer was already there, and Locke was dead.

    7.Keep up if you can, When water was entered into the chamber housing the electromagnetic field, the em field expanded opening up a wormhole sustained by( as chang mentioned “a limitless amount of negativley charged exotic matter”) This wormhole thrust the island through time and space.

    8.The numbers are many things but most importantly they are a predestined sequence that is forever connected to the island and the people chosen to inhabit it, they were seen everywhere because they influenced decisions and events that brought the characters to the island.

    9.It was just a vision of his future, he didnt literally travel to the afterlife, as in season 3 when he kept seeing visions of a possible future, this was caused by his prolonged exposure to the EM field whilst in the hatch.

    10.It was simply a businessman, who like the others Sayid killed for Ben was allied to widmore.

    Seriously people stop listening to these lost haters they have no clue what they are talking about.

  38. bill smith says

    I will tell you the truth about lost, the honest truth. It was meant to run for two seasons (ideally) for the purpose of answering 1 question, where are we? The answer was to be revealed on the series finale with a big plot twist that left everyone satisfied. Two problems occurred which put an end to any hope of the show’s plot line making sense. 1.) Everyone guessed the show’s twist ending half way through the first season. 2.) The show became a hit.
    Because the producers of the show were committed to the plot twist reveal ending and the show’s extended run (the show went on years longer than it was meant to) important story lines were stretched far too long and others dropped entirely. Also an endless number new characters and plot swerves created plot holes the size of trucks in the story line. Now, the writers did try to explain many of the show’s mysteries however most viewers felt unsatisfied with the glossed over explainations they received.

    Here is what lost was supposed to end like. The cast of the show Jack, John Locke, etc all died in the plane crash and were in purgatory. They thought they had survived but the how they acted on the island determined if they went to heaven or hell. In the first season it showed that all of the cast had done very bad things but mitigating factors kept them from going straight to hell. When a “survivor” died on the show their decision was made. Children are judged differently and are taken immediately to heaven, Walt not being completely human was not taken. The others were in charge of the island and would come get you once the decision was made. Anyway the big secret reveal was OMG we all died in the crash, some of us are going to heaven and some to hell, the end.

  39. jmano says

    this list of plot holes is disgusting. i reject most even being considered plot holes. if you do, its just your view. Some are listed as plotholes when they simple have lack of information, so its simple ambiguous, not plotholes. others like the numbers are not plotholes my god such a dumb thing to consider. Then how on earth is time travel with fire & ice a plot hole??? its purely fiction mystical hokum, you cant call it plotholes. for crying out loud how miserable stupid is that. so fiction (blowing up the death star, star trek ship) are plotholes than too. you simple cant get proper answers to mysteries like the monster because its fiction. the closest to a plothole you can get is, Christian on island being mib appearing on boat in season 4. yet mib is trapped on island & cant go fly over water. still how is that really a plot hole? we dont know everything & there are probably many other variables.

  40. eric says

    How could he go “on to pose as Jacob to… Ben” if as you say Ben never saw him. Also, nothing Ben ever said can be taken for truth. Ever. Also, to Nate’s question: How do we know the rules of purgatory? Basically, anything can happen there. Any set of rules and parameters could have been designed for that specific purpose, for those specific people. The possibilities are endless with such a vague concept.

  41. eric says

    I agree. A plot hole would be like when that Military contractor guy with the heart rate monitor sending a signal to the C4 on the freighter, crossed into the special “time zone” of the island, how did that not cut off the transmission frequency, and blow the C4? Also, how were they able to communicate with people out of the zone in real time using the sat phones? Even with sat phones in the real world there is a little delay. They wouldn’t be able to get everything perfect, or explain everything.

  42. Mikso says

    So I guess you mean there are no gaps, plot holes or inconstancy?
    -Why couldn’t MiB leave the island before he became the monster?
    -Why the fuck was a psychotic woman who rather killed her son than let him leave in charge of the light? (not a plot hole just a WTF)
    – How did the crazy guardian mother manage to kill an entire village of people? When MiB stabs her she thanks him. Is she immortal or something? Cause if so that it’s a bit inconsistent since Jacob can be killed by anyone except the smoke monster it appears.
    -Why is a treacherous psychotic dude in charge after his mother is dead? Why can he leave the island while his brother couldn’t? (again just a WTF)
    – What was the whole deal with the lighthouse? Just something introduced to fill in a few gaps but only created a bit more.
    – Seeing how their mother made them “unable” to hurt each other, how the fuck did Jacob beat the shit of MiB when they were little, and how did he throw him into the source? Very convenient that the MiB can’t hurt Jacob though.
    – What was the point of the Statue of Taweret? I can’t really find any relations with it and the series. Did the producers just go and say,”hey, you know what sounds good? let’s add a huge egyptians statue on the island for no reason.”
    – The whole wheel time/space travel thingy is a bit far fetched. Something that vitial to the plot could have used a bit more explaining imo.
    – Another glorious fuck up. The temple folks just let “evil” Sayed walk around the temple, enter and exit as he pleases and kill Dogen, the only one who keeps MiB out just like that? Seriously?

    Errrm, so, if you look closely enough there indeed ARE a heck of a lot gaps, plot holes, fuck up, etc.

  43. lost is mostly made up garbage says

    Lost started off really slow with the boring mostly irrelevant over done flashbacks and back stories. Then it got a little intriguing but then I never rooted for any of the characters except for Desmond penny and time travel episode. Most of the time i find Kate jack sawyer charlie hugo the koreans that blonde with the baby, ok all of them absolutely annoying but psycho weak selfish coward locke and but ugly psycho loser benjamin is the one i want to slap the most. the show relies waaaaaaaaay too heavily on fate and coincidences to explain everything…ridiculous.. its also absurd that they always get knocked out on Que..and whats up with the dumb monster ridiculous…gee these so called mysteries are nothing but made up unexplainable plot holes because lost is mostly nothing but made up garbage thats why….i cant believe why someone would call it one of the best shows of all time,probably some irrelevant film critic……i started lost i might as well finish it…i watch it at 1.50x to get over the bs quick

  44. Grant says

    I think you need to watch the series again, some of those questions you raised show that you weren’t paying enough attention. The only one I really agree with is number 1, that confused the hell out of me. Jacob shows up after his death and only Hurley can see him, then we see him as a child and suddenly everyone can see him, then they can see him as an adult too. The only possible explanation I can fathom is that he gained the same power that the smoke monster had, so that he could take on corporeal form.

  45. Grant says

    You are full of shit, you just came up with that idea yourself and passed it off as some kind of inside info you just happen to have. If you read or watch interviews with the producers you’d know that Lost was originally supposed to run longer than it actually aired but after season 3 they decided to end it after 6 years. The writers always had a basic plot they wanted to follow but made some of it up as they went. I am so tired of people like you pissing on this show just because you didn’t pay enough attention to understand it, so instead of having the humility to just admit it was over your head, you come up with stories about how it was meant to be vs how it turned out, like you were a fly on the wall in the writer’s room. Take it from someone who has followed this show and actually understood the plot, what you just wrote is utter misinformed garbage. Good day.

  46. Grant says

    The author of this page either did not bother to follow the story properly or is an imbecile. The fact that they refer to MiB as “medieval” is proof that they don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about.

  47. TabalugaDragon says

    You people are redicoulous… sure they didn’t answer ALL questions, surely there are even plot holes(shoe me a such a complex show that doesn’t have any) but they aren’t as you claim them to be. As many people above mentioned, those aren’t plor holes but rather unanswered questions.
    10 in whic way is this a plot hole? I don’t even see any big question in here
    9 Desmon was special because he lived near the electromagnetic anomally for 3 years and after turning the key was strongly exposed the the electromagnetic blast. And since he was hit with such strong electromagnetic field again, this almost killed him… but not entirely, so he was tempoparely transported to the afterlife
    8 I agree here, but they just weren’t explained, it’s not a plot hole
    7 As someone above me mentioned, this can’t be concidered as a plothole at all, this just another kind of fiction you must deal with.
    6 These exact people were important to the chain of events, which made them prevent the ending of the world which The Incident would cause if they weren’t there. That chain of events they created, made them throw the bomb in the electromagnetic anomally, temporarely shutting it down and giving The Dharma Initiative time to build a hatch around it which would hold that energy safe, entering the numbers from the Valezetty equasion(I hope I spelled it corectly), which is said, predicts the date of the ending of the world
    So, this is why certain people were transported back in time and some weren’t. I suppose Jacob made it possible
    5 You gotta be kidding…
    4 The smoke monster was a part of that energy. When the mib fel in there, there were more of that energy in there, that’s why in the finale they have to go down there and see for themselves
    3 Charles Windmore. Aint that obvious??? When Hurley asked who killed the dharma members Ben said that he didn’t kill them, that it was their leader’s decicion and when Hurly asked “but I thought you were their leader” Ben asnwered ” not always”
    And since we see in episode 12 of season 5 “dead is dead” that Ben banishes Charles and becomes a new leader, all of this is more than obvious people…
    2 This one was pretty obvious too…(I don’t know why I have to explain all of this, I guess just defending my favorite show, which I’m AWARE of that it’s not flawless!)
    Christian Sheppard on the island was the man in black, and on the mainland it was his real father, someone above me mentioned that it was an illision cause by dugs and alcohol, well you weren’t paying much attention to the episode “something nice back home”! He saw him BEFORE he started taking pills and drinking, in fact the vision of his father made him start taking them, and drinking too, also Hurley said him in the mental hospital(in the same episode) “Charley said someone is going to be visiting you too…. SOON…”
    Also, as we saw in episode 6×12 the whonsts are the whispers, so it’s obvious Christian Shephard in the freighter was the whost of the real Christian, because of the whicpers which were right before he appeared to Michael and said “you can go now, Michael”
    1 The only one I can really agree on, Walt was one of the bigegst mysteries throught the show and he was never explained.

    And for people who are craving for answers but too lazy to start rewatching the show again I’ll answer a few unanswered for you questions.
    First of all, many unexnaswered questions get answered in the prologue chapter of LOST called “New man in charge” which is about 10 minutes long and explains about the food drop on the island and polar bears
    oh, and the reason why the polar bears didn’t die during the purge is because they were on the Hydra island, far enough from the main island, so they survived, and I guess, were realesed by The others later, after the others killed the rest of the Dharma members.
    As for the question about the temple, the tunnels, and the statue, where they came from? again, the answer should be obvious, but some people are just(I’d better leave that part out) to understand it.
    The statue and the temple simply mean that the island is a very anchient place and it existed for a very long time. The reason why there was an egyptian statue on the island is probably the same reason why the wheel always transports to Tunisian desert, maybe the island was a part of Egypt long ago, after all, it always moves, and (I’ll try to answer to too, on the way) the question about what is the island is probably a storage for pockets of electromagnetic energies(as it was mentioned above by someone else) or it was a part of an elien ship. It could explain where the egyptians took the technologies for building their pyramids
    To those people, who remember episode “Dave” and how he almost made Hurley jump from the cliff and kill himself is simple – Hurley is one of the candidates, and the man in black took the shape of a dead person(Dave was a dead crazy person in the mental hospital, that’s why only Hurley could see him) and pretented to be dave and tried to make one of candidates to kill himself(just like he did to Jack, trying to make him kill himself in episode 5 of season 1 “The White Rabbit”), because the man in black can’t kill the cadidates himself, but he may try and trick them into killing themselves or killing each other (like Sawyer did, detonating the bomb and killing 3 candidates, or 2).
    I think that’s it guys, if you are still interested I can answer some of your questions
    I know this show isn’t perfect, I know it failed to answer some of the questions, but it’s still a great show and the writers succeeded answering most of the questions excellently.

  48. Dianne says

    Why in the alternate flight 815, after the bomb is let off in the 6th series, is Claire on the plane as the psychic that put her on the plane would not have done so seeing as though nothing would’ve happened… This is the whole reason she was put on this particular flight.


  49. TabalugaDragon says

    There are many things like this in the alternate timeline, but as it wasn’t alternate reality, and only a purgatory for them in order to get together, the reasons why they were on the plane, how did the bomb sink the island and all didn’t matter at all
    another explanation-the psychic knew that the plane was supposed to fall, but the plane just didn’t fall, it didn’t serve it’s destiny. And in the end-Clair raised Aaaron by herself in both timelines

  50. merlingoth says

    It’s relative to how each person’s troubles in life create his respective purgatory. It’s much like how Jack had issues with his father which is why he created a fictional son in his purgatory.