Top 10 Inappropriate Facebook Pages

We at Hecklerspray are often accused of being inappropriate. Either by irate Michael Jackson fans or by 14-year-old girls who get angry when we say something mean about their beloved Twilight.

However, there is a wealth of inappropriate content on the internet, anyone who has braved 4chan?s /b/ board can attest to that. We weren?t quite brave enough to go bounding into the depths of 4chan, so decided to stick to the somewhat safer world of Facebook pages.

The media often likes to use inappropriate Facebook pages as a way of reflecting how low our society has sunk, so we thought we?d find our 10 favourite inappropriate Facebook pages and share them with you…

10. Jew-Jitsu

35 fans. A page dedicated to the martial art traditionally carried out by Ninjews. As awesome as Krav Maga is, it would be so much better if it was called Jew Jitsu and practiced by Ninjews.

9. LSMMTUAFIMC = Laughing So Much My Turban Unravels and Falls in My Curry

691,360 fans. A group dedicated to the latest text-speak acronym sweeping India. It’s also the quickest way to spoil your Prawn Madras.

8. 9/11 Was an Inside Job, Twin Towers Were Brought Down By The U.S Government

627 fans. Here we have a group of people dedicated to proving the truth about 9/11, because Dubya, the first chimp to become president, was able to mastermind the greatest conspiracy in history. We tried to reach the groups admin for comment, but he was too busy making a new tin foil hat.

7. Even Tho U Stabbed Ma Nan Ur Still Da 1 4 Me

30,667 fans. This gem originally seemed to be a site a young girl had dedicated to her boyfriend, who was in prison for stabbing her grandmother. Evn do dey usd dat wel noyin txt spk and phrases such as, “u dnt no nuffin bout me, yh!” to add to the credibility of the site, it was revealed to be a hoax.

6. Getting More Head than Princess Diana’s Dashboard

227 fans. This page serves no purpose other than having a pun for a title, however I do wonder what the last thing that went through Diana’s mind was before she hit said dashboard. Probably her teeth.

5. Everybody Draw Muhammad

3,858 fans. Some people felt that religious extremists didn’t quite hate the West enough, so this? group urged people to draw and upload pictures of the Prophet Muhammed to facebook. As images of the Prophet are a big no-no in Islam some countries took the step of actually blocking facebook to counteract the group. A picture is worth a thousand words. But the real question is how many letter-bombs can you write using those thousand words? (Please don’t kill us).

4. I don’t find any Raoul Moat jokes raoulmoatley funny

412 fans. Another page that only exists because of a pun regarding renound nutcase, shotgun enthusiast, survival expert and friend of the stars, Raoul, “Moaty,” Moat. The only positive to come out of the whole Raoul Moat incident was learning that former footballer Paul Gascoigne is a trained hostage negotiator and take away delivery man.

3. I Can?t Believe Maddie McCann Looked Like this in High School

22,998 fans. A simple joke regarding the child that apparently wasn’t murdered by her parents whilst on Holiday in Portugal. It was either this or, “Maddie McCann, World Hide & Seek Champion.”

2. Dear Lord, This Year You Took My Favourite Actor, Patrick Swayze. You Took My Favourite Actress, Farah Fawcett. You Took My Favourite Singer, Michael Jackson. I Just Wanted To Let You Know, My Favourite President is Barack Obama. Amen

1,122,647 fans. A lot of people seem to really hate Barack Obama, so much so that they would wish the Lord would smite him. Although you do have to question the sanity of anyone who lists their favourite actors as Patrick Swayze and Farah Fawcett as well as stating their favourite singer is Michael Jackson, the only man who can out crazy Paul Gascoigne. Incidentally, Stephenie Meyer, the author of the Twilight series, is pretty popular. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

1. Josef Fritzl’s Home Renovations and Sound Proofing

5,693 fans. A page set up to advertise the building services of Austrian incest enthusiast Joseph Fritzl. His last job did take some 18 years though, so you’re probably better off hiring a couple of Polish guys, plus he’s not so good with patios, for that you may need to call Rose West.

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  1. None says

    I have yet to hear or read about a conspiracy surrounding the events of 9/11 that placed George Bush at the head of the operation and labeled him as the mastermind. No need for a response from the admins of that group when you consider the fact that you have constructed a straw-man argument to begin with.

  2. Kris Silver says

    Better a straw-man argument (whatever that is) than a tin foil hat and an air raid shelter made from the skulls of local stray cats.

  3. Jeff says

    Just to clarify, a straw man argument is basically a distraction and misrepresentation of your opponent’s point, meant to give an illusion that you’ve defeated said point without ever refuting it. I don’t know if that makes sense.

    …I’ll leave now.

  4. Atari says

    Jeff, you are correct, though it is not a “distraction” as much as a “deception.”

    You basically state what your opponent believes, but when you do, you make it sound absolutely preposterous by, frankly, lying.
    Then, you verbally refute the lie you just fabricated, and then say, “See how easily I refuted it? His position is clearly wrong.”
    Except that you only refuted a lie (which YOU invented) not the actual position of your opponent.

    So if I said, “Creationists believe that since God did it, there’s no reason to inquire into the universe! Isn’t that outlandish!”

    Well, yes, that’s outlandish, but it is also 100% false; to add credence to this, many of the most famous, intelligent scientists of the last several hundred years believed in God. (Not necessarily everything in the Bible, or even necessarily the God of that selfsame Bible, but they believed in a God)

    And that is a straw-man argument.

    The best strawman is not an obvious lie, but rather, a subtle distortion of your opponents beliefs. This way, if you’re lucky, no one listening to the debate will realize that you have refuted a strawman.