The Gay One & The Annoying One Leave Grey’s Anatomy

TR Knight and Katherine Heigl were the Bonnie and Clyde of Grey’s Anatomy. Or the Fred and Rose West. We can never decide which.

TR Knight and Katherine Heigl did everything together – they got their Grey’s Anatomy co-stars fired together, they relentlessly bitched about what a chore Grey’s Anatomy was together, and now they’re both leaving together, according to co-star James Pickens, Jr.

What of TR Knight and Katherine Heigl post-Grey’s Anatomy? Well – since one’s a gay man and the other is an impossibly hard to like woman – maybe a Will & Grace-style sitcom about, let’s say, two failed actors.

We have to say, we’re worried about Grey’s Anatomy. Over the last few years it’s become all about the staggering egos of the cast and crew, which is heartbreaking. Everyone knows that Grey’s Anatomy should be all about piss-weak soap opera storylines, pointlessly vague voiceovers and more soggy-knickered mimsying indie music than anyone would ever actively wish to listen to.

But the good news is that the constant ego-driven wankery of Grey’s Anatomy might be over, because its chief proponents – TR Knight and Katherine Heigl are on their way out. MSNBC reports:

James Pickens, Jr., who plays chief of surgery Dr. Richard Webber at fictional Seattle Grace Hospital, told Us Weekly that Katherine Heigl and T.R. Knight are on their way out. Us also quoted a set source as saying “(Knight) complains to Katherine all the time. The energy on set will be much better when he’s gone.”

Oh, don’t look so surprised – both TR Knight and Katherine Heigl have been pretty vocal about what a drag it is to work on Grey’s Anatomy – TR because his beautiful doughy face isn’t onscreen for long enough and Katherine because she doesn’t feel as if the writing on Grey’s Anatomy is as good as, say, that terrible 27 Dresses movie she made.

Will TR Knight and Katherine Heigl really be leaving Grey’s Anatomy forever? Let’s not be so sure – US Weekly also quoted a source who claimed that the Grey’s Anatomy writers want to create an ending for Knight’s character that will leave him able to return at a later date.

Meanwhile, we’re guessing, they want Katherine Heigl’s character to be dropped out of a helicopter onto a pile of infected medical waste just before a tank runs over her, reverses and runs over her again, followed by a full marching band trampling over her broken limbs playing an especially jaunty version of Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead. Just a guess, there.

But if TR Knight and Katherine Heigl do leave Grey’s Anatomy, it doesn’t leave the show in great shape. TR Knight will have gone, Katherine Heigl will have gone, Isaiah Washington is long gone, that lesbian doctor woman has left and that other lesbian doctor woman has left as well. And with Patrick Dempsey contractually obliged to appear in every fifth romantic comedy ever made, that essentially makes Grey’s Anatomy nothing more than a show all about that irritating woman who looks like a malnourished upturned eraser-tipped pencil. Who’d want to put themselves through a tragic ordeal like watching that?

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  1. Tanya says

    Its pathetic how you think it ok to demoninate people through their sexual orientation. By saying “The gay one” you’re expressing Knight’s homosexuality as if it is something negative. That is not ok! (And there is no context in which it would be ok.)

    Homosexual people are normal like anyone else and everytime I read headlines like yours I get really upset. Never been on this side before, but a headline like that already shows what an unprofessional and stereotype promoting site this is. First and last visit from a heterosexual – and from many homosexuals as well I bet.