Tobey Maguire, Matt Damon, Leonardo DiCaprio and Ben Affleck In Illegal Gambling Lark

Tobey Maguire – recently confirmed to produce a new ‘gritty’ version of The Little Mermaid ha ha ha ha ha ha ha – is playing dumb at the moment after being accused of having an illegal gambling ring which also featured Matt Damon, Leonardo DiCaprio and Ben Affleck.

Imagine the conversations they have around the table. It must be like putting your ear to a sea-shell and listening to a hermit crab fall asleep mid-wank.

Anyway, the man who ruined Spiderman for everyone was named in an illegal gambling suit in which he was sued for taking part in a game with jailed criminal Bradley Ruderman.

So. Ruderman (Ruderman, does whatever a Ruder can) is currently in the clink for running a ponzi scheme that swindled people out of approximately $25 million and he’s currently being sued by people over money which they claim was used by Ruderman in the poker games.

Maguire ‘fessed-up to having earned $187,000 in winnings from the gambling ring, but denies any intentional wrongdoing. Apart from his acting career which he knows damn well is criminal.

“[Maguire] unconditionally denies having engaged in any conduct whatsoever in violation of law and further categorically denies having knowingly or intentionally participated in any fraudulent scheme,” read the statement released by the star’s lawyer according to E Online.

Basically, Maguire believes that he was simply having a nice time playing an innocent game of poker. With any luck, he’ll end up in prison, just for a laugh.

Are you disappointed we didn’t make any puns on the word ‘ring’?

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