Toni Braxton Without Makeup

Toni Braxton Looking Good

Beautiful R&B singer, Toni Braxton, is a?bit of a mess. In addition to?filing for bankrupcy about a hundred times … despite?having sold 60 million albums worldwide, winning six Grammies, and headlining?a profitable, long-running show in Vegas … she’s sacrificed a considerable amount of dignity since?agreeing to appear on her family’s incomprehensibly successful reality show, Braxton Family Values.

To be fair, the 46-year old Dancing With The Stars alumni has battled some sticky personal issues, as well as?serious health problems, over the past few years. In spite of those issues, she still looks amazing. Toni Braxton without makeup doesn’t look too bad.

Toni Braxton Without Makeup

Famous for decades for her ample body and stunning face, Toni’s?appearance has been dissected recently because of its obvious changes. Depending on what you believe, her face looks weird because she’s bloated from medication related to lupus, or she’s had plastic surgery. Or both. Regardless, she doesn’t look like herself in this photo, but she does look pretty good … and much younger than 46 years old.

It’s pretty mean-spirited to include the next photo, but what the hell. It’s a still shot from Braxton Family Values, taken during a scene in which Toni is reminding her fame-hungry, unfamous sisters that she’s the star. Towel-wrapped hair is never flattering and God knows what’s all over her face. It’s a hideous photo of a lovely woman, but that’s what you get for agreeing to be on reality TV.

Toni Braxton Without Makeup


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