Taylor Swift Without Makeup

Taylor Swift Looking Good

Taylor Swift is undeniably lovely. She seems like she?s really nice, probably never swears, smells like flowers,?porcelain skin,?dainty?and gracious …?blah blah blah?… I could go on and on. Her music is horrible … I just want to throw that out there?to avoid being too much of a sycophant … but if you can overlook the actual reason that she’s famous, then she’s pretty close to perfect.

At the tender age of 22, Taylor continues to knock the world on its collective ass with her success. She is the face of CoverGirl cosmetics, which seems kind of?ridiculous, because?Taylor Swift without makeup is every bit?as lovely as she is with it.

Taylor Swift Without Makeup

In the first photo, taken earlier this year, everyone?s favorite country star was catching a flight from LAX. I like to think that she was on her way to the Kennedy compound to knock one out with her barely legal boyfriend (although evidently she was travelling to promote The Lorax so that was not the case, but let?s imagine ?). Taylor Swift without makeup looks a bit washed-out and the color scheme isn?t doing her any favors. But she?s carrying her own guitar-case and we like that.

Taylor is younger in the?next photo. Pre-cradle-robbing, pre-having-her-cradle-robbed by Dear John. It was taken in 2008, for People Magazine?s 100 Most Beautiful People issue. The singer chose to go makeup free for the photo shoot, and why not? Well, I?ll tell you why not. Because if you?re being heralded in one of the most famous celebrity magazines in the world purely on the basis of your appearance, then you owe it to the world to glam it up. Think of those horny teenage boys who rip the pages out of their mom?s copies of the magazine to tack on their walls to gaze at with adoration (or whatever else they may do). It?s not fair to them. Think about the fans, Taylor.

Taylor Swift Without Makeup


  1. jessie kingerstug says

    i love taylor swift but she dose look better with the makeup but she also looks good without the makeup she is my favorite pop, country singer ever
    i love you taylorrrrr

  2. kya harrell says

    taylor swift is my all time favorite song artist to. with or without makeup, as always, she looks beutiful. i dont now if you read your comments taylor. but i have all of your cds and more to come! i love you so much taylor!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):):)

  3. Jonathan Flores says

    Yes I am a guy ,have a huge crush and am a huge fan I think she is perfect without any makeup at all;-)

  4. Mary Evan Bulias says

    Taylor is my favorite singer. For me, with or without makeup, she looks pretty and beautiful. I think the best for her with makeup to look pretty and beautifull.


  5. Kitty lover says

    Taylor shouldn’t have to wear make up if she doesn’t want to. She’s not being selfish. It’s her body and she can do whatever she wants with it! Her body does not belong to a bunch of horny boys! This website is a bunch of bull!

  6. destiny says

    people out there are just selfish and jealous that taylor swift is just a nicer more pretty person than they are if you have something nice to say leave a comment if you have something mean to say dont comment. it just makes you look bad. taylor swift did not do anything to you so i dont know why people saying these things about her. by the way taylor swift is beautiful with or without makeup.

  7. Anonymous says

    taylor is a really nice and pretty person but i think she looks better with makeup, a lot of people do.

  8. Alice Phan says

    I think Taylor is pretty with makeup! But without makeup… Well, she is still cute! After all, she looks ok but not so pretty!

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