The Top 10 Celebrity Sex Tapes of All Time


Celebrities are filmed all the damn time: movies, tv shows, music videos, paparazzi; you’d think that when they’re home alone they’d like to have the cameras off them for a bit. Well, if you thought that you thought WRONG! Celebs are just like us regular folk sometimes and you know what regular folk love? Watching themselves bang.

I was trying to think of a new list to do, and my friend, Andrew, suggested celebrity sex tapes, and I’m pretty amazed I didn’t think of this before because I went through a few years where I was straight up obsessed with celebrity sex tapes (don’t you judge me). Though there are actually many, here are the top ten most memorable and worth having a watch.

Paris Hilton and Rick Salomon


Is Paris Hilton’s sex tape with the uber creepy Rick Salomon sexy? Oh, fuck no. However, there is something genuinely entertaining about watching a vain, teenage Valley Girl-eque Paris being taped by her sleazy 30-year-old boyfriend. The above image actually summarizes the entire sex tape.


Colin Farrell and Nicole Narain


This is one of those sex tapes that people actually tend to forget about which is a real shame. Colin Farrell is a super sexy movie star. Nicole Narain is a foxy Playboy bunny. In 2003, they decided to take off all their clothes, rub their hot bods together, and video tape the entire thing. Is it worth a watch? Yes. It is.

Rob Lowe and Some Chicks


Rob Lowe is a super hot celebrity, so obviously seeing him in a sex tape is totally worth while. However, Rob’s sex tape back in the day was super scandalous and totally ruined his career for a while because one of the girls in the tape with him (yes, there was more than one. Like I said: Totally worth while) was only 16 at the time (he was 22). Oh Rob, you gotta check them ID’s.

Kristin Davis and Random

kristindavisShe played the least sexual character of the four main ladies on “Sex and the City”, but in real life, Kristin Davis is clearly very in touch with her sexuality, which she proved in her very hot sex tape.


Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart


Rebecca Gayheart starred in two of my favourite 90’s cult classics, “Jawbreaker” and “Urban Legends”. Eric Dane starred on “Grey’s Anatomy”, I show I will never watch and know nothing about. Either way, they’re married and they make a hot couple. Well, one day in 2009, this sexy married couple decided to have a naked, cocaine party with some beauty pageant girl  and videotape the whole thing. Yeah, it’s pretty great.

Chelsea Handler and Some Dude


Ok, so Chelsea Handler’s sex tape is only 15 seconds long, but the face she’s making in the above picture really makes it all worth while.

Tyson Beckford

beatyourmeatTyson Beckford is one of the most famous male models of all time, so needless to say, he’s pretty hot. Well, a few years back he actually starred in a solo sex tape. Yep, just Tyson beating off on webcam. Don’t know why so many people forgot about that.

Hulk Hogan and his BFF’s Wife


It’s Hulk Hogan! IN A SEX TAPE! WHAAAAAT?! I don’t want to see it, but I can’t look away. I mean, come the fuck on. It’s not like Brad and Angelina or Jay Z and Beyonce are going to release a sex tape, so we might as well have a good laugh at what the celebrity gods have given us, you know?


Kim Kardashian and Ray J


Well, I mean, Kim looks really hot naked, Ray J is a fucking weirdo, and I’m pretty sure she’s chewing gum (or on drugs) the entire time, but, you know, whatever. I still thoroughly enjoy this sex tape and it’s way fucking better than Paris Hilton’s.

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee


Imma let you finish Kim and Ray J, but Pamela and Tommy Lee made one of the best sex tapes of all time! ALL TIME! That is all…



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