Tom Cruise is Really Just a Weird Nerdy Dude

tom cruise is weird What comes to mind when you hear the name “Tom Cruise?” Actor? Sure. Father? Maybe. Husband? Sometimes. Or more likely: Weirdo? Totally. Wacko? Oh, yeah. Dweeb? Definitely.

The Tom Cruise of the?eighties and?nineties is not the Tom Cruise of today. The Tom Cruise of the eighties?and?nineties was cool, calm, and collected. The Tom Cruise of today is someone you can probably picture living inside a cold, sterile, steel and concrete house. He sits around all day rocking back and forth while cackling at the stupidity of the human race. The only reason he leaves?his house is to attend Scientology conventions or meetings or whatever the hell they have.

What has Tom Cruise become? Where is Ethan Hunt? Where is Pete “Maverick” Mitchell? Hell, where is that rock star he played in Rock of Ages?

In his new flick, Jack Reacher, he’s some kind of badass renegade cop. Why must you fool us, Tom? Why must we think you are?like this in real life, when really you’re just a batshit insane nerd man? Sure, you might be considered a renegade. A renegade for crazies, that is.

I think it’s important for us to take a look at Tom’s weird behavior, so maybe we can reconcile this together.

?He jumps on couches.?

tom cruise jumping on oprah couch

Ah, the moment that will live in infamy. Tom was so smitten with his new flame Katie Holmes that he just couldn’t physically contain himself. In a 2005 interview on Oprah, she?asked him if he?had?ever felt this way before and he responded by jumping up on the couch, like a five year old boy pretending he’s riding a sweet wave, brah. I guess maybe?he was riding a sweet wave. A sweet wave of emotional bliss. He spent this entire interview acting like a?twelve year old girl gushing about her new crush. I was just waiting for the moment when he was going to pick up a couch cushion and pretend he was making out with it.

He uses words like “glib.”?

He wears shoe lifts.

tom cruise wearing shoe lifts

Is this some kind of?evil Scientology magic? Criss Angel can’t even pull off a stunt like this. At a height of 5’7 I?suppose Mr. Cruise might be a little self-conscious.?Rumor has it,?when he and Nicole Kidman were shooting Days of Thunder, Nicole had to stand in a hole so that they would be the same height. Can you imagine what this would to do to a man??So he does the only thing he knows how:??he wears hidden shoe lifts sometimes on the red carpet. But come on!?Height does not a great man make. Own it. Or at least stop marrying tall women who make it all the more obvious.?We all know your wiles, Tommy. Your sorcery has not gone unnoticed.

He sniffs appliances.?

tom cruise sniffing refrigerator

Tom. Tom. Hey, Tom. What are you doing? Is this another Scientology thing? While?looking for appliances in New York, Mr. Cruise was being a little unusual, as per usual. When asked if he needed any help in his search for a refrigerator,?he replied, “No, I’m just shopping.” Well, alright. As you were, then. Carry on.


  1. Susan says

    You are a sad person, to make a living being mean to people all day long. And you, what have you achieved while tom’s had a 30 year career and was hollywood’s top earner last year? And how would YOUR life stand up to scrutiny? Hypocrite. Go get your own life. You’ll be amazed to see what you can achieve focusing more on your own life, and less on destroying the lives of others with gratuitous meanness like this article.

  2. Rebecca says

    Thank God someone is finally speaking on behalf the public. I’m so sick of paramount trying to save their own hide and try and act as if nothing is wrong in tom tom land. The truth is most of the public feels this way but then the spins of the Internet happen. It will show when his movies flop. Then what wil tom tom…oh I know…..he and David can go dig up Shelly somewhere, and they can get there slave laborers to tell them how wonderful they are for 50 bucks a week! What the hell happen to Nicole Kidman singing tom tom everywhere, wonder what he blackmailed her with or is she just like him and just wants to sell her movie. This is all very sick and sad, hope him and David will share a cell together soon and pay for all there secret crimes…

  3. Christine says

    Nicole is afraid of midget Miscavige spilling all of her secrets so she had to pretend how great living with a monster was. Good for Katie!

  4. Angie says

    Hey Susan…….FYI your hero and his head coach David in the real world would be serving time for what they have done to others. This fake tom cruise that has clearly come to EVERYONE’S attention now….is nothing more than a coward and a bully. It looks like tom is carrying on his dads abusive traits. Only he thought they could be covered up. By tom cruise not standing up for slave labor, to treat others as less than, and to feel his money and power can buy whatever it is he wants…..even a wife! It is about time someone speaks up. Susan or should I say another scientologist, or David or Tom himself??. Trust me the truth will come out it always does and when you see clearly how the public really feels than maybe your sugar covered eyes will be open to what tom has allowed to happen to others. It’s criminal! This is no longer about movies.

  5. AnGuan says

    Who the heck are you, Hillary? And what have you done that could possibly hold a candle to any of Tom Cruise’s achievements? Nerds rule the world and everyone knows it. Nerds come on time, discover things, learn and teach, and have humility. Jerks write pathetic articles that are intended to defame and insult for their own personal benefit. A measly freelancer’s check. Anyone with an ounce of talent wouldn’t need to write this type of BS article to get by.

  6. ashley says

    Don’t normally write on these things but I do agree that time will show that tom will not be making movies. The fans are not OK with what some look to him as a hero in his movies roles. Yet when in real life he has the power and money to make such a amazing difference in the life’s that are suffering at the hands of the person he sems to worship. There is not one thing this man can do to make me see another tom cruise movie if fact his pictures kinda make me feel sick. Really I agree with the other posters those is no longer about tom the movie star, but it is now about tom being a descant him and he shows that he won’t to do that unless he gets paid and to be someone he is so not.

  7. Jessica says

    So happy real people are being accounted for and hopefully being heard! Agree with bloggers above who are cutting through the crap and saying what so many of us are feeling. It’s very hard to look at tom in any pictures they put up. Omg John travolta is disgusting and his wife staying with him is even more disgusting. Two abusive men who have abused their power and money with little regard for others. It’s so yucky even talking about them I must go take a shower now.

  8. NotAnIdiot says

    What comes to mind when I think of Tom Cruise???

    A successful actor with a DEEPLY disturbed past. A heavy overlay of homosexual repression that he shares with John Travolta, another OBVIOUS Gay or Bisexual male. Then there is the Scientology thing, which I’m sure many people with at least half a brain find absolutely ridiculous.

    They confide in Oprah Winfrey due to the fact that she is also gay. Add in a woman who marries you then secretly plans to divorce you because she doesn’t want her daughter to have any part of Scientology, the obvious butt of any REAL religion, and you have a nice clusterfuck of Hollywood disaster.

    The End.

  9. Giulia says

    “He sniffs appliances. Tom. Tom. Hey, Tom. What are you doing? Is this another Scientology thing?”
    Best thing ever.

  10. Brenda says

    Thank You Susan,you are so right.For the record he’s right…there is no proof and never has been of chemical imbalances as a valid reason of mental illness.I don’t know if Psychiatry is pseudo-science but I will tell you I think many of them don’t care about helping abused people and are taking advantage by just hooking us up with doctor feel good in a bottle and not giving a f whether not we ‘actually’ feel better or if we’re just so numb now from the drugs we can’t feel our body or head to care.I’ve gone to shrinks heckler and there more nutty then Tom could EVER act on his worse day so….go visit one before you side with team “pill” makes it all better please,thank you.As for Brooke he at least gave a f enough about another person to be upset over her being ill to me that says he might not be easy to understand but at least the mans gotta heart.
    This is Mind Freedom International a human rights org that tries to help those being forcibly drugged please take time to read a little at the site and be surprised and re-educated

  11. Howard says

    Tom cruise staying in Scientology and STILL showing his devotion to a abusive and destructive cult is mind blowing. I thought Dude now is your chance to make a stand against crimes being done to the mass. He now has lost my COMPLETE AND TOTAL LACK OF RESPECT! I will not see a tom cruise movie as Long as I live. He is the true face of EVIL AND HOW POWER AND MONEY THAT RULE HIM! All his movies are expected to bomb so there isn’t a lot he can do. People are really disgusted by him and disturbed he has not stood up to justice and helping expos

  12. jason says

    Tom cruise’s adoptive kids Isabella and Conner do not display any confidence at all. The kids seem beaten down and look robotic in almost every picture. There eyes tell a sad story as they look very very sad and there is a lost empty feeling that radiates from within and cannot be hidden!!! This is a Father who allow a cult and his harsh sisters to raise them. Wow must be all that love and compassion Scientology teaches and displays to their lost members. These kids were destroyed by this Father who is nothing more than a ego maniac, abusive, and controling there every move. I bet he is so selfish that he wont even give his children a portion of his wealth. He seriously is one of the most disturbing people “along side his hitler leader david” I have seen in a long time. I don’t know how he justifies how his kids and people around him are treated. His true colors have surfaced and it won’t sit favorable with the public! He is disgusting!! !