The World’s Greatest Celebrity Cleavage Mishaps

We’re still waiting for the Discovery Channel to take up our idea for a show called When Tits Go Bad, you know.

That won’t happen any time soon – not when they could broadcast 158 episodes of How It’s Made back-to-back instead – so in the meantime we’ve found this wonderful collection of celebrity cleavage mishaps to tide us over.

It’s pretty much a joy to look at. All the usual suspects are there – Judy Finnigan‘s bra exposing itself at an awards show, Janet Jackson‘s Super Bowl malfunction – plus hot new upstarts like JK Rowling getting her boob groped by a balding older gentleman and a picture of Sean Maguire gawping at Michelle Ryan‘s chest like a hungry baby that we’re certain will haunt us for weeks.

Take a look at the celebrity cleavage mishaps – and if you can think of a better one that hasn’t been included, you can sign in and upload them yourself. A lollipop to the first person who uploads the picture of Diddy trying to slyly glance at Jessica Biel‘s knockers in front of the entire world’s media.

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