The Kids Of Glee Get Naked But Do They Have Sex With Each Other On Set?

Come the end of the year, there will be music polls about Best This and Top That, yet you can almost guarantee that none of them will include Glee. You see, it doesn’t matter how many records you sell, you can’t buy the credibility of the imagined wisdom of the rock press.

Of course, we all know that Glee is superior to The Beatles and they share more in common that you think. If Glee are effectively two albums in, then like The Fab Four, there’s songs are made up mostly of cover versions and they’ve both been merchandised to hell. hecklerspray eagerly looks forward to the moment when Glee starts taking potent cocktails of drugs and getting involved in bullshit Eastern mysticism from a bloke who drives a Rolls Royce.

However, what Glee have in their favour is that they’re generally a lot easier on the eye, which is why you perverts will be thrilled to learn that they’re taking their clothes off for your base pleasures of the palm.

That’s right kiddiekins, stars of the show Lea Michele and Dianna Argon have posed for a photo shoot with pretty much no clothes on. If you want to furious jerk-off, then you’ll need to buy the upcoming issue of GQ. Or, if you prefer, wait for someone to scan them in and share them online. No-one really buys magazines anymore do they?

The girls appear as nature nearly intended along with a fully-clothed Cory Monteith. Sorry ladies. And gay men.

It was a first for actress Dianna Argon, who admitted:

“I’ve never been shot in so little clothing.”

Of course, this gave the cast the chance to ogle each other while they were stood around in their underpants. You may be thinking that they get to do that all the time, but you forget that Ryan Murphy has a strict ‘no sex amongst co-stars’ rule on the set of the show.

Presumably that extends off-set as well. Whether he’s installed hidden cameras to make sure they’re not all furiously frigging with each other remains to be seen.

Monteith spoke about the no-sex rule:

“Yeah, that’s implied. There’s a beautiful chemistry to this show and messing with that would be dangerous.”

By ‘that’, we assure you that Monteith wasn’t talking about ‘messing’ with his ‘cock’.

Lea Michele added:

“He’s never said that to me!”

Does that mean she gets to hump absolutely everything and everyone in sight? Is she depraved and debauched, dragging people into her trailer to sex them so vigorously that people’s genitals are actually going up in flames like kindling under a magnifying glass?

Of course not, because she adds:

“Because he knows I’m not hooking up with anybody in my trailer.”

That’s because he’s installed a secret camera into her trailer. See? It all makes sense now. Either that or we’re faced with a set of apple-polishing, white toothed do-gooders.


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