Three Cheers For Lea Michele And Her Hot New Boyfriend

lea-micheleSo how about a standing ovation for Lea Michele? Girl’s gone and bagged herself some Grade-A Man Beef, and you should be over the moon for her, just as soon as you’ve finished being disgustingly jealous.

Lea Michele’s alleged new squeeze isn’t just your average tall, dark and handsome guy – he’s a tall, dark and handsome guy that literally made a career out of knowing how to show a girl a good time. Matthew Paetz is a former gigolo that’s giving Lea for free what most women pay up to $350 an hour for. Dating a gigolo: it’s like dating a porn star, but more socially acceptable.

Lea and Matthew have been quietly going out for the past few months after they met on the set of her video for “On My Way”, and sources are saying that Matthew has curbed his gigolo’ing ways for now. I’m not sure if any of his skills will be transferable to regular jobs, but there must be an office in LA somewhere that could do with an intern that knows how to do a proper shiatsu massage.

lea michele's boyfriend - matthew paetz

That’s him, by the way. Speaking of massage, his profile has since been deactivated on Cowboys4Angels, an agency that offers male “companionship” for women…wink wink…but before it was taken down, it allegedly said that working under the alias ‘Christian’, Matthew is a certified life coach, dating expert and massage therapist. Impressive on your escort profile, but cheesy on an eHarmony page, just FYI.

matthew paetz agency profile

This is the first guy that Lea’s been linked to since boyfriend Cory Monteith passed away last September, so it’s kind of an unwritten rule that everyone has to be super supportive and generally not be a dick about it, even if the guy was a puppy-hating Justin Bieber sympathizer. He’s probably not, but you get the gist.

The way I see it, ?it costs $17,500 for a week with Matthew, so anyone who’s willing to give up that kind of money for a girl he’s known for a few months has to be a keeper. Or dumb as a rock. But who cares, when the package is that pretty?