The Top 10 Celebrity Sex Tapes of All Time


Celebrities are filmed all the damn time: movies, tv shows, music videos, paparazzi; you’d think that when they’re home alone they’d like to have the cameras off them for a bit. Well, if you thought that you thought WRONG! Celebs are just like us regular folk sometimes and you know what regular folk love? Watching themselves bang.

I was trying to think of a new list to do, and my friend, Andrew, suggested celebrity sex tapes, and I’m pretty amazed I didn’t think of this before because I went through a few years where I was straight up obsessed with celebrity sex tapes (don’t you judge me). Though there are actually many, here are the top ten most memorable and worth having a watch.

Paris Hilton and Rick Salomon


Is Paris Hilton’s sex tape with the uber creepy Rick Salomon sexy? Oh, fuck no. However, there is something genuinely entertaining about watching a vain, teenage Valley Girl-eque Paris being taped by her sleazy 30-year-old boyfriend. The above image actually summarizes the entire sex tape.

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