Things Aren’t So Flawless With Beyonce and Jay Z


I’ve spent a lot of time living in denial about this shit, but with the amount of evidence mounting, it seems like where there is smoke, there might actually be fire. That’s right: the greatest romance of all-time, Beyonce and Jay Z, might finally be coming to an end.?

Yes, they’re currently on a super successful tour together, and yes, her Instagram suggests that everything is all good, but insiders are saying it’s all an act and that Beyonce is sadly ready to quit this shit and that the two are actually staying in separate hotels while on tour.

Even though pics like the one above keep getting released from their tour, things are apparently wicked tense between Bey Z. The source (aka Solange), says:

They?re not just staying in different hotel rooms, but they have booked separate hotels, and they arrive separately to each show? They?ve had discussions lately about the inevitable sit-down interview when they finally do split, and Jay?s been adamant that he doesn?t want Beyonc? sitting down with Barbara Walters or Oprah Winfrey pretending to be the victim.

You know you can’t stand a bitch when you can’t even stay in the same hotel as them.

The duo are supposed to finish up their tour in Paris, and it’s going to be taped and aired on HBO, but now sources are alleging that shit is so bad that that might not even happen.

Here’s the thing: people can keep saying all the shit they want about Beyonce and Jay Z, but until I see the divorce papers, I refuse to believe it.

Beyonce and Jay Z are the Brad and Angelina of music. For the sake of my rotten little soul, they HAVE to work out.

Sure, sources are are talking a lot of shit, but I’m going by the most legitimate evidence there is: What Beyonce tells me.

1) Beyonce keeps posting super sweet pics of her and Jay Z on tour together. A lot of people are saying they’re acting to save face, but people who say that have obviously never see “Obsessed”, because Beyonce legit can’t act that well, which means the pics and the love are REAL.


2) Beyonce recently released a remix of “Flawless” with Nicki Minaj in which she addressed the Solange/Jay Z elevator fight (because of course Beyonce would address that shit via song). Bey sings:

We escalate, up in this bitch like elevators, of course sometimes sh*t go down when there?s billion dollars on an elevator.?

Yes, sometimes shit goes down, but whatever, you know? why would she even defend it if they’re weren’t totes fine, right? RIGHT?!

Oh god, I’m really grasping at straws here…



  1. Sorry says

    It’s finally over. Let’s hope she puts that piece of shit behind her and becomes a better woman and an actual feminist icon.