To Mark John Lennon’s Passing, Here’s Our Tasteless T-shirt!

Today marks the anniversary of that awful, awful day when John Lennon was taken from us too young by crazed Beatlefan, Mark Chapman. Of course, because we’re immature, we can’t deal with grief, so we nervously make jokes to stop us from wanting to head-butt a wall repeatedly ’til we die.

Which is why, with a nod to the Bootleg Beatles, we’ve designed this Bootleg Mark Chapman t-shirt. That’s right! The Bootleg Beatles never wrote a song, so you as a Bootleg Mark Chapman don’t need to actually kill anyone. Maybe you could give the Bootleg John Lennon a dead-leg or something if you’re really keen on being all method actor.

Click here to buy it and don’t worry, it comes in a variety of different colours and sizes.


  1. Tom J says

    Well done Mof, that’s much more like it. This is exactly the sort of tasteless humour I expect from the ‘spray, great job!